FIFA Betting Sites

Professional sports have long been an inspiration for some of the most enjoyable and popular computer and console games. Now, some are becoming almost as popular in the realm of esports gaming as they are in real life. Perhaps no sport showcases this more vividly than the almost universally popular, soccer.

Welcome to the world of FIFA, a series of football video games developed by EA Sports. Not only does this franchise capture the flow and the feel of an actual football match, but it also features some of the most popular tournaments, teams, and players in the world. Add to this a uniquely playable game-engine that has been refined and improved over many years, huge numbers of players at the highest levels, and specialist design for esports gaming, and it is easy to see why FIFA has become a very popular esport.

Furthermore, it didn’t take long for this success to feed the demand for specific FIFA esports betting.

FIFA 20, which is the latest installment in the franchise, has already become one of the most popular esports games to wager on. With this mind, we have decided to bring you the lowdown on all the different types of FIFA 20 betting you can find today. Not only that, but we will also provide you with some FIFA betting tips to help you make the most of the FIFA odds you can get from our list of top quality FIFA 20 betting providers.

FIFA Esports Betting Sites

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How FIFA is played

While real-life football is played between 22 men on a field, in FIFA 20, all players on a team are generally controlled by just one player, with control of the player switching as they receive possession of the ball, or if defending, are in position to try and win the ball back from the opposition.

Players can use a number of basic moves using their joypad or keyboard to move, pass, cross and shoot the ball. Other controls are used to switch between players, sprint or you can use combinations of key presses to perform certain flamboyant skills, such as rainbow flicks and overhead kicks.

As such, each game of FIFA 20 is as much a contest of skill and tactics as the real game and just as real football fans love a bet, so to FIFA betting has grown in popularity, particularly with the development of an extensive FIFA esports schedule of tournaments across the globe.

For those that love FIFA Esports Betting, this is a real positive as it is easier to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a single FIFA esports player, than it is 22 individual players on a real-life football team, notwithstanding taking into account the weather, performance of the officials and other factors all of which can influence the result.

© EA Sports

With each FIFA 20 game taking anywhere from just 8 minutes to 40 minutes to play (with the majority in esports played over a shorter time), it is much quicker to play a full match in FIFA than it is in real life football too. Most FIFA 20 esport contests are played 1v1, but matches can also feature 2v2 and there are other options for more players to play on each team (although this is rare within the FIFA esports industry).

One of the most appealing aspects of FIFA 20 for fans is that EA Sports has acquired the licenses to many teams, competitions and leagues, which makes it very realistic and also means that when you are indulging in some FIFA 20 betting, it is very much like betting on real-life football games.

Of course, EA have tweaked the game to ensure it is realistic, but also fluid for gamers to play and also fans to watch via live streaming services, many of who may also be indulging in a spot of FIFA betting, especially on the main tournaments on offer for FIFA gamers.

FIFA Esports Tournaments & Prize Pools

There is no doubt that EA Sports now very much have competitive esports at the heart of their brief when designing a new FIFA title and FIFA 20 is a great example of that. The game has been optimized to offer an immersive, realistic, and engaging experience as an esport and as a result, the clamor for tournaments to play in has been huge.

EA Sports have been one of the driving forces behind the biggest FIFA esports tournament, the FIFA20 Global Series. This is a series of events, played throughout the calendar year that features the top FIFA players in the world today.

The ultimate aim of the series is to earn a place in the season-ending FIFA eWorld Cup. To do that though, players need to play through a number of other tournaments first.

© EA Sports

FUT Champions Verified – This is the first level of competition for competitors that register for it. FUT Champions hold regular events across the weekend with the aim for players to win 27 games across a single weekend. If you can achieve this, then you land a Global Series Ranking and the more points you accrue to rise up the rankings, the more likely you will receive invites to the larger Global Series Ranking events.

FUT Champions Cups – Each Global Series will feature six Champions Cup events throughout the season. 32 players compete in each Champions Cup for a prize pool of $200,000, with $50,000 for the winner. Players play through an online qualifier to earn one of the 32 places in each Champions Cup event.

FIFA League Qualifying Tournaments – EA Sports has partnered with around 20 different professional leagues around the world to bring players a chance to represent their club side in a FIFA 20 esports domestic league. This includes leagues such as the Premier League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, La Liga, and Major League Soccer. Winners of these events can qualify for the FIFA 20 Global Series playoffs.

