The Best League of Legends Players in the World


For the last few years, League of Legends has been the most popular esport in the world, with many players making their own name out there.

It’s really hard to stay relevant for many years, as team performance can largely vary from one year to another. However, some of them have managed to stay at the top, with new contenders rising up.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best League of Legends players out there, taken from each region. They’re not necessarily ranked in terms of individual performance, but they are more related to the value they bring to the team. For this reason, a maximum of 1 or 2 players per team will be mentioned.

Here’s our list of the best LoL players in the world!

20PeanutHan Wang-hoJungler
19XiaohuLi Yuan-HaoMid Lane
18KiinKim Gi-in Top Lane
17ShanjiDeng Zi-JianTop Lane
16ScoutLee Ye-chanMid Lane
15FakerLee Sang-hyeokMid Lane
14BDDGwak Bo-seongMid Lane
13KeriaRyu Min-seokSupport
12PeyzKim Su-hwanADC
11ZeusChoi Woo-jeTop Lane
10GumayusiLee Min-hyeong ADC
9OnLuo Wen-Jun Support
8ChovyJeong Ji-hoon Mid Lane
7BinChen Ze-BinTop Lane
6YagaoZeng Qi Jungle
5ElkZhao Jia-HaoADC
4KanaviSeo Jin-hyeok Mid Lane
3KnightZhuo Ding Mid Lane
2369 Bai Jia-Hao Top
1RulerPark Jae-hyukADC

20. Peanut

Peanut Lol Players

Continuing the list of Korean players, we have the former SKT T1 jungler Peanut. Returning to his home country following a period in the LPL, Peanut found his groove for which he became known back in the day.

With the shift back to enablers in the Jungle role, Peanut is able to show his best skills. He’s really good with his pathing as well as ganking, making him one of the best junglers in Korea. Depending on how GenG performs during Summer, we should see Peanut back in the Worlds stage this year.

19. Xiahou

Best LoL Players Xiaohu

With so many League of Legends esports tournaments, it’s not possible to not consider the Chinese league, the LPL. There are so many talents from the region on a mechanical level that it’s quite frightening.

However, mechanics are not everything, and Xiaohu is a perfect example. Role swapping from mid to top is not something many players are willing to do: it can ruin your career in the long term and lower your chances of success.

Xiaohu decided to go for it and surprisingly, he exceeded expectations. Not only he was not a liability, but he held his own against the very best top laners in the Chinese League. Now he’s back mid, playing for Weibo gaming, juggling TheShy’s unorthodox playstyle and the current strength of the LPL mid lane talent, given that Knight and Yagao currently dominate the position.

18. Kiin

Kiin Lol Player

After a heartbreak in spring, KT Rolster are again having a relatively strong summer. Despite coming 3rd in the spring playoffs, they are touted as a contender for the best team in Korea. Besting the team and its players historic struggle with playoffs is the challenge that lies before them. Kiin was always regarded as one of the most gifted top laners back in Korea. He had up and downs in the recent splits, but he still remains one of the best league of legends player KT Rolster has in their roster.

They should hopefully go to Worlds this year, and if they want to have an impact at the biggest tournament of the year, then Kiin will surely be the key player to play around.

17. Shanji

shanji best league of legends player

The players of OMG have certainly made a name for themselves after their Spring Split performance in the LPL this year, and that is especially true for Shanji. Oh My God wowed fans when they made full use of their qualification for the LPL Spring finals, taking down not only Top Esports but LNG as well, two teams that were considered massive title contenders. As a relatively fresh team, the expectation would be for the pressure of a playoffs bracket to get to them. But it only seemed to strengthen their resolve, allowing them to even go so far as to take BLG, the eventual runners up of MSI to five games.

Given that BLG surmounted both T1 and GenG on their way to the MSI finals, making them sweat is no mean feat, and a lot of what made this possible is Shanji’s unbridled aggression and sublime engages that his team are quick to follow up on and buy into. If you can be sure of anything, its that a game with Shanji in will always be thrilling to watch.

16. Scout

Image Credits | Tear of the Goddess

Once the protégé of Faker and seemingly unable to claw his way from under the moniker, Scout has been struggling to manifest results after finally surmounting the greatest peak available within the League of Legends pro circuit, by winning Worlds in 2021. While he’s still considered amongst the best in the world, a move from EDG to LNG has led to some questionable results, and the loss to OMG in Spring finals was certainly not the result his fans were hoping for.

