LoL Worlds Betting Odds: Guide to Finding the Best Betting Odds for the LoL World Championship

LoL Worlds 2022 is finally here and so we’ve created this handy resource that’s dedicated to LoL Worlds betting odds. This means showing you what betting odds are, which betting sites have the best LoL odds, and even giving you tips about which LoL Worlds odds you should be betting on. So take a look below and discover all you need to know about LoL Worlds odds in 2022!

LoL Worlds betting odds

GameDate & Tournament
Teams & Odds
Bet Now
American Odds Format:
League Of Legends
02/02/2023 11:00
LPL 2023 Spring
Top Esports
⁠Rare Atom
League Of Legends
02/02/2023 11:10
LCK 2023 Spring
Hanwha Life Esports
League Of Legends
02/02/2023 16:00
Arabian League 2023 Spring
Fox Gaming
GnG Esports
League Of Legends
02/02/2023 16:00
TCL 2023 Winter
Istanbul Wild Cats
Dark Passage
League Of Legends
02/02/2023 17:00
LCK 2023 Spring
League Of Legends
02/02/2023 17:00
LFL 2023 Spring
League Of Legends
02/02/2023 17:00
Arabian League 2023 Spring
Nigma Galaxy
Triple Esports
League Of Legends
02/02/2023 17:00
LVP SL 2023 Spring
Heretics Academy
League Of Legends
02/02/2023 17:00
PRM 1st Division 2023 Spring
Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition
Eintracht Spandau
League Of Legends
02/02/2023 17:00
TCL 2023 Winter
Papara SuperMassive
League Of Legends
02/02/2023 18:00
PRM 1st Division 2023 Spring
Eintracht Frankfurt
NNO Prime
League Of Legends
02/02/2023 18:00
Elite Series 2023 Spring
The Agency
League Of Legends
02/02/2023 18:00
PG Nationals 2023 Spring
Dsyre Esports
League Of Legends
02/02/2023 18:00
LVP SL 2023 Spring
Rebels Gaming
UCAM Tokiers
League Of Legends
02/02/2023 18:00
Arabian League 2023 Spring
3BL Esports
Anubis Gaming
League Of Legends
02/02/2023 18:00
TCL 2023 Winter
5 Ronin
FUT Esports
League Of Legends
02/02/2023 18:00
EBL 2023 Spring
Ankora Gaming
MaGaZa eSports
League Of Legends
02/02/2023 18:00
LPL 2023 Spring
JD Gaming
Top Esports
League Of Legends
02/02/2023 18:00
LFL 2023 Spring
Karmine Corp
IZI Dream
League Of Legends
02/02/2023 19:00
LVP SL 2023 Spring
Guasones Team
Fnatic TQ

Top betting sites with the best odds for LoL Worlds

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What are LoL Worlds betting odds?

Betting odds simply refer to the likelihood of an event happening. So for LoL Worlds 2022, you might see odds for LOUD winning the whole competition or for Top Esports to beat GAM Esports in a single game. 

When something has short odds, it means that the event is most likely to happen. Betting on short odds means that you’ll probably win your bets, but you won’t get a lot back from your winning bet.

When something has long odds, it means that it is unlikely to happen. So you’ll stand a slim chance of winning a bet on long odds, but your returns could be much more impressive. 

How betting site display betting odds for LoL Worlds

Most esports betting sites will display their LoL Worlds odds in various ways. Here are the most common odds formats that you’ll come across:

  • Decimal odds: Here, the lower the number, the more chance it has of winning. So if you see Top Esports with odds of 4.00 for winning LoL Worlds, and Fnatic with odds of 55.00, it means that Top Esports has a much better chance of winning. 
  • Fractional odds: These are presented as two numbers. The number on the right represents your betting stake, while the number on the left represents your potential return should you win your bet.
  • American odds: This kind of odds format is represented either as a positive or negative value. So if you see +200 odds, it means that you’d win $200 if you wagered $100. Conversely, if you see -200 odds, it means that you have to wager $200 to win $100. 

