Uzi Net Worth 2024: How Does Uzi Make His Money and What Is His Current Net Worth?

Published: Sep 24, 2022 - Last Updated: Jan 9, 2024

Welcome to our guide to the current Uzi net worth. If you know anything about Uzi, you’ll know that this Chinese gamer is among the best LoL players. As such, we’re pretty sure that Uzi will have made a fair amount of cash over his illustrious career. So we’re here to show you exactly how much money Uzi makes.

After all, esports stars make money in many ways other than their tournament winnings. From big money sponsorship deals to their millions of live video streams, there are plenty of ways to keep the cash rolling in. So join us as we see the latest on the Uzi net worth!

Net Worth$556,000
Real NameJian Zihao
Date of Birth5 April 1997
Twitch FollowersN/A
YouTube Subscribers69.2 million

Uzi Net Worth

Who is Uzi?

Jian Zi-Hao, better known as Uzi, is simply one of the great League of Legends players of all time. While he might not be able to match the phenomenal Faker net worth, he has still elevated the role of being an AD carry to the next level and has earned a fair amount of money doing it.

LoL fans still turn to Uzi to see how to play champions like Vayne, Kai’Sa, Ezreal and Kog’Maw, and his escapades with the Chinese esports team, Royal Never Give Up, have gone down in history. Unfortunately, Uzi had to retire from pro gaming relatively early when he revealed that he had been struggling with various health issues.

Thankfully, it looks like Uzi has been making some kind of comeback with the Bilibili Gaming team. While he has yet to scale his earlier heights, the gaming community will be glad to see Uzi back in action. Not bad for just a kid from Hubei in China.

He also managed to feature in our LPL Power Rankings.

How does Uzi make money?

It’s nice to include Uzi in our list of the highest-paid gamers as he’s a gamer who makes his cash from playing games. We’re not saying that there’s anything wrong with something like the FGteeV net worth, but Uzi has truly pushed video gaming forward. So let’s have a closer look at how Uzi made his money:

Tournament winnings

During his time with Royal Never Give Up, Uzi won some prestigious esports tournaments, like being the MSI Champion in 2018, along with being a two-time LPL champion. When you combine this with his MVP awards and appearances in All-Pro First Teams, it’s fair to say that Uzi has taken a decent share of some massive prize pools.

Streaming royalties

While Uzi doesn’t have a Twitch channel, he’s proven to be busy on YouTube, and he also features extensively on the Chinese Huya streaming service. Uzi has proven to be a popular figure here, with thousands of people checking in to see his incredible gaming skills. Remember that YouTube’s AdSense pays out according to the number of videos viewed, and so the UZI RNG channel should be bringing in a lot of cash.

Sponsorship deals

As one of the biggest esports stars of all time, Uzi has become hugely popular for attracting big sponsorship deals. His team, Royal Never Give Up, signed a massive deal with KFC, and Uzi signed a major endorsement deal with Nike. All of these should have helped keep the Uzi’s net worth in six figures at least.

Uzi Make Money
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Watch this space for more about the Uzi’s net worth

We reviewed Uzi’s net worth at a pivotal time in the gamer’s career. After retiring from competitive gameplay for a while, it looked like Uzi was back. However, things with Bilibili Gaming are still unclear, and he didn’t even feature in the team’s recent game against Royal Never Give Up.

Plus, even Uzi’s YouTube account hasn’t featured any new videos in the past nine months. All of this makes us a little uneasy about how Uzi will keep his bank balance topped up. So make sure that you check back to this guide to see what Uzi’s net worth looks like in the months to come.

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What is Uzi’s net worth?

Jian Zi-Hao, also known as Uzi, is a retired professional LoL player who has a $1 million estimated net worth.

How much money has Uzi made in his career?

According to available information, Uzi has won approximately $450,000 in his career as a professional League player.

What role did Uzi play?

Uzi played the ADC role in multiple Chinese League of Legends teams, mainly Royal Never Give Up (RNG).
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