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There’s always been a divide between sports and competitive gaming. Despite the fact that they share a similar approach to broadcasts, tournament formats, and team infrastructure, the two are perceived as different entities that exist in their own separate universes. But what if these worlds came together?

Meet FIFA, a series of football video games from EA Sports. Not only does this franchise capture the flow and the feel of an actual football match, but it also features some of the most popular teams and players in the world. Combine that with the competitive nature of professional sports, and it’s not exactly surprising that FIFA managed to take the esports industry by storm.

It didn’t take long for this success to trickle down to gambling.

FIFA 19, which is the latest installment in the franchise, has already become one of the most sought-after games to wager on. And while many bookmakers are reluctant to embrace this trend, others are slowly opening up to the idea of releasing some FIFA World Cup betting offers. Granted, this is cold comfort for anyone that wants to gamble here and now. Which is precisely why we prepared an in-depth guide on the best FIFA betting sites, FIFA odds, esports tournaments, and gambling strategies!

Where to gamble on FIFA esports

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Find the best FIFA odds and betting markets at Unikrn, Betway, and Bet365 esports.

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How FIFA is played

FIFA works in a very different way compared to the sport it emulates. For one, the game is played in a 1v1 format, so even though you can still see twenty-two players on the digital football field, there are only two masterminds controlling their actions. With that, every match turns into a contest of skill and game sense. This format has always been great for gambling, as it’s much easier to analyze how players compare to individually instead of breaking down the strengths and weaknesses of entire teams.

It also has a direct influence on the pace of the game. Sure, FIFA games follow the football ruleset, but the fact that all the action is controlled by two players means that teams will be much more coordinated than they would be in real life. Moreover, the game time was sped up 7.5 times, so FIFA matches rarely—if ever—take longer than 20 minutes to resolve.

Other than that, the game works in a very similar fashion to football. And while EA Sports made some tweaks and deviations to create a fluid experience for gamers, you will still be able to partake in FIFA 19 betting as long as you know how to navigate a regular football game.

FIFA Esports Tournaments & Prize Pools

EA Sports made a conscious effort to grow a strong esports scene around their flagship title. The best example of this is the implementation of digital leagues. FIFA 19 betting fans will be delighted to see competitions like Virtual LaLiga, ePremier League, and eSuperliga that mirror their real-life counterparts and allow gamblers to bet on their favorite teams and regions.

That’s not the only thing EA Sports brought to the table.

The FUT Champions Cups are large tournaments with prize pools ranging from $60,000 to $80,000. They’re attended by accomplished pros and talented up-and-comers alike, making them the perfect starting point for anyone interested in betting on FIFA 19 matches.  Combine that with the fact that each of these esports tournaments doubles as a qualifier for larger events, and you can expect to find FUT Champions Cup markets on most FIFA betting sites.

Then, there’s the FIFA eNations Cup. This is a major tournament with a prize pool of $100,000. Much like its real-life equivalent, the eNations Cup revolves around the idea of national teams fighting and representing their countries on the digital football field. It also serves as a qualifier for an even bigger event, so you can expect players to pull out all stops in an effort to take the W.

Finally, we have the eWorld Cup. This is a premier tournament with a prize pool of $400,000. The production value is off the charts here, and the playing field includes some of the best FIFA pros in the scene. And while the road to victory is hard, the winner will get the fame, glory, and recognition that come with being the #1 FIFA player in the world.

FIFA Betting Sites and Wagering

Alright, so you’ve learned the ins and outs of FIFA gameplay and decided which tournaments you want to follow. Now how do you make the jump to gambling? The answer is that you find a quality gambling site! That’s not as easy as it sounds, though, as most operators have yet to embrace the exciting world of FIFA esports.

Fortunately, every rule has exceptions.

Betway always stood at the forefront of esports gambling, so it was one of the first bookies to join the ranks of FIFA betting sites. Another thing that stands out about Betway is its tournament coverage, and you can expect a wide selection of FIFA events on this platform. Throw in a solid welcome bonus in the shape of a €30 risk-free bet, and there’s a lot of value to be gained here.

Bet On Esports With A Betway Bonus

Of course, a risk-free bet can be great for getting a quick boost to your bankroll, but what if you’re looking for something a little more long-term? In that case, you’ll almost certainly appreciate 10Bet. This site comes with an excellent welcome offer of a 50% deposit bonus that goes all the way up to €100. 10Bet also features match statistics and cash out options that enable you to make more informed decisions in the long run.

Pinnacle presents another viable option. Unlike the two FIFA betting sites above, this bookmaker doesn’t have any promotions, statistics, or other notable features. What it does have, though, is competitive betting offers. Pinnacle consistently presents its customers with some of the best odds in the industry. And if you play your cards, you can make a lot of money betting on FIFA 19 matches.

Still, FIFA is a newcomer in the esports gambling industry. With that, even some of the most reputable bookmakers tend to be very conservative with their market selection. And while the likes of Betway, 10Bet, and Pinnacle can act as a solid foundation for your betting strategies, you will have a hard time doing anything other than placing simple match winner and tournament winner wagers.

Get an edge Betting on FIFA 19

Even if you gamble at the best FIFA betting sites, there’s no guarantee that you’ll actually be a winning bettor. At its heart, gambling is all about statistics and probability. And it’s very easy to fall into a losing streak if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. With that in mind, here are 3 tips and tricks that will help you avoid some of the most common pitfalls.

1. Know what you’re getting into. It might be tempting to jump straight into FIFA World Cup betting, but it’s also a one-way road to financial disaster. Instead, take an hour or two to get a feel for what you’re getting into. Look up the tournament on the FIFA esports wiki, learn about the participating players on the FIFA subreddit and try to figure out the best ways to approach the game in the current meta. After all, you can’t win a war if you don’t even know how to navigate the battlefield.

2. Do some risk management. Picture this: you log in to your gambling account and you spot an insanely profitable FIFA 19 betting offer. At times like these, it might seem like you should put all your money on it to get the largest return on your investment. Unfortunately, this is the absolute worst thing you can do. There’s always a chance that something can go wrong when you’re dealing with something as fickle as gambling, so try to avoid risking more than 1/20th of your bankroll on a single wager. Sure, you might think you’ve wasted an opportunity when you look back at some of the more conservative wagers, but it’s a whole lot better than wasting your hard-earned money.

3. Reflect on your mistakes. There’s no such thing as a 100% success rate in gambling. Even the best gamblers in the world can fall victim to bad luck or momentary lapses of judgment. However, it’s the way they approach their mistakes that really makes them successful in the long run. As a rule of thumb, you never want to chalk up a loss to chance or circumstances. Instead, take a long hard look at your decision and analyze whether you really did the best you could with the information you had at hand. And if you identify a recurring problem, adjust your decision-making accordingly.

There’s a lot of depth to FIFA 19 betting. We could go on and on about the way you should approach the game and refine your gambling strategies. But in the end, there will always be some things you need to discover on your own, and it’s the way you go about them that will ultimately decide whether betting on FIFA 19 matches is for you.

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