Scout’s landing remains solid and his experience speaks for itself, can this tenured Mid Laner leverage his skills to take LNG back to Worlds for Summer 2023 and is there a hope in hell for him to win it all? If his form can remain consistent then I see no reason why not.

15. Faker


Image Credits | © Riot Games

You cannot disregard Faker when making a list of the best league of legends players. It doesn’t matter what year it is, but Faker is still here giving his best. He hasn’t lost his drive and he seriously wants to get back to the Worlds.

He might not be the best mechanical player out there, but you can bet that he’s the leader everyone wants. He’s guiding his team full of young players and rookies this year with his shotcalls, just like it should be. If T1 is still fighting in the LCK, it’s thanks to Faker and his passion for League of Legends

14. BDD

best league of legends players

There’s always a lot of promise when it comes to BDD, before being replaced by Chovy as the face of GenG, BDD was always considered to be a big what if. On the verge of manifesting victory, always the bridesmaid and never the bride. A role that Chovy then took from him in the years thereafter, however this new KT Rolster looks like it could be the real deal, a true contender amongst GenG and T1 at the top of the table.

It’s never been a question of whether BDD had the capacity to contend for the top, it was simply a matter of the playoff woes that befell him and his teams, always falling at the final hurdle. Could this year be different? I think that with a player of BDD’s stature its hard to imagine them not at least making Worlds and from there, opportunity awaits.

13. Keria

Keria Lol Player

Speaking of playoff woes, we have the support Keria on our list. After playing on DRX, T1 hired one of the best supports in the LCK. Now, not only he’s one of the best supports, but he might be one of the best lol players in Korea.

Despite having up and downs performances, T1 hardly struggled with its bot lane. That was because Keria’s presence made their bot lane very strong. Now that T1 is fixing the other issues, Keria is fully shining with some insane performances. But since LCK Spring 2022, the T1 cabinet has been littered with naught but Silver medals right up to LCK Spring 2023. Can Keria be the difference maker in bringing T1 back to winning ways this season?

12. Peyz


The Golden Road isn’t walked by many, and it’s not every day that a rookie has to fill the shoes of the regions best ADC player. But Peyz well and truly stepped up to the plate, with Ruler gone there were doubts in the minds of fans that GenG could hold up their place as one of the big three for the region. Which is entirely fair, given that nobody could predict the prolific manner with which this young man would burst into the LCK.

What Peyz has shown thus far has been nothing short of incredible in terms of his mechanical prowess, and given the experience of his topside he has all the tools he needs to leverage more victories as his career gets underway, winning your first split on such an impactful role is unheard of. We shall be watching his career with great interest.

11. Zeus

Image Credits | Dot Esports

Its been a while since we’ve seen a truly great LCK top laner that can rival the Chinese equivalents, Zeus leverages his mechanics to produce leads against his opponents in a way that not many other Korean tops are. He stands out for his affinity to picks such as his iconic Yone or preference for Jayce and Gangplank, but also his adaptability in his willingness to put forward an outstanding Sion or Renekton.

Zeus has shown that he can be a monster of the laning phase and that he outpaces any other LCK top laner, his matchups against 369 and then later against Kingen in the playoffs of Worlds 2022 were exciting to watch as his incredible skill expression was truly on show.

10. Gumayusi

Image Credits | Dot Esports

After gaining a reputation as potentially part of the best bot lane pair of 2022, Gumayusi has maintained an incredible form throughout the last couple of years, really proving that he was worth the investment from T1. It spoke volumes that as his team crumbled during the Worlds finals last year Gumayusi still stood tall, stealing multiple objectives on his lethal Varus, most memorably the Baron in the fifth game of the final. If T1 can make it back to the finals stage, it’s nice to know that they should be able to rely on Gumayusi to deliver a performance no matter what.

9. On

Image Credits | Colin Young-Wolff via Riot Games

As support player for BLG, On has been instrumental in enabling his ADC, facilitating the strength that has allowed BLG to soar to new heights. Not only have they bested expectations when they made it to MSI, but whilst there they surmounted both representatives of the LCK. The bot lanes of both T1 and GenG are considered world class, to best Keria for example is no mean feat. But On has been ramping up in form, and with this practice from MSI his return to the LPL has only shown him go from strength to strength.

On is rare as a support player, showing proficiency in the areas of engage champions and enchanters, proving himself to be very adaptable. Its safe to say that he continues to be a big part of BLG’s success, on course for a Worlds appearance in the Summer.

8. Chovy

Image Credits | Dot Esports

Despite not doing great in terms of results, Chovy will always be in consideration as one of the best league of legends players of the new generation.

