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The Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre is dominant in both esports and PC gaming as a whole, and the reigning king of MOBA is Riot GamesLeague of Legends (LoL). There’s nothing like getting in on the League of Legends betting too – you can get involved with our ultimate guide!

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League of Legends betting is big news right now and this guide is here to show you what it’s all about. This means that you’ll get to see how you can put down an LoL bet and we’ll even reveal some top betting sites where you can do this. Plus you’ll learn about all of the different LoL betting markets and see some solid tips that’ll give you a little more precision with your League of Legends bets.

So keep reading to see how you can take your League of Legends betting to the next level.

Why you need to read an LoL betting guide

League of Legends is arguably the world’s biggest esport. The game sees about 7.5 million concurrent players daily at peak hours, and tens of millions of people play each month. 44 million people watched one of the recent World Championship Finals.

Just to put this in context, more people watched the recent League of Legends World Championship Finals than the deciding game of either the NBA Finals (20.5 million) or the World Series (14 million). These numbers have become even more pronounced in recent incarnations of LoL Worlds. So while you might hear rumors that League of Legends is dying, it looks like the opposite is true.

It’s important to note that watching League of Legends and betting on League of Legends are two entirely different things. After all, it’ll take a fair amount of skill to win your LoL bets and avoid losing any money. So while it’s always fun to watch LoL esports, this guide is here to show you how to bet on this iconic game.

Is it legal to try LoL betting?

Before you rush in to think about how to make money with League of Legends, it’s important to consider the legality of esports betting. After all, every country has different rules and regulations regarding online gambling and you will want to make sure that you are not breaking the law.

The good news is that more and more countries have now legalized League of Legends betting. This means that you can enjoy legally betting on LoL everywhere from the UK to Canada and beyond.

While this is encouraging, things get a little more complicated in countries like the US and Australia. For example, the US only allows LoL betting in certain states while Australia has banned all forms of live betting over the internet. Plus, you should make sure that you are of legal age to gamble in your country or state of residence.


Where to bet on League of Legends

You shouldn’t have to search too far to find some decent League of Legends betting sites, but the trick is to give you the site with a legal and safe service, great LoL odds and those all-important bonuses. 

Major bookmakers have now started featuring LoL bets and you should check out the Bet365 esports betting options alongside the Betway esports betting platform.  However, for more advanced betting markets you might prefer to check out some of the more specialist esports betting platforms like the one featured in our GGBet review.

Let’s find out what are the Top 3 LoL Esportsbooks in 2024.


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How to put down a LoL bet

  1. Sign up for one of our recommended LoL betting sites.
  2. Make a deposit.
  3. Navigate to the League of Legends betting section.
  4. Click on the LoL betting odds that look good to you.
  5. Enter your betting stake.
  6. Submit your bet.

Top LoL betting markets

You’ll be faced with lots of different ways to bet on each League of Legends game. This is because the types of bets that can be made on LoL are much like for live-action sports. All of this is important because you might get better LoL betting odds for betting on some alternative markets compared to the match winner.

A person can make a future bet on the winner of a tournament, a bet on the winner of a single match, a proposition bet such as “how many matches team X will win” in a given tournament, or a handicap bet on a series outcome. Here is a quick rundown of some of the most popular League of Legends betting markets:

  • Match winner
  • Outright bets
  • Map winner
  • Handicap bets
  • Odd/even
  • Correct score
  • First blood
  • Most kills
  • Quadra/penta kill
  • First baron/dragon slayed


The importance of the game knowledge for your LoL bets

You’re not going to get too far with your League of Legends betting unless you know how the game works. Here’s a quick look at the basic gameplay along with an introduction to how champions work.

LoL Gameplay

League of Legends or LoL is, in a competitive esports setting, a 5v5 matchup in which the victory condition is to destroy the nexus structure in the other team’s base. Bases are connected to one another via three paths (normally referred to as “lanes,”), and these paths are the primary way that each team engages the other.

Each lane consists of the following:

  • Minions are spawned by each base at regular intervals to attack the other team’s base and players. Killing these minions with “last hits” nets each player gold to purchase items and experience to gain new levels and abilities.
  • Turrets are defensive structures that fire projectiles at enemy players and minions.
  • Inhibitors, which are structures at the end of each lane. Destroying the inhibitor creates a powerful new minion that can lead the charge against the enemy base.
  • Between the lanes are the jungle areas, which are filled with neutral monsters that teams can kill for experience, gold, and buffs.


LoL Gameplay understanding for LoL Betting
Image Credits: LoL Esports

LoL Champions

Each player controls one “champion” with its own special abilities. LoL Champions differ from one another in the effects of their abilities, the type of damage they output, and their character statistics. Based on these characteristics, players and their champions will fulfill different roles from one another to best work as a team. Important to note is that each character may fulfill different aspects from multiple roles, with one role being their primary role and another being their secondary role. The roles in LoL are as follows:

  • Tanks are melee characters that can take more damage than other characters. They protect other characters in team fights and try to take damage so others don’t have to.
  • Supports are characters whose primary goal is to protect allies and give them buffs.
  • Fighters are characters with generally less survivability than tanks, but they deal more damage to other players and are good in solo encounters. Fighters are characters with generally less survivability than tanks, but they deal more damage to other players and are good in solo encounters.
  • Assassins are characters that focus on dealing “burst damage,” or a large amount of damage in a very short amount of time, in order to effectively kill enemy players. They are extremely vulnerable to being damaged.
  • Marksmen and Mages are called “carries.” These characters grow much stronger in the late game after starting relatively weaker early on. Marksmen are known as AD (Attack Damage) carries. with their damage coming from basic attacks. Mages are known as AP (Ability Power) carries, because their damage is primarily dealt by their ability powers.


