Americans who partake in sports betting are probably aware of their country’s complex betting laws. New Jersey is one of four states where esports betting is welcome in the US.

NJ is home to the most-impressive sports betting market in the USA today. The Sports Geek reported that NJ sportsbooks made nearly $300 million in 2019. In 2018, NJ repealed a federal betting ban to the Supreme Court, to reduce state restrictions on sports betting.

With relaxed betting laws, NJ was able to introduce esports betting options. Today, NJ’s casinos, racetracks, and online gambling sites can offer esports betting.

NJ betting operations have an advantage over other states because of its relaxed restrictions. While other states forbid esports betting, NJ state laws allow betting operators access to the esports betting market.

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Legal esports betting sites in New Jersey

NJ has legalized esports betting options for online gambling sites. These options are more convenient for users when compared to traveling to a casino or race track.

Some of the most popular legal esports betting sites are Draftkings, Fanduel, Luckbox, and Bet365. People may also use these sites outside of NJ, depending on your state’s laws. Draftkings and Fanduel offer esports and are widely popular betting sites.

Be sure to read up on the operations of an esports betting site before placing a bet. Specific state laws may limit or ban online betting.

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How New Jersey legalized esports betting

NJ assemblymembers approved Bill A637, which includes esports in the NJ betting market. They proposed a bill after seeing NJ sports betting take in $550 million in its first year. The timeline below details Bill A637’s beginning, up to where it currently sits.

  • January 2020: Assemblyman, Ralph Caputo, introduced legislation to authorize sportsbooks to accept esports wagers permanently. Caputo saw the opportunity for the state to expand its sports betting options to gain more tax revenue.
  • March 2020: NJ pitches a bill that categorizes esports as a skill-based game. The assemblymembers made Bill A637 to revise current sports betting permits to expand esports betting entirely.
  • August 1, 2020: Bill A637 was passed unanimously with everyone in the New Jersey Assembly, agreeing that esports should be included in existing sports betting rules. The assemblymembers sent the bill to the Senate for final voting.

As of now, the bill is awaiting a final vote from the Senate, but confidence is high that it will pass. Thanks to Bill A637, gambling operators in NJ have permission to add esports to their sports betting menus.

What the future holds

NJ’s esports betting market may still be young, but it is way ahead of most states. Other states are pushing for legalization, having noticed NJ’s progression.

Esports betting has seen expansion amid the global pandemic, with Nevada and other states looking to ease restrictions. A significant cause is a rise in the number of esports betting activities due to the cancellation of traditional sports seasons.

One question is, will esports betting survive once traditional sports start again? Sportsbooks will have to analyze if esports bets are still doing well once other sporting leagues start their seasons.