The Best League of Legends Players in the World


For the last few years, League of Legends has been the most popular esport in the world, with many players making their own name out there.

It’s really hard to stay relevant for many years, as team performance can largely vary from one year to another. However, some of them have managed to stay at the top, with new contenders rising up.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best League of Legends players out there, taken from each region. They’re not necessarily ranked in terms of individual performance, but they are more related to the value they bring to the team. For this reason, a maximum of 1 or 2 players per team will be mentioned.

Here’s our list of the best LoL players in the world!

20AlphariBarney MorrisTop Laner
19JiizukeDaniele di MauroMid Laner
18PowerOfEvilTristan Schrage
Mid Laner
17RazorkIván Martín Díaz
16AbbedaggeFelix BraunMid Laner
15Armutİrfan Berk Tükek
Top Laner
14RulerPark Jae-hyuk Bot Laner
13XiaohuLi Yuan-Hao
Top Laner
12InspiredKacper Słoma
11KiinKim Gi-in
Top Laner
10GoriKim Tae-wooMid Laner
9KeriaRyu Min-seokSupport
8PeanutHan Wang-hoJungler
7TarzanLee Seung-yongJungler
6ChovyJeong Ji-hoonMid Laner
5RekklesMartin Larsson
Bot Laner
4ViperPark Do-hyeonBot Laner
3ShowMakerHeo SuMid Laner
2DoinbKim Tae-sangMid Laner
1GALAChen WeiBot Laner

20. Alphari


Hired from Origen, Alphari joined Team Liquid during the off-season. The intention was to increase the chances of making a better Worlds performance with who was considered one of the best lol players in EUW.

Despite him being the best top laner on an individual level, issues with the organization rose during the summer. That lead to him being benched for a few weeks. His absence, however, was felt by everyone. This was also one of the reasons why he returned to the starting roster a few weeks later.

In terms of laning phase and mechanics, Alphari is still a top-notch player. He may not play in the best team in NA, but he’s undoubtedly one of the best league of legends players out there. It will be interesting to see if he’ll stay in NA the next year.

19. Jiizuke


Just like Alphari, Jiizuke left EU back in 2019 to go for a new adventure in North America. His skills and mechanics are noticeable at first sight, but his strength is also his biggest weakness: he’s too aggressive. He may look like an unstoppable god in certain games, then be useless on other ones. This ended up impacting his whole team, and the results were not satisfying.

This year, though, he stepped up a lot, especially thanks to the team willing to adapt to him. Currently fighting for the championship, Evil Geniuses are slowly establishing as a top team. If they really want to go to Worlds, then Jiizuke will be key.

18. PowerOfEvil


Next, we have TSM’s mid laner, PowerOfEvil. Replacing the current coach of TSM Bjergsen was definitely a very hard role to fill, but he managed to do it admirably.

Just like his predecessor, he continues to be the core of the team, mainly responsible for dishing out damage in team fights. While he may not be the flashiest player, his consistency allowed TSM to be near the top. After his time on Counter Logic Gaming, it looked like PoE wouldn’t have been able to bounce back. That wasn’t the case: his value is going up again and TSM probably made the best choice possible.

17. Razork


Razork might come in as a big surprise this year. After a very disappointing Spring Split my Misfits Gaming, the organization made an insane 7 win-streak to kick off Summer. -In that streak, Razork played a very important role. He was responsible for the early-mid game action, carrying his team to victory.

His knowledge and mechanics were finally recognized, and people are considering him as one of EU’s best lol players in the jungle role. He might still not be top tier but keep an eye for him in the near future.

16. Abbedagge


NA realized that the domestic mid laners are not able to face the best lol players in the world. For that reason, they called another import this summer, Abbedagge.

The addition of Abbedagge to the 100Thieves’ roster made an astonishing difference. Right from the beginning, the German player showed that he was the consistent player the organization was looking for.

Very flexible in terms of picks, he plays both carry as well as utility, making the team’s draft easier to play. If 100T is a strong contender for the championship this summer, a lot of the merit goes to Abbedagge.

15. Armut


This might come in as a surprise, but Armut convinced everyone that he’s a formidable top laner. He might not be the best laning wise, but his team fighting skills are something else.

MAD Lions’ recent win at the LEC Spring Championship was basically hard carried by Armut, with insane Gnar and Wukong performances. His summer split made him go off the radar but we’re sure that if MAD will go to lol Worlds, Armut will make sure that we’re going to see some insane games.