FIFA eChampions League – A three-stage tournament, including an online qualifier, that replicates the different rounds of the real-life Champions League tournament. The tournament is only open to PlayStation 4 verified players and has a prize pool of $280,000.

FIFA Majors – eNations Cup and eClub World Cup – The two biggest tournaments of the regular season are the eNations Cup and eWorld Cup and they offer the same number of ranking points as the FUT Champions Cup tournaments. These tournaments are amongst the most popular each year for FIFA Esports Betting. Both tournaments offer a prize pool of $100,000.

FIFA Global Series Playoffs – The top 64 players in the Global Rankings for each platform (Xbox and PS4) are invited to the Playoffs for one final chance to earn enough points to qualify for the eWorld Cup. Only the top 16 players on each platform will make it through to the FIFA eWorld Cup. There is $250,000 in prize money up for grabs in both the PS4 and Xbox categories.

FIFA eWorld Cup – The pinnacle of FIFA 20 esports gaming and without doubt the event that most FIFA betting tips are penned for and most FIFA 20 betting is made on. The tournament attracts huge numbers of viewers to see which player is crowned the world champion for 2020. $500,000 in prize money is available for this tournament.

FIFA Betting Sites and Wagering

If you are a FIFA 20 esports fan, then there is no doubt that the prospect of a little FIFA esports betting is going to appeal to you and when it comes to FIFA betting tips, one of the best we can give to you is to point you towards esports betting sites that offer you some of the best markets, the best odds and the best FIFA betting experience you can get online.

© EA Sports

We suggest you begin with these three providers: is a relatively new name in the esports industry that was founded in 2018 but they have an extensive range of FIFA 20 betting available on the site. This includes all the major Global Series events outlined above, as well as a range of other smaller-scale tournaments and leagues taking place around the world. New customers with can also claim a great value esports betting offer the 25 Euro Freeshot bonus, which is essentially a risk-free bet that you will get back as a free bet if your bet is a loser!


Another site that is well worth a look for FIFA betting, in particular, is There’s an eye-catching bonus for new customers that could be worth as much as €100 when you sign up (depending on the size of your deposit. offers an extensive range of FIFA markets throughout the year on all Global Series events, and plenty of other tournaments too.


Finally, Bet365 Esports is another company that offers an excellent range of esports betting to customers. It may not be an esports specialist, having earned its reputation as a sports betting site initially, but it has developed its esports service markedly over the years to offer a wide range of bets on a large cross-section of games within the esports industry. Add to that a great value new player promotion where you could earn up to €100 in bet credits and it is easy to see why it is such a popular site with punters.

FIFA 20 Betting Tips

As with all types of betting a FIFA 20 bet does not mean that you will be a winner, even if you know all there is to know about the game and the esports professionals battling it out on screen. With that in mind, we have brought you some quick and easy FIFA betting tips which we think will help you achieve more success when betting on FIFA 20 in the long run.

  1. Do some research – Most punters won’t place a bet on a selection without at least doing a little research and that should also be the case for people enjoying a little betting on FIFA too. The FIFA esports wiki is a useful resource, as is the FIFA Liquipedia wiki page. You can also glean useful information from the FIFA subreddit The official FIFA page on the Global Series can also provide you with plenty of great information.
  2. Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose – It can be tempting for novice punters to think they are onto a winner, back it with more money than they are comfortable with and then see their ‘certain’ winner, end up losing. Don’t fall into that trap. Keep your bets at a sensible level to your bankroll (1/20th of what you have available is a sensible amount).
  3. Don’t chase your losses – Even the very best punters lose and that is true in FIFA 20 betting as it is in any other form of betting. One thing not to do is to throw more money away after losing the first by chasing your losses by making an increasing number of longer odds bets. Keep a cool head, reflect on why your bet didn’t work out, and go again another time.
  4. Back the markets most in your favor – One of the easiest ways to give yourself a chance to win a FIFA 20 bet, is to back the markets that offer you the best chance to do that. If a bookmaker offers you a chance of picking the correct score of a FIFA game, then that is much harder (and will have many more options) than backing which team will win, or whether the game will be a draw. In the second option, there are just three possible outcomes. In the other there could be 10 to 20 or more different potential scorelines Bet on the markets that offer you shorter odds, fewer options, but a better chance of winning, especially when you start betting.
  5. Watch as much FIFA20 action as you can – You can tune in to FIFA tournaments via live streaming services (and some are even shown on television channels). If you are planning to bet on an event, then tuning in to watch how the players are performing is invaluable research that can really help shape your future bets.