LoL Champions Vi
Image Credits: Riot Games

There are many other aspects of League of Legends that must be considered, such as MPA positioning, item purchases, particular non-player characters which provide bonuses when killed (such as Baron Nashor or the dragon), and much more.  It is an extremely complex game with many facets, all of which are vital in knowing about to achieve success as a bettor.

A full, comprehensive guide explaining nearly every aspect of the game can be found here, though the guide is anything but light reading.  As of this writing, it has been updated regularly to reflect changes in the game’s mechanics (which are always being altered for the sake of balancing).

Most important tournaments for betting on LoL

In the section about the tournaments, we include the most important ones. The most visible aspect of the game for people who don’t play League of Legends is the massive tournaments it features, which regularly pack stadiums full of people. Here is a quick look at some of the biggest League of Legends tournaments in 2024.

LoL Worlds

The largest tournaments of LoL are hosted by Riot Games themselves, such as the multi-million USD prize pool tournament for LoL Worlds. This is the biggest League of Legends tournament and a major highlight of the esports calendar. As such, you can enjoy quality LoL Worlds betting at all decent online bookmakers

Mid Season Invitational

LoL LEC Bets
Image Credits: LoL Esports

This is the second largest and most-important tournament in the LoL calendar. Again, the Mid Season Invitational is hosted by Riot Games and it features the winner of the regional leagues in the Spring Split. This means that there should always be some good MSI betting options out there.

Regional contests

Every continent has its own regional scene of teams, qualifiers, and tournaments, but there are also multiple international and events as well. Each regional competition will feature teams battling it out over the course of the year to qualify for LoL worlds. Here are just some of the key regions to keep an eye on:

  • LCK: The Korean regional tournament that features massive teams like Gen. G and iconic players like Faker. Read our LCK betting guide to see how Korea spawned the rise of LoL pro gaming.
  • LEC: The European regional contest that includes esports powerhouses like G2 and Fnatic. Check out this LEC betting guide for more about this endlessly competitive regional tournament.
  • LCS: The North American regional competition that has been dominated by TeamSoloMid, but be sure to read our LCS betting guide to see who could win this contest in the future.

Esports World Cup

While it’s rare to have Riot Games allow third-party organizers get involved with the competition, League of Legends is headed straight for the Esports World Cup.

Moreover, with likely millions of dollars up for grabs, this unique opportunity for League of Legends fans looks to be celebrated this summer in Riyadh alongside other esports.

Learn more in our Esports World Cup betting guide.

League of Legends betting advice

1. Watch previous games

Do your research into who the best LoL teams are before you put your bets down. The best place to start learning more is by either watching one of the previously alluded to World Championship Finals matches. Watching a lot of the games being played is an obvious necessity, and Twitch features an inestimable amount of channels dedicated to the game.

2. Get to know the best players

There’s plenty of debate about who the best LoL player is and it’s worth considering this kingdom of information before you make your bets. Watching a stream by the top players, such as those in Team Liquid, is the most advisable, and the links to those can be found in each player’s profile. Playing the game is also one of the best ways to learn, if not the best, but it is certainly not required (in the same way that playing basketball is not required to bet on it or to watch and understand it).

3. Understand the statistics

The most important things to keep in mind for making your LoL predictions are to understand the following statistics:

  • Kills/Deaths/Assists, and Kill/Death ratio
  • Gold per minute and overall Gold count
  • Experience per minute
  • “Creep Count,” or the number of enemy minions killed throughout the game.

Each of these is an indicator of some very important value within the game itself. Experience and gold both enable players to get stronger, and both are gained by minion kills and player kills and assists. Deaths are particularly important for obvious reasons. When watching some of the recent World Finals, the commentators repeatedly allude to the gold and kill counts, so keeping an eye on a team’s gold and kill stats is vital. These values are kept on Riot Games’ website.

4. Try fantasy betting

Something to consider for some residents of the United States is that, as of this writing, the only legal means to make money on esports is through fantasy League of Legends sites which are similar in format to fantasy live-action sports but use in-game stats. Definitely worth a look.

Fantasy Esports with DraftKings

League of Legends Betting Starter Video Guide

Conclusion: Keep it here for more about League of Legends betting

For someone looking to dive into esports betting, there is none larger than League of Legends. Its success has been nothing short of extraordinary, and the game’s viewership and prize pools have grown enormously each year.  There is no better time than right now to become a part of the world of esports, while the concept of gambling on esports is still relatively new. Knowing about League of Legends can also help make other MOBA games Dota 2 and Smite easier to understand, and eventually bet on. So pick one of our featured League of Legends betting sites and get started with your LoL bets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you bet on League of Legends?

Yes, provided that you live in a country where esports betting is legal. It’s legal to bet on LoL in the UK and Canada, but it’s a little more complicated in countries like the US and Australia.

How does betting on League of Legends work?

You can bet on League of Legends just like you would any other sports. All that you have to do is to sign up to one of our recommended LoL betting sites, make a deposit, click on the League of Legends odds, enter your stake and submit your bet.

What is a League of Legends betting spread?

This is simply where you bet on the winning margin between two League of Legends teams.
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