14. Ruler

Lol Player Ruler

Gen.G started off the summer split with a 7-win streak, just like Misfits Gaming. In that win streak, Ruler was definitely the key player, thanks to his pocket picks Ezreal and Jinx.

After so many years in the league of legends esports scene, he’s still at the top of the game. Despite not winning much, Ruler is definitely one of the best lol players of all time.

13. Xiaohu

Lol Players Xiaohu

With so many League of Legends esports tournaments, it’s not possible to not consider the Chinese league, the LPL. There are so many talents from the region on a mechanical level that it’s quite frightening.

However, mechanics are not everything, and Xiaohu is a perfect example. Role swapping from mid to top is not something many players are willing to do: it can ruin your career in the long term and lower your chances of success.

Xiaohu decided to go for it and surprisingly, he exceeded expectations. Not only he was not a liability, but he held his own against the very best top laners in the Chinese League. RNG is looking like a favorite for Worlds, and Xiaohu would deserve it 100%.

12. Inspired

Inspired Lol Players

In 2021, Inspired established himself as the best jungler in EU. His flexibility and consistency are second to none, and now that other junglers had a rough year, Inspired is the undisputed number one.

The polish player deserves a lot of praise as the rest of the team. Every single player in the RGE line up is one of the best lol players in their respective role. However, Inspired creates a much bigger difference compared to the others: that’s why he finished on our list.

11. Kiin

Kiin Lol Player

After some disastrous splits, Afreeca Freecs are having a relatively strong summer. Despite being 6th in the standings, they are tied with other top teams like T1 and DK. The latter one, in particular, lost to AF recently. Kiin was always regarded as one of the most gifted top laners back in Korea. He had up and downs in the recent splits, but he still remains the best league of legends player AF has in their roster.

They might not go to Worlds this year, but if AF wants to really have a shot to get back to the biggest tournament of the year, then Kiin will surely be the key player to play around.

10. Gori

Lol Player Gori

Nongshim RedForce are making a name for themselves this summer back in Korea. They’re first in the standings and are creating a gap with the rest of the competition. One of the big game-changers for this improvement was swapping out the former mid laner for Gori.

Previously the sub for Faker, and later for EDG, Gori wanted a chance to show his worth on the starting roster. He found one in Nongshim and that paid off greatly. He’s a very reliable mid laner that can play different styles and be consistent.

His recent sportsmanship, though, was not well appreciated. The thumbs down he showed against T1 after solo-killing Faker made him a common target by fans…

9. Keria

Keria Lol Player

Speaking of T1, we have the support Keria on our list. After playing on DRX, T1 hired one of the best supports in the LCK. Now, not only he’s one of the best supports, but he might be one of the best lol players in Korea.

Despite having up and downs performances, T1 hardly struggled with its bot lane. That was because Keria’s presence made their bot lane very strong. Now that T1 is fixing the other issues, Keria is fully shining with insane games. Don’t believe me? Go and check out the series where he played as Thresh: it’s probably one of the best of recent history…

8. Peanut

Peanut Lol Players

Continuing the list of Korean players, we have the former SKT T1 jungler Peanut. Returning to his home country following a period in the LPL, Peanut has found his groove for which he became known back in the day.

With the shift back to a high tempo early-game jungling, Peanut is able to show his best skills. He’s really good with his pathing as well as ganking, making him one of the best junglers in Korea. Depending on how NS performs during playoffs, we might see Peanut back in the Worlds stage this year.

7. Tarzan

Tarzan Lol Best Players

The next player on our list is another Korean jungler, Tarzan. Following the disastrous end to the Griffin adventure, he joined LNG Esports for season 11.

Despite not playing with the top teams for some time, Tarzan showed that he deserves to be there and that he’s still a great player that needs redemption.

LNG Esports is the Chinese version of Misfits, also starting off with a lot of wins in summer. In those games, Tarzan was key to the victory: his intelligent pathing and strong mechanics pushed LNG to the top of the standings. How will he perform next? It will be a very interesting playoff run…

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6. Chovy

Chovy Lol Best Players

Despite not doing great in terms of results, Chovy will always be in consideration as one of the best league of legends players of the new generation.

No one is dominant as he is in lane, and he’s always the main carry for his team. It’s a lot of burden that he finds himself in, but it makes him stand out even more.

Now that HLE is basically out of playoffs, it will be interesting to see where Chovy will be going… it doesn’t matter where, but I’m sure he will make a big difference.

