First CS2 Major: PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024

Published: Oct 20, 2023 - Last Updated: Feb 5, 2024

When Valve first announced the release of CS2 in March 2023, everyone began to wonder when and where the first CS2 tournaments would take place. The Counter-Strike community didn’t have to wait long for an answer, as a week later PGL, one of the top esports tournament organizers, revealed that they will be hosting the first CS2 Major in Copenhagen.

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Event Details

As previously mentioned, the event will take place in Copenhagen, with the playoffs being held in the Royal Arena, where another popular Counter-Strike tournament organizer, BLAST, annually hosts one of the most important tournaments in their professional circuit, the BLAST Fall Finals.

The Challenger Stage of the first CS2 Major will be carried out from March 17-20, 2024, where 16 teams will battle it out in the Swiss system group stage, with eight squads advancing further in the competition.

first cs2 major
CS2’s first major will be held in Copenhagen in 2024. Image: PGL

Subsequently, the Legends Stage of the tournament will take place from Mar. 21-24 followed by the Playoffs from Mar. 28-31, 2024, when we will find out which team made history and became the inaugural CS2 Major Champions.

RMR Schedule

The dates and locations of regional qualification tournaments to the Major, also known as the RMRs, have been revealed:

Closed and open qualifiers to the RMRs will take place online throughout January 2024.

A myriad of games awaits fans and players on the road to the first CS2 Major, providing more opportunities for Counter-Strike punters to bet on CS2 games.

Challengermode Exclusive Major Platform Partners

The PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024 will be played on Challengermode’s platform.

Challengermode is a platform that offers online esports infrastructure, and one of its features allows tournament organizers, such as PGL, to set up and carry out esports events on their platform.

The CEO of Challengermode, Robel Efrem, had this to say about the partnership:

“Our collaboration with PGL is a strong affirmation of the robustness and scalability of our technology, and it aligns perfectly with Challengermode’s core mission to foster growth and elevate professionalism in competitive gaming across the globe.” Official Exclusive Major Data Partners is an esports data provider which offers betting websites with esports odds feeds, risk management and iFrame solutions.

Here’s what’s Managing Director and Co-founder Marek Suchar had to say about the deal:

“We are thrilled to be pushing the boundaries once again, and doing what others are not capable to do: finally directly connecting two worlds we deeply care about. On one hand, we have PGL, the apex of esports, renowned for its elite production quality, premier tournaments, and unparalleled viewership. On the other, there’s a roster of our esteemed clients like Betway, Stake, Yolo, Altenar, Betby, among many others.

We’re thrilled to bridge these worlds, leveraging data from the first even Counter-Strike 2 Major to enhance fan engagement through dynamic odds and interactive widgets.

Our robust risk management system is critical to provide PGL with valuable real-time insights on any potential suspicious betting activity, positioning as safeguard of the integrity for such a prestigious event. By closing the loop, we ensure all involved parties maximize their benefits, thereby enhancing revenue generation and promoting long-term sustainability.”

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