League of Legends Worlds Teams: Which Teams have Qualified for LoL Worlds?


LoL Worlds 2022 is here, and we’re prepared this handy guide that’ll tell you which League of Legends World teams you should be betting on. It’s looking like it’s going to be another thrilling competition, and our guide will highlight the best League of Legends Worlds qualified teams and reveal which teams could provide a big upset.

All of these should help you gain more success with your bets on this most unpredictable of esports tournaments. So take a look below to see which League of Legends teams qualified for Worlds 2022!

Why you need our overview of the LoL Worlds teams

If you want to enjoy the ultimate in esports betting on LoL Worlds is the competition you should be betting on. After all, this is one of the biggest esports tournaments in the world, and it comes at the end of a thrilling year of competitive pro gaming.

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Every year, LoL Worlds takes place in a different region and country, and 2022 sees the tournament coming to North America. This means that the games will be played in cities like Mexico City, New York City and Atlanta before concluding in the grand final in San Francisco. So just as we’ve prepared the handy LoL Worlds schedule for you to follow, we’ve also given you this complete breakdown of all of the teams at this year’s tournament.

This means that you’ll know who’s competing, who has the best chance of winning the Summoner’s Cup, and who is most likely to be going home empty-handed. So be sure to do your research, check out our guide on how to watch LoL Worlds and put your bets down!

How many teams go to Worlds?

The 2022 LoL Worlds competition features 24 teams who are invited from all over the world. The only exception is that this year won’t feature any teams from the LCL regional contest due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This means that the LCL slots have been given to China and Korea. Given that China and Korea have dominated LoL Worlds in the past few years, it could be another massive year for the region this time around.

How many teams from each region will compete?

The seedings for LoL Worlds are determined by a variety of factors such as performance in the previous years’ tournaments and so on. This year sees three teams each coming from China and Korea, two from Europe and North America, and just one from the Pacific region and Vietnam. There will be four further international teams competing in the World Championship. All of which should provide an entire planet’s worth of LoL gaming entertainment.

LoL Worlds 2022 Play-In Stages

The Play-In Stage features 12 teams who make up two groups of six. It’s the first stage of LoL Worlds 2022 and has a single round-robin format for those teams who didn’t qualify for the main Group Stages. The top team from each group goes through to the Group Stages, and the second to fourth teams from each group goes to round two where only two of the successful teams will go onto the Group Stage.

league of legends worlds teams fnatic
Image credit: Fnatic/Twitter

Worlds Teams in Play-In Stage Group 1

  • Fnatic: A major esports brand and the winner of the first LoL Worlds back in 2011. No one is expecting Fnatic to lift the Summoner’s Cup this year, but you should remember that the European team managed to reach the LoL Worlds final in 2018.
  • Beyond Gaming: One of the stronger teams in the Play-In Stage. Unlikely to progress beyond the Main Stage.
  • DetonatioN FocusMe: The jury’s still out on DetonatioN FocusMe as the team have lacked the consistency to book a place in the Group Stages, but could make light work of the Play-In Stage.
  • Evil Geniuses: One of the big hitters who has somehow found themselves in the Play-In Stages. We’re expecting Evil Geniuses to make light work of Group 1 to book a place in the Group Stages.
  • LOUD: Expectations are that LOUD should make it to Round 2, at least of the Play-In Stages.
  • Chiefs Esports Club: Another one of the underdogs unlikely to go too far in this year’s LoL Worlds.

Worlds Teams in Play-In Stage Group 2

  • DRX: Many people think that DRX could make it through to the Group Stages. Much will depend on whether the team can get the consistency required to get the results under pressure.
  • Royal Never Give Up: It’s a bit of a surprise to find Royal Never Give Up in the Play-In Stages, and expectations are that this team will make it into the Group Stages. After all, the team made the semi-finals of LoL Worlds in 2017, and the same could easily happen here.
  • Saigon Buffalo: Saigon Buffalo are something of an unknown quantity, but the Vietnamese team could pose a few problems for the other sides in Group 2.
  • MAD Lions: Another wild card team who no one is expecting much from but could cause a few surprises.
  • Istanbul Wildcats: While no one is expecting Istanbul Wildcats to go all of the way, the team has the potential to cause a few upsets in the Play-In Stage Group 2.
  • Isurus: A true underdog team. Only bet on Isurus if you are using some kind of losing bet bonus!

LoL Worlds 2022 Group Stages

Now things get really serious as the League of Legends Worlds brackets sees those teams already qualified joined by those who made it through from the Play-In Stages.