No one is dominant as he is in lane, and he’s always the main carry for his team. It’s a lot of burden that he finds himself in, but it makes him stand out even more.

Now that GenG has finally broken the curse and won the LCK, not once now but twice, it will be interesting to see where Chovy can take his team from here on out. After finally getting to the Semifinals of a World Championship last year, Chovy seemed to crack under the pressure on the biggest stage, putting on one of his weakest performances to date. If he is to go to Worlds again this year, can he defeat his demons and finally go all the way?

7. Bin


Formerly of RNG, Bin has been an outstanding player amongst even Chinese top laners these past few years, which is no mean feat. Locking horns with 369 on a regular basis, it takes special kind of player to stay on a level. Despite not being able to repeat his victory at MSI 2022 this year, he still bested the LCKs finest when he took down Zeus and T1 in the run up to the final.

Bin has shown adaptability and proficiency on multiple different styles in his career, and its clear that he could be a mainstay at the top of professional play for a long time yet, in a role that has one of the weakest talent pools worldwide, it immediately becomes clear who’s truly great. Bin is making a case for himself to be considered one of the best.>

6. Yagao

A member of Chinese mid lane Pingxiang duo, it’s often remarked that Yagao and Knight are fated to face one another. Being both from the same rural inland province of Jiangxi, the same city even in Pingxiang, Knight and Yagao often visited the same internet cafe and practiced matchups against each other to see who was the “King of Pingxiang.” Now many years later, the face-off for the moniker of best in Pingxiang has escalated, as these two mid laners seem to come together for not only the LPL finals but the MSI ones too.

After winning multiple splits during his time on JDG and now vying for his first international win, it seems like if his team can rally around him then this World’s could very likely come to a climax with yet another rematch of the Pingxiang pair. Its said that back in the day Yagao used to win their matchups, nowadays victory seems to favour Knight, could this all change on the biggest stage in League Esports?

5. Elk


After a few years playing for weaker teams in the bottom half of the LPL, Elk’s prowess was inevitably picked up upon and his proficiency for hyper-carries might just be unmatched. BLG have really struck gold with this new roster, in the true fashion of Chinese league Elk is incredibly aggressive in play style but has the mechanics to back it up, an ADC willing to take risks is necessary from a region with such a reputation for outlandish manoeuvres. His landing phases with On have been world class, dominating against even the best LCK bot lane duos and making a statement that won’t soon be forgotten.

As Aphelios dominates the meta time and time again, Elk provides the perfect guide to incredible gun control, which matched with his incredible positioning in team fights, while also somehow managing to always be going forward. The only drawback to this insane carry is that sometimes he can get carried away. His damage output in the LPL Spring Split of 2023 was entirely unmatched, being nearly one-hundred higher per minute than the next in line. Elk is a carry in the truest sense.

4. Kanavi

Known for his strange propensity to build strange items, like Doran’s blade on some jungle champions and even famously Redemption on Olaf, Kanavi was the fasted jungler to reach a thousand kills in the LPL. The now three times LPL champion and one time MSI champion, has been considered among the greatest of LPL junglers for a long while now. He has an outstanding willingness to adapt, for example first timing Nautilus into the MSI Grand Final, and securing a victory in his first game against BLG.

Kanavi has always seemed bigger than his achievements, and even now off the back of his victory at MSI it feels like this player is due something bigger. Standing out as an import player in a region with a reputation for strength in the Jungle role is no mean feat, and Kanavi is looking like not only the best jungler in the LPL, but in the world.

3. Knight

top league of legends players

Image Credits | Colin Young-Wolff via Riot Games

Knight, esports star, didn’t start his journey in glitzy arenas, but in a humble Pingxiang PC café. His friendly foe? His buddy, Yagao. Their challenge? Who’d be crowned ‘king of Pingxiang’. Yagao often won, but Knight saw each loss as a stepping stone to improve his game.

In the unforgettable 2020 Spring and Summer LPL finals, they ended up on opposite sides, each snagging a victory in a heart-stopping 3-2 showdown. Their hometown rivalry had turned into a full-blown spectacle that had fans worldwide grabbing their popcorn.

2. 369

Meet Bai “369” Jia-Hao, the resident powerhouse top laner for JD Gaming. This guy has been tearing it up on the esports battlefield. Back in May 2023, 369 and his crew knocked out Bilibili Gaming with a killer 3:1 score to snatch the MSI 2023 title.