Different kinds of LoL Worlds odds to bet on

Go to most esports betting sites and you’ll find that they have lots of different odds for LoL Worlds. Here’s a quick overview of the different kinds of bets you’ll find:

  • Outright winner: Who will win LoL Worlds in 2022?
  • Region of winner: Such as will China or Korea produce the outright winner of LoL Worlds 2022.
  • Match winner: Who will win a particular match in LoL Worlds 2022?
  • Group winner: Such as who will win Group A in the Main Stage, or Group B in the Play In Stage.
  • Map winner: Who will win a particular map in a LoL Worlds match
  • Correct score: What the final score will be at the end of a match.
  • Kills: Who will get the most kills, first kill or first to five kills.
  • Specialist bets: Such as first inhibitor destroyed, first baron slayed and so on. 
  • Handicap bets: Where the favourite is put at a disadvantage meaning that you get better odds if they win. Conversely, the underdog is put at an advantage, which means that you have a better chance of winning. 

Why it’s important to use the best LoL Worlds betting odds

We think that betting on esports is great fun, but few people would deny that it’s always nice to get a healthy return from your winning bets. Simply put, betting on longer odds means getting more than shorter odds. Plus, even the slightest difference in the odds can have dramatic consequences depending on what kind of betting stake you’re putting down. 

Above all, betting on decent odds means that you are simply getting decent value for money. No one likes being ripped off, and it shouldn’t be any different when it comes to betting on LoL Worlds 2022. So stick with us, and we’ll ensure that you always get the best LoL odds on the market. 

lol worlds betting odds

Get our help to find the top LoL Worlds 2022 odds

You can always do it yourself and browse around all of the many different esports betting sites to see who has the best Worlds odds. However, this would take you a long time. This is why we’re suggesting that you simply use our site and we’ll instantly show you those betting sites who put on superior LoL Worlds odds.

Remember that we spend plenty of time reviewing these betting sites to ensure they can be trusted. Plus we always carry out odds comparison tests to ensure that you always get a competitive price for your LoL bets. We’ll even be on hand to show you which bookmakers have awesome bonuses that you can use for LoL Worlds 2022. So stick with one of our featured esports betting sites for a great way to bet on this year’s LoL Worlds. 

Find LoL Worlds betting odds for the outright winner

If you’re asking who will win LoL Worlds 2022, you’ll be thinking about putting down an outright bet on the team that you think will lift the Summoner’s Cup on 5 November. Past champions have included the likes of Edward Gaming, Damwon Gaming, FunPlus Phoenix and Invictus Gaming. Plus, we have to mention the fact that SK Telecom T1 won LoL Worlds an incredible three times out of four at one point. All good esports betting sites will let you bet on the outright winner of LoL Worlds way in advance of the tournament. 

Outright Winner Odds provided by Esports on September 22:

WinnerDecimal OddsFractional OddsAmerican Odds
JD Gaming3.502.5/1+250
Top Esports3.752.75/1+275
EDward Gaming9.008/1+800
Royal Never Give Up11.0010/1+1000
DWG KIA15.0014/1+1400
DRX 34.0033/1+3300
G2 Esports67.0066/1+6600
100 Thieves101.00100/1+10000
MAD Lions101.00100/1+10000
Evil Geniuses101.00100/1+10000
GAM Esports151.00150/1+15000
CTBC Flying Oyster251.00250/1+25000
Beyond Gaming301.00300/1+30000
Saigon Buffalo301.00300/1+30000
Istanbul Wildcats301.00300/1+30000
DetonationN FocusMe401.00400/1+40000
Chiefs Esports Club501.00500/1+50000
Isurus Gaming501.00500/1+50000

Betting on LoL Worlds 2022 odds in the play-in stages

The Worlds LoL schedule begins with the Play-In Stages. In 2022, this features two groups of six teams who have to compete to get out of their group. The top teams make it to the Main Stage, and then there is another round where the runners-up have to compete to join them. Again, you’ll be able to bet on the Play-In Stages in advance of the tournament. 

lol worlds betting odds play in stages thunderpick
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Helping you find LoL Worlds betting odds for the main stage

The Main Stage comprises four groups that each feature four teams. This follows a double round-robin format, and each game is best-of-one. You’ll only be able to bet on the Main Stage games once the Play-In Stages are complete, but you’ll be able to bet on things like match-winner, group winner and all of the in-game bets. 

