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Published: May 9, 2023 - Last Updated: Jun 8, 2023

In the context of betting, esports data providers specialize in providing data and analytics on esports competitions for the purpose of facilitating online betting. These providers offer a wide range of services including real-time data feeds, live odds updates and detailed statistical analysis of players and teams.

If you are operating a sports betting site, or work for a company that is looking into the esports vertical, you maybe be asking yourself:

Well in this article, we are going to take you through the best esports data providers that are available to partner with today. We’ll look at some of their feats and achievements and their key features plus more besides.

We will also explain precisely what you need to look for in a perfect provider for your site.

The Best Esports Data Providers

Let’s begin with a look at who, in our opinion, are the top esports data providers available on the market at present.

1. PandaScorePandaScore logo

Based in Paris, France, PandaScore is one of the foremost esports data providers in the world today. It is the driving force behind some of the biggest sites in the esports and sports betting industry.

Their packages for sports betting sites are tiered from a Schedules, Results and Context Data package for free, right up to its professional package, for which you need to speak to a team member to learn the per videogame, per month price.

PandaScore Esports Data Providers Guide

In addition to a massive choice of markets and odds, its stats, odds and historical data packages for individual esports are excellent and in-depth and you can tailor each package to your needs and budget.

Key Features of the Solution

2. Official logo

Originally based in Prague in the Czech Republic, but now with data centres opening around the world, such as in Peru, Oddin.GG is one of the foremost names in esports betting data provision.

Alongside a seamless and customisable integration onto your website or mobile app, Oddin.GG’s software also has a simple-to-use back-end feature which allows you to edit the odds margin and other parameters through the sites Setting Platform. Esports Betting Data API

As an esports-specific platform, Oddin.GG are one of the foremost esports odds and data providers in the world and they are the partner of choice for many esports-centric sites and multi-offering sites that want to offer a strong and comprehensive esports product.

Key Features of the Solution

3. Bayes EsportsBayes Esports logo

Formed in 2014 and based in Berlin in Germany, Bayes Esports provide esports betting odds data as a part of its complete package which also provides companies with a Team Data Portal, Stats API and Audio/Visual data for the esports community, as well as a similar offering for Media and Fantasy.

bayes esports data provider

That said, esports betting remains at the core of its service and the company’s main partnerships include a number of major esports tournament organisers and teams such as ESL Gaming, Riot Games, BLAST Premier, DreamHack, Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses as well as betting service providers such as GG.Bet, Pinnacle and bet365.

Key Features of the Solution

4. GRID EsportsGRID logo

Founded in Berlin in 2018, Grid Esports has expanded across 25 countries and is one of the most well-known and respected esports data providers in the world today.

grid esports data providers

Rather than offering a solution with a betting-first outlook, Grid Esports focus solely on providing high-quality data to any company with a vested interest in the esports industry, which gives it a rich and varied client base, some of whom are esports betting specialist sites.
Given its extensive partnerships with key moves in the esports industry, as a data-only service, Grid Esports is hard to beat.

Grid Match data

Key Features of the Solution


5. Abios GamingAbios Gaming logo

Based in Stockholm in Sweden, and founded in 2013, Abios has been building a name for itself within the data provision service for a decade now and it has become a respected name within the industry.

As a data and odds provider, it offers an ideal all-in-one solution for esports betting sites seeking reliable and fast data, as well as a service that is easy to integrate on site through a series of widgets.

abious data providers esports

As a member of the Kambi group of companies, Abios is well familiar with the requirements of the modern esports betting service and as such, you can be sure that their products, some of which you can try via a free demo, will meet your exacting requirements.

Key Features of the Solution

Abios Gaming stats

6. Odds Matrix

Odds Matrix is primarily a sports-betting-focused data provision and odds site which also offers an extensive esports section alongside its sports offering.

odds matrix esports data providers

Key Features of the Solution

7. Sportradar

sportrader esports betting data provider

Sportradar is one of the foremost sports technology companies in the world with partnerships with many of the top global sports organisations including UEFA, NBA, ITF, NASCAR, MLB, NHL, FiA and many more.

sportsradar esports data

Key Features of the Solution


sportsflare esports data

Sportsflare offers a bespoke esports data provision and betting odds service which is ideal for someone wanting a complete esports betting service to integrate into their current site. esports data providers

Key Features of the Solution esports betting data provider

9. Data.Bet

Based in Prague the capital of Czechia, Data.Bet is one of the newer companies on the esports data provision scene, but it has been busily showcasing its offerings across a wide number of summits and expos across the world.

The company offers existing sites the chance to add a bespoke esports betting service including live odds, risk management, and esports data across 30 different esports all of which are risk-managed and available across mobile and desktop through its iFrame service.

data bet esports data providers

Key Features of the Solution

gamescorekeeper esports data provider

10. GameScoreKeeper

Based in Aarhus in Denmark, GameScoreKeeper has been providing a wide range of esports data since 2016. The site offers ‘fast, reliable and accurate esports data’ which can be used in a variety of ways in the esports industry, such as match analysis, live scores, media and online betting.

The company focuses on six major esports titles, including the ‘big three’ of CSGO, LoL and Dota 2 as well as Valorant, Arena of Valor and Honor of Kings.

gamescorekeeper esports data providers

Its API-based esports betting service includes a number of options including a Live Odds feed, as well as specific betting options such as players being able to bet on themselves, as well as a bet builder module too.