Just before that, they had an epic run in the LPL 2023 Spring season—sweeping up the regular season and the playoffs. No big deal, right? And let’s not forget their solid performance at SKE 2023 China and Worlds 2022 where they finished in the top 4.

Long story short, 369 is a key player who’s been smashing it game after game. His mad skills are a major reason JD Gaming keeps racking up the wins.

1. Ruler

Image Credits | ONE Esports

A mainstay in modern league of legends, Ruler has shown us all recently that he has many more years left in his reign of the bot lane. After bursting onto the scene in 2016, Park ‘Ruler’ Jae-hyuk hit the ground running. It was but a year before he took victory at 2017 worlds after taking the final of 2016 to a fifth game, with a dominant sweep in the final vs an SKT1 that were looking to cement a long-existent dynasty with what would’ve been their third Worlds win in a row.

What followed was a few quiet years of playing second fiddle to either DAMWON or T1, making a few placings here and there, but it wasn’t until the 2022 iteration of GenG that Ruler broke through to a victory again, claiming first place in the LCK Summer Playoffs. Despite the promising display from the regular season and the excitement that followed as his fabled Mid Laner in Chovy broke his quarter finals curse at Worlds, it seemed that the pressure got to them as they fell to DRX in the semi-finals. It appeared fated that the brief interlude of victory might be fleeting for an incredibly talented ADC, who felt good enough to take the top spot.

Then along came 2023. There were certainly suspicions that Ruler’s talents outpaced his team, and after JDG’s disappointing exit at the semi-finals of Worlds 2022 it seemed that they and GenG had opposing issues. JDG’s top side remained strong but their bot lane left a lot to be desired, whereas in GenG it was perceived that Chovy cracked under the pressure and without him their topside seemed incredibly stifled. Thus a move from Ruler, from arguably the best LCK team on paper at the time, to the best LPL team while seemingly insane given the historical perception of the respective regions strengths; made sense when it came to solving the teams problems.

The rest, as they say, is history. Thus far JDG and Ruler have been unmatched, the tenured ADC seems unleashed – winning his first split in the LPL and securing a seemingly easy victory at MSI, the second player to ever win LCK, LPL, Worlds and MSI. Ruler looks on track to win his second World Championship this year, on a super-team stacked with stars no less, and somehow he still stands out.

Honorable Mentions


BrokenBlade is no ordinary player. He’s been on a tear lately, turning his early losses into lessons and stepping up his game. He’s not afraid to shake things up either, picking off-meta champions and keeping his opponents guessing. And let’s not forget his electric presence – every match with him is a blast, and his energy just gets the whole team fired up.

BrokenBlade takes rivalries like EU vs. NA in stride, seeing them more as a way to ramp up the thrill of the game than a serious feud. But what truly makes him stand out is how much he values his fans and his team. He gets it – that it’s their support and cheers that keep his fire lit. This mix of a lively spirit, determination, and modesty makes BrokenBlade someone you can’t help but watch.


There’s this new hotshot in the esports scene, goes by the name Yike. This lad, all the way from Europe, has been making waves in the League of Legends world with his super slick gameplay and smart strategies. He’s caught everyone’s eye while playing for G2 Esports, even helped them bag the MSI Championship back in 2019. This kid is one to watch!

During the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational, Yike, part of the G2 Esports crew, really showed us what he’s made of. It wasn’t smooth sailing right from the get-go; they took a couple of hard hits from the big guns like Gen.G and Bilibili Gaming. But Yike? He didn’t let it faze him. He just dusted himself off, hopped back into the game, and went full throttle. His skill really shone in their wins against MAD Lions, PSG Talon, and LOUD. This guy was like a phoenix, bouncing back stronger each time, proving he’s not just a flash in the pan but a bona fide rising star in the League of Legends scene. His 2023 MSI journey? A story of grit, skill, and the kind of determination that turns heads.


In 2023, Licorice has become a big deal, rocking the house with Golden Guardians. His performance at MSI? Nothing short of mind-blowing. He’s never shy to throw in a curveball pick, and trust me, he’s got the other teams sweating during the pick/ban phase. The guy is a real game-changer.

Licorice’s bounce-back spirit is really what sets him apart. Yeah, he’s had some tough times and taken a fair share of flak, but boy, did he prove the naysayers wrong, shining bright when the chips were down. And let’s not forget the Golden Guardians; they had his back all through the stormy weather, and boy, are they reaping the rewards now. He’s not just some player; he’s the heartbeat of the team that’s gone from being seen as ‘up and comers’ to a real force on the world stage.

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