Bet365 Esports is one of the premiere sports betting sites available across the globe. Bet365 Esports logoFrom its roots in the UK, Bet365 Sports has expanded across the globe to offer sports betting and other gambling services in over 200 different countries. It is now one of the world’s leading online gambling companies.

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Bet365 Esports: Editor’s review

Bet365 eSports Betting Review
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Bet365 is arguably the leading online sportsbook in the world, and the company is rapidly expanding the amount of attention that it pays to esports. You’ll find odds on nearly all major events, and the roster of available odds is growing by the day.

That choice, combined with the incredibly well-established reputation and high promotional value that bet365 offers, makes bet365 one of our top-rated esports options. Read more in our detailed bet365 esports review that follows.

Bet365 Sport has earned favor thanks to its wide range of sporting markets, its excellent service for both PC-based and mobile-based customers (including a live streaming service available for both), as well as a top-quality In-Play betting service.

In addition to offering a wide number of sports betting, casino, poker and bingo games also offers their customers to bet on new emerging markets including Financials, politics, TV and Films, Virtual Sports and of course, it is one of the first companies in the UK to investigate the burgeoning esports industry.

Let’s now take a look at the quality of service Bet365 Sports offers its customers interested in betting on esports.

The site also offers betting on StarCraft 2, although this is not as widely available on the site as Dota 2 and LOL betting. Details on other esports games such as CSGO Betting, World of Tanks, Smite and Heroes of the Storm isn’t available, and as yet it is not possible to confirm if Bet365 has or will offer odds on these esports games presently or in the future.

After speaking with a customer services representative, they informed us that when a ‘relevant’ esports market is available, Bet365 will usually offer odds for it, although they could not confirm all the different esports that the site would offer. It is therefore fair to say that punters should check the esports section of Bet365 Sports regularly to check out the latest bets available on the site.

What kinds of bet are offered on esports?

The most common bets available on esports are generally simple ones. The most common bets available for games like Dota 2 and LoL are bets on which of the two competing teams in an event will win the match. These are traditional odds bets, rather than handicap bets and this does mean that sometimes the odds between the two selections can be a little high.

In the case of major tournaments in esports, Bet365 will also offer odds on which of the competing teams will win the tournament outright.

The bets offered on Bet365 tend to be aimed more towards a UK-style of odds betting, rather than the American-style of handicapping (though this latter form of betting is available on other sites).

What special features or promotions are offered for esports bettors?

Somewhat disappointingly, though by no means rare, Bet365 Sports don’t yet offer any special features or promotions specifically for esports. Although, we would expect this to perhaps change in the future as betting on esports becomes more popular and something that a larger percentage of their 14 million customers indulge in.

Site Rating 7.5/10

Overall, we think that while Bet365 have made a solid start in offering esports betting, the lack of promotions and lack of markets for some of the slightly less popular games means that we are going to give this a rating of 7.5 out of 10. A solid start, but plenty of room for improvement.

What mobile options are available on Bet365?

Mobile users can access the full range of esports betting services on Bet365 Sport via the following means:


There is a Bet365 App available to download directly from the App Store which offers full access to Bet365 Sports, plus several other Bet365 sites.


There is also an Android app available for download direct from the Bet365 Mobile site for Android users.

Other users on devices such as BlackBerry, Windows Phone or Nokia can access the mobile site via their browser and they can access esports betting on their chosen mobile device in this way.


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