5. Rekkles

Rekkles Lol Best Players

One of the most shocking moves in League of Legends history happened in this year. Fnatic’s main man Rekkles left the organization to join EU’s biggest nemesis: G2 Esports.

The goal was to put together EU’s super roster, made of the region’s best lol players, hoping to win Worlds.
So far, though, it seems like G2 is not the dominant force fans expected to be. Struggling in summer, they are slowly finding their ground. Rekkles’ value, however, was visible in these “dark times”. His consistency gave the team enough time to fix the issues, and the team is showing great improvements. Let’s hope to see the best version of G2 at Worlds and see if they can battle it out with the Asian teams.

4. Viper

Viper Best Lol Players

It has become a common notion that Asian players have an upper hand in terms of mechanical skills. Just like Tarzan, Viper left Griffin and headed to China to find glory abroad.

While he doesn’t do anything too flashy, he’s the core of EDG and the best mechanical lol player in the team, carrying every team fight with insane positioning. EDG has been always top 2 in the LPL this year: if they go to Worlds, EDG might be the favorites to win it all…

3. ShowMaker

Showmaker League Of Legends Player

If DK didn’t crumble after the fall from grace following the Mid-Season Invitational, a lot of the merit goes to ShowMaker.

He tried his absolute best in the finals at MSI against RNG, he carried his team in the first part of the split and he even role swapped to marksmen to make sure they had the best iteration of DK possible. All of that while facing health issues himself.

That’s a lot of commitment and determination that we enjoy seeing league of legends esports. Even if there’s no real leader, it’s obvious to everyone that ShowMaker is the main man of DK… and one of the best lol players of recent history.

2. Doinb

Doinb Top Lol Players

Doinb became famous after winning the 2019 Worlds Championship with FunPlusPhoenix. Just like Faker for T1, Doinb settled in FPX, with the hopes of repeating the glory once again.

Despite his age, he’s trying hard to stay at the top of his game. His champion pool is one of the widest we’ve seen in League of Legends history, but what’s making him so valuable is that he loves playing around his teammates. He willingly sacrifices actions on the map and hands the spotlight to the rest.

In a world where having attention and fame is very important, Doinb found another way to shine. His devotion to victory and to his team makes him a unique player and one of the best lol players of the LPL.


Gala Best Lol Players

In the past few years, many teams had to face the issue of their star player leaving or retiring. In RNG’s case, Uzi was a big reason why Chinese fans were so devoted to the team.

This year, RNG found their new star. GALA helped RNG win the Spring Split and MSI, with insane flashy plays and carry performances. One of the most iconic moments was when he instantly flashed when the enemy tried to engage him from the fog of war: his reflexes are out of this world.

If RNG fans were worried that they wouldn’t find the next Uzi, then they have found a very pleasant surprise. GALA is the symbol of the new generation of the best league of legends players and they are taking the scene by storm. Will they surpass their predecessors? We’ll have to see…

  • Huya Steaming GALA

Honorable Mentions

3. Bwipo

Bwipo Best Players

Fnatic found themselves in a dire situation after they didn’t have any available jungler for the upcoming summer split. The solution became to switch Bwipo to the jungle role, and that worked wonders. We previously mentioned that it’s hard for players to role swap due to the risk it entails but this one was unexpectedly well executed.

Bwipo is insanely knowledgeable about the game and he had almost no problems transitioning to the jungle role.

It looks like Fnatic will return to Worlds after last year’s poor run and Bwipo definitely deserves his shot…

2. Caps

Caps Lol Player

Despite a non-ideal season, LEC player Caps is still one of the best LoL players in the world. Just like Rekkles, he has the potential to carry his team to all-time highs and that’s the goal for this year.
While the mid lane meta may not favor him this year, he’s still a relevant element of the G2 line-up. If G2 wants to have a chance at Worlds, then Caps will have to show his very best in China.

1. Faker

Image Credits | © Riot Games

You cannot disregard Faker when making a list of the best league of legends players. It doesn’t matter what year it is, but Faker is still here giving his best. He hasn’t lost his drive and he seriously wants to get back to the Worlds.

He might not be the best mechanical player out there, but you can bet that he’s the leader everyone wants. He’s guiding his team full of young players and rookies this year with his shotcalls, just like it should be. If T1 is still fighting in the LCK, it’s thanks to Faker and his passion for League of Legends