Who Will Win LoL Worlds 2022?

Posted on November 2, 2022

Update 11/02/2022 – The League of Legends World Championship grand final is set to take place on November 5 at the Chase Center in San Francisco. The two teams set to compete for the Summoner’s Cup are DRX and SK Telecom T1. This will be the first time that these two teams have met in a World Championship final, which SK Telecom T1 has won twice. So, who do we think will win Worlds 2022?

Both teams come into the final in excellent form, with T1 looking especially strong. They were undefeated in the group stage, and only lost one game in the playoffs so far. DRX have also performed exceptionally well in the knockout stage and were classified as the underdogs in the semi-finals against Gen.G.

It’s definitely going to be an exciting series of matches, and it will be interesting to see which team comes lifts the trophy. We will leave our initial predictions below for clarity. Given that neither of our selections advanced to the finals, our Worlds 2022 Grand Final winner selection goes to T1. Remember to check our LoL Worlds betting guide for info on how to bet on Worlds and look out for our grand final betting preview.

Which team will win Worlds?

To answer the question of who will win LoL Worlds, we will look at the tournament from three different perspectives:

  1. The first stage of the tournament, the Play-Ins Stage
  2. The teams that stand out
  3. Finally, the region that is closest to winning

This way, we will be able to make a more accurate prediction, and we will have a clearer understanding of what the LoL Worlds betting odds are indicating.

who will win worlds in 2022?

LoL Worlds favorites of the play-in stage

The Play-Ins, the first stage of Worlds 2022, will feature 12 teams. Due to the amended rules, there are stronger teams here than before. This helps us to be certain that some teams will make it to the main stage but also forces us to make the final decisions.

From the Play-In stage, 4 teams will advance to the next round. Among these 4 teams, the Chinese representative, Royal Never Give Up is not among them, which surprises us and many other observers. So much so that if RNG is named as the answer to the question of who will win LoL Worlds, no one will find this answer exaggerated. Another team in Group B, DRX, is in almost the same position as RNG. Competing in the LCK, one of the strongest regions in the world, the team has some weaknesses, but they are strong enough to take down their Play-In stage opponents.

There are 3 Western teams at this stage, and at least 1 of them, maybe all of them, could be out of the tournament. Although this is unlikely to happen, it is something to keep in mind. Fans of the Western league have such fear because their representatives have not inspired confidence with their shaky performances during the season. 

Assuming that everyone is back to their roots and at their best, Evil Geniuses and MAD Lions seem to be one step ahead of the competition. They have enough strength to make it to the main stage but nowhere near enough to win the Worlds 2022 trophy.

Sadly, we were 50/50 on our Play-In Favorites, with EG and MAD ending up in an elimination series, and only EG advanced out of our two picks.

So who will win LoL Worlds this year?

Here’s the question that’s on everyone’s minds. Who will win Worlds in 2022? This may anger LPL fans, but LCK champion Gen.G is ahead of all League of Legends Worlds teams. As we mentioned in our Worlds Power Rankings, they have been a great fit this year. Their transfers for 2022 have raised the team’s individual skill level to new heights. On top of that, the players stuck to the game plan and worked hard, resulting in a perfect Summer season for them.

In such a competitive league, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to have only one loss in the regular season and then blow everyone away in the playoffs.

Of course, Gen.G isn’t the only one at the top, their closest pursuers are LPL runner-up TOP Esports and champion JD Gaming. These two battled each other to the very end throughout the year, with the final ending in a 3-2 final. The show they put on throughout the season and the fact that the finish was so close is actually an indication of how equal the two teams are in terms of power. JD Gaming has a relatively inexperienced roster, and the LoL Worlds 2022 stage is an arena that requires experience.

That’s why JD Gaming is our second answer to the question of who will win Worlds 2022.

What about the best region in Worlds 2022?

There is something that has become a fact rather than a comment or an opinion in the League of Legends scene. And that is the dominance of Asian teams, especially the LCK and LPL, over other leagues. For many years, these two leagues have been winning Worlds back to back. Western teams have made it to the top four, but none have won the trophy in the last 10 years. 

This is not likely to change this year. Especially with the level of play of LEC and LCS teams lagging behind year after year, it prevents them from participating in the competition between LPL and LCK. As such, two questions come to the forefront, which region is better and who will win Worlds 2022?

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Although the LPL teams stand out overall and on average, we think that the team which will win Worlds 2022 will come out of the LCK. As long as Gen.G’s form remains intact, there are very few teams that can stop them. On the other hand, T1 has more Worlds experience than any other team in the tournament. As such, they seem to be one step ahead of their LCK rival.

Worlds 2022 kicked off with Play-In Stage on September 29 and continues until November 5.

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