Find the top Worlds quarterfinal betting odds

This is where things get interesting because, with the Worlds quarterfinal betting odds, LoL fans are finally trying their luck in the knockout rounds. These games simply see the winner go through to the semi-final, while the loser will be eliminated. These matches are best of five and with the Worlds quarterfinal betting odds, LoL fans can bet on things like correct score, over/under and so on. 

Getting the best betting odds for LoL Worlds semi-finals

After the dust has settled on the Worlds quarterfinal betting odds, LoL fans will be able to try their luck in the semi-finals. This is where things get seriously tense and all esports betting sites will be trying their hardest to put on the most competitive LoL Worlds odds. 

Discover the top LoL Worlds 2022 for the grand final

Now the moment of truth, who will lift the Summoner’s Cup? Chances are that all betting sites will have odds for the winner of this epic game, and we’ll be by your side to point out who has the best LoL Worlds final odds on the market. 

With live betting odds LoL Worlds get a lot more fun

We should note the fact that most esports betting sites will feature live odds for each game at LoL Worlds 2022. This is where you get to bet on things like who will win the overall match or a particular map even after the game has begun. The odds will be constantly changing in correspondence to the live action and it can be a great way to get more value from your LoL Worlds bets. Our advice is to use those betting sites with free live streaming as it makes it so much easier to know which live odds to bet on!

Getting LoL Worlds betting odds boosts

Most decent bookmakers will put on a LoL Worlds betting bonus for the tournament. These could include things like deposit match bonuses and losing bet refunds, but our favourite deals are those that simply boost your odds. Here you’ll probably have to bet on specific markets such as 100 Thieves to beat Gen.G and chances are that these have tricky odds in the first place. But odds boosts still give you a no-strings-attached way to get a little extra from your LoL Worlds bets. 

Who has the shortest LoL Worlds betting odds for 2022?

There are plenty of great League of Legends Worlds teams in this year’s tournament, but only a handful have a real chance of lifting the Summoner’s Cup. It’s no surprise to find that teams from Korea and China make up the bulk of the favourites for winning LoL Worlds 2022. After all, teams from these regions have won the last nine LoL Worlds competitions, and the chances are that a Chinese or Korean team will win this year’s contest. Here are the front-runners:

  • JD Gaming 
  • Gen.G
  • Top Esports
  • Edward Gaming 
  • T1 

With long betting odds, LoL Worlds teams like this don’t have a chance!

If you want to get better returns from League of Legends Worlds betting, then you could try your luck on one of the underdogs. It’s always a risky proposition to bet on outsiders, but we must remember that LoL Worlds is notoriously unpredictable. After all, few people would have imagined EDward Gaming winning the 2021 LoL Worlds tournament. So if you want to take a massive risk with your bets, try your luck on one of these rank outsiders:

  • Isurus
  • Chief Esports Club
  • Istanbul Wildcats
  • Detonation FocusMe
  • Beyond Gaming

Simple tips for using LoL Worlds betting odds

Betting on LoL Worlds is risky at the best of times. But here are some simple tips to help you out:

  • Bet on the dark horses: This means betting on those teams who aren’t among the favourites but have a fair chance of winning. This year sees teams like Royal Never Give Up, DWG KIA and Cloud9 with relatively long odds but still with a decent chance of lifting the Summoner’s Cup.
  • Try alternative betting markets: Want to bet on a team like G2 Esports or Rogue and can’t find any decent match-winner odds? Then try betting on some alternative betting markets like map winner or some of the kills markets. This way, you might win your bets even if the team doesn’t win the whole game. 
  • Budget carefully: This is obvious, but you should only ever bet with money you don’t mind losing. After all, esports betting is notoriously unpredictable, and everyone loses every now and then. So set a budget, stick to it, and then you’ll be able to survive even if your first bet is wiped out. 

With these betting odds, LoL Worlds is more enjoyable

By now, you’ll have all you need to enjoy some great odds when betting on LoL Worlds. We’ve shown you what odds are, what kinds of LoL Worlds odds you’ll most likely see, and which odds are worth betting on. 

The great thing is that betting sites are constantly coming up with evermore inventive ways to try your luck on this epic esports tournament. Our job is simply to point out the best bookmakers for LoL Worlds with the best odds on the market. So make sure you check back here to get unbeatable odds for betting on LoL Worlds 2022!