Oddin partners with Altenar to provide them with esports odds

Posted on June 22, 2021

Popular iGaming software provider, Altenar, has partnered with the B2B esports technology company, Oddin, to implement their Oddin esports odds feed into future software for their clients.

The partnership

Altenar and their products are developed in-house and powered by premium quality data feeds. They provide their software all around the world but with a specific focus on the LATAM, African, and European markets, which means they could help improve esports betting in Brazil. It looks like they have realised the importance of the esports market when it comes to iGaming products.

The partnership with Oddin is a very fortuitous one, they are a great option for a company looking to improve their esports betting odds. Oddin’s odds feed comes with live-streaming, multiple live markets, over 80% of uptime, and a wide coverage of esports tournaments.

Oddin partners with Altenar to provide them with esports odds

Comments from the organisations

Stanislav Silin, CEO of Altenar, spoke about their new partnership:

‘’The esports phenomenon is global. We work with multiple operators from very different regions. However, we received many requests for a more attractive esports offering. We were very lucky to find a partner like Oddin in this regard. Their product is ready to deliver a very competitive live betting offering. Our clients can’t wait to connect Oddin’s odds feed for Counter-Strike, League of Legends, or Dota 2. This is going to be a game-changer that will help them attract Millennials to their sportsbooks”.

Marek Suchar, Head of Partnerships at Oddin, also added:

‘’We’re very happy to continue our global expansion. Partnering with leaders in the industry such as Altenar is great news for us and the esports betting industry in general. More and more operators will have the chance to deliver a truly engaging esports betting experience to their clients. Esports betting is meant to play a key role in the industry for the upcoming years and big partnerships like this are just the beginning.’’

The growth of Oddin in the esports market

Oddin is a rapidly growing their esports betting technology site. Since the beginning of 2021 they have been expanding their presence in Europe as well as the LATAM market. Back in January of this year Sirplay and Oddin signed a mutual partnership to bring their own esports betting solution to the Latin American market. This betting solution was not an exclusive one, and it was offered to multiple bookmakers in the region.

In March, they received a significant investment from a strategic investor group led by Alex Igelman, Founder of Esports Capital Corp., and Jeff Sagansky, Media Tech Investor as part of a larger commitment to their company.

They also cemented their place in the pantheon of respected esports companies by joining the Esports Integrity Commission. That means that they are contributing to the ongoing work of the Esports Integrity Commission to safeguard the pro-esports industry from the ongoing issues with match-fixing and betting manipulation. They assist ESIC in investigating suspicious betting activity and support their larger mission in combating cheating and betting fraud in the esports industry.

The future of Oddin looks bright as they cement themselves as the go-to company for AI-driven esports odds.

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