Key Features of the Solution

Honourable Mentions

#1 Esports API

Esports API offers a simple and affordable esports data provision and odds package across 11 esports with more added upon request.

esports API

Key Features of the Solution

#2 Uplatform

Uplatform is much more than esports data and odds provider as it provides a wide range of betting products and services across the entire gambling sector, of which esports is part of its Usports section.

uplatform esports data providers

Key Features of the Solution

What is the role of esports betting data providers in esports betting?

As the name suggests, the main role that esports betting data providers have is to provide key data to esports betting services that are accurate, timely and beneficial.

To fulfil that role, these companies need to focus on the following regarding their data provision and transfer:

A. The accuracy and integrity of their data

An esports betting data provider has to ensure that the data that they provide is not only 100% accurate but takes into account the latest changes and trends from particular esports.

Ensuring odds are truly reflective of a given situation within an esports event is key and the more accurate this data is, the more accurate, and profitable, your odds offered will likely be.

B. Wide and expansive coverage of esports titles

With esports betting being still a somewhat developing market, your provider should have a complete understanding of the games on which it is providing data and of course, as wide a range of esports titles available for its partners to access data on.

A good provider will cover at the very least the main esports titles available today, such as LoL, Counter-Strike and Dota 2 and most should provide data on many more esports titles, as well as show that they are willing to add additional titles to their range in the future as esports naturally evolves.

C. What specific data they are going to capture and how quickly it can be transferred

The other main issues esports data providers need to consider regards data include the following:

  1. Firstly, they need to consider how the data they use is captured and transferred. Some companies still use human-input systems, but these are slow and inaccurate. Those that use machine learning processes to analyse, collate and translate the data into odds, are far more accurate and much, much quicker (and far more beneficial for In-Play betting, for example).
  2. Secondly, data providers should also be fully aware of how quickly their data can be processed, verified and translated into meaningful odds/stats on their partner site. The best data providers can complete this process within seconds.

What other factors should I consider when choosing an esports betting data provider?

Alongside the major factors outlined above, there are a number of other factors that you should consider when deciding which esports betting data provider is best for your site.

1. Cost and Affordability: Initial and Ongoing Costs

How is your partnership with your provider going to work? What costs are there associated in setting up the service? How are you going to market the new features and what will be the budget for that? Are there any ongoing costs you need to factor into your budgeting?

2. What will be the Added Value of the Service?

On the positive side, you need to consider what added value the data and services provided by your esports betting data provider offer you. How will that affect your turnover and the attraction and retention of customers?

In short, will the partnership provide you with value for money and the potential to grow your business?

3. How will you integrate the new features and markets onto your site or app?

Agreeing to a deal with an esports data provider is a great way to quickly add a great deal more betting and other content to your site, so it should be a real consideration how these extra markets and features are presented to the customer.

You want these to be seamlessly integrated onto your site, and not look like an afterthought quickly added on.

Set a review date to investigate how useful the partnership has been.

Any partnership should see both parties evaluate how effective it has been for each of them. Have you achieved what you wanted to achieve through the partnership? Has it worked out better, or worse, or as expected?

Evaluation is key to maintaining a forward-thinking business strategy and if a partnership with an esports data firm hasn’t worked out as you hoped it would, maybe there is a better option out there.

What are the types of esports betting data available?

What kind of data should you expect to receive from a quality esports betting data provider, let’s break it down into the types of data that you can usually find available with the best options:

Odds FeedOf course, the main aspect for any esports betting site is the odds it will receive from its data provider, this includes odds for pre-match markets, outright markets and the regularly updated In Play esports betting markets.
In-Game DataCustomers like to have data available about the game that they are intending to wager on, so the current scores, situation and other data about the betting event is also available to help contextualize the markets.
Historic DataAlongside what is happening right now, a customer may want to look up how a team has performed over the longer term, hence part of any good esports betting data provider’s service should be extensive historic data on as many teams or individuals as possible.

Working alongside this should be a comprehensive Risk Management service, which will ensure that the odds you offer, based on the data provided reduce the risk for your company when you accept wagers on events.

Conclusion – Selecting an Esports Betting Data Provider

In this article, I hope we have given you some food for thought about how to go about selecting which esports data provider you should partner with for your site.

With esports betting being a new and fast-evolving market, it is incumbent on any esports betting service to strive to keep pace with the technological advancements being made in the industry, particularly with reference to the new types of In-Play betting options available, which are particular focus for the Millennial and Gen.Z audience.

The data providers listed here are a great place to start your considerations and we are sure that at least one will fit the requirements for what you want in an esports offering, comprehensively.

Frequently asked questions

What are esports data providers?

Esports data providers are companies that offer data related to competitive video gaming. They offer a wide range of services to esports betting companies, media outlets and fans.

What are the most important factors to consider when choosing a data provider?

Accuracy and integrity of data, esports title coverage, knowing the cost structure and data processing speed are some of the most important factors to consider. You should also look at API user-friendliness, quality of support available, scalability of the product and track record and reputation of the supplier.

Why is the purpose of esports data?

In sports betting, the most immediate purpose of esports data is to provide odds and stats to esports operators and bettors.
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