Worlds Teams in Group Stage Group A

  • Cloud9: Could this be Cloud9’s year? While the team isn’t one of the favourites, many bookies have Cloud9 with a fair chance of winning LoL Worlds 2022. While that 2018 semi-final appearance seems like a long time ago, this American team could deliver the goods. After all, becoming the LCS 2022 Championship Champion was no easy task and hopes are high that Cloud9 can deliver the goods here.
  • T1: With a perfect record in LCK Spring 2022, this team is easily among the favourites. T1 will be looking to improve on last year’s semi-final appearance and hopes are high that this could be the start of another golden era for the Korean team .
  • Edward Gaming: Can Edward Gaming consolidate on last year’s amazing LoL Worlds win? While the team have had a few struggles with form, the Chinese team might just recapture the team spirit that took them all of the way last time around. After all, any team who can make it to the LPL Regional Finals has to be worth a look.
  • The last competitor in Group A will be determined by the results in the Play-In Stages.
league of legends worlds qualified teams edward gaming
Image credit: Riot Games

Worlds Teams in Group Stage Group B

  • JD Gaming: Big things are expected of JD Gaming this year. After all, the team was declared the LPL 2022 Summer Champion and they could go all of the way here.
  • G2 Esports: G2 Esports could be one of the ‘dark horses’ of this year’s LoL Worlds. G2 showed plenty of form in getting a final appearance in 2019 and a semi-final appearance in 2020, but this year could be a step too far.
  • DWG KIA: Another one of the teams who are outside of the main pack of favourites, we still think that DWG KIA have the capacity to cause a few upsets. After all, the Korean team will want revenge for losing the LoL Worlds final against Edward Gaming. Remember that DWG KIA won LoL Worlds back in 2020.
  • The last competitor in Group B will be determined by the results in the Play-In Stages.

Worlds Teams in Group Stage Group C

  • Rogue: While few people would expect Rogue to go all the way, this team could still make it through to the knock-out rounds. Rogue managed to show plenty of quality in being the LEC 2022 Summer Champion, and it’s going to be interesting to see where they go from here.
  • Top Esports: Lots of people have Top Esports down to make at least a semi-final appearance at this year’s LoL Worlds. The team got enough LPL 2022 Championship Points to make it this far, and they could be worth a look.
  • GAM Esports: This team would consider itself lucky to make it out of Group C, but stranger things have happened at LoL Worlds. Watch this space to see whether the VCS 2022 Summer Champion can provide a big upset.
  • The last competitor in Group C will be determined by the results in the Play-In Stages.

Worlds Teams in Group Stage Group D

  • Gen.G: All eyes will be on Gen.G to book in at least another semi-final appearance after 2021’s performance. Gen.G should win Group D, but from here, it’s anyone’s guess. Bear in mind that Gen.G are the LCK 2022 Summer Champion which is no easy feat.
  • CTBC Flying Oyster: One of the outsiders of the Group Stages, CTBC Flying Oyster will significantly need to raise their game to make it through to the knockout stages. While they showed enough form to become the PCS 2022 Summer Champion, playing in the LoL Worlds Main Stage is a very different matter.
  • 100 Thieves: This team has never made it to the semi-finals of LoL Worlds and it would be a brave bet to back this team to make it out of Group D.
  • The last competitor in Group D will be determined by the results in the Play-In Stages.

Who are the League of Legends Worlds best teams?

Most people would agree that this year’s LoL Worlds favourites are T1. After all, this is the team that was born out of SK Telecom T1 – the side that won an incredible three LoL Worlds titles out of four years. Plus, T1 now hold the record for the longest win streak in the LCK with 14 wins in a row and the only perfect regular season in LCK 2022 Spring.

league of legends worlds qualified teams t1
Image credit: T1/Twitter

While T1 are looking very impressive, a quick look at the LoL Worlds betting odds shows that many other teams could provide a big upset. Close behind T1 in the odds are Gen.G, who could be poised to go one better than their LoL Worlds semi-final appearance of 2021. Plus, many people think that this could be JD’s year, as the team have shown remarkable form in the run-up to this year’s tournament.

Other teams with a decent chance of winning this year’s competition include Top Esports, Royal Never Give Up and DWK KIA. However, we have to remember that Edward Gaming won last year’s LoL Worlds, despite the LoL Worlds betting site giving the team fairly distant odds. All of this means that truly anything could happen in this year’s event!

Keep it here for more about the League of Legends Worlds teams

By now, you’ll see that there are plenty of awesome League of Legends Worlds teams who stand a strong chance of lifting the Summoner’s Cup. While many people will be backing T1, we think that both Gen.G and JD Gaming could have a big chance of earning esports glory. Plus, with other challengers like Top Esports and DWG KIA in the running, it’s going to be too close to call.

If you’ve been following the progress of Worlds teams League of Legends always has the capacity to deliver plenty of big upsets. So we’re going to keep this page updated to make sure that you get all of the information you need to make a big success when betting on LoL Worlds. Just don’t forget to pick up a LoL Worlds betting bonus from one of our recommended operators before you put your bets down!