The best LoL players in the world

League of Legends is the most popular esport in the world, and it has more players than most esports out there as well – it’s incredibly impressive to successfully distinguish yourself from that group and make it to pro play at all, and twice as impressive to make it to the top of the LoL leaderboards.

Well, that’s exactly what these incredible players have done. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best League of Legends players out there, the best LoL players in the world.

1. Faker

Any list of best LoL players that doesn’t mention Faker as THE best League of Legends player in the world is incomplete. The LCK player is so infamous that teams often build entire strategies around beating the mid-laner… and usually with little success. It takes an incredible amount of hard work, dedication and talent to be good enough to earn the title Unkillable Demon King, but that’s exactly what Faker is sometimes called – and of course, he’s a nightmare for his opponents. As far as esports bets go, Faker is as sure a thing as they come – hands down the best LoL player out there.

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2. Caps

LEC player Caps is well-known for being one of the best LoL players in the world, particularly because of his mechanical skills. He frequently dominated against other mid laners in Europe, and refined his abilities from being good to being great. As a Fnatic (and then G2) player, he was a key element of his team’s roster, as he had no trouble keeping the other team in check and allowing his own teammates to rock the rest of the map. Playing fantastically for both Fnatic and G2, he’s proven his skills internationally more than once.

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3. Rookie

Rookie is an LPL gamer that moved from Korea over to China, as many have done. Unlike most of them, he had no issue establishing himself as a top force in the game. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that he outright bullied and toyed with some other world class mid laners. It was a riot to watch, and it earned him his more than deserved spot on Invictus Gaming’s player roster. Despite his skills and impressive start history, he isn’t as well-known as he probably should be – but he’s some of the best out there!

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4. TheShy

LPL player TheShy is, contrary to his handle, one of the most aggressive players out there, and he’s perfected his top carry plays. That aggression from the first second really works, especially since he dedicates his strategy to it whole-heartedly. This is quite a problem for most top laners who don’t make it alive out of the confrontation. Additionally, TheShy is one of few who can successfully push through 1v2 confrontations, which makes him invaluable to his teammates. Splitpushes are difficult and usually only end one way – well, not if TheShy is playing.

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5. Perkz

Perkz is a little unusual in the League of Legends world – he’s been one of the best mid laners in the world since 2016. Having played with G2 Esports for some time, he won four LCS titles in a row – quite an accomplishment. In 2018, he even made it to Worlds. That same year, he really distinguished himself as unusual by, well, doing something unusual – swapping roles. Usually, mid laners stay mid laners, especially incredibly skilled ones. Not Perkz – he volunteered to switch to AD carry and switched to Cloud9 for his team as well. Despite critics expecting him to fail, he hasn’t so far – he plays just as well as a top laner as anything else! The fact that he’s great at two of the most challenging roles in the game makes him stand out as much as the change did in the first place.

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6. Wunder

Wunder spent considerable time as something of an undiscovered gem. Despite being an incredibly skilled top laner, it wasn’t until 2018 until he was properly ‘discovered’ as one of the best League players out there. With an unusually large champion pool, he was a real carry threat for his opponents. With his team G2, he had incredibly successful seasons including a good placement at a World Cup.

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7. Uzi

LPL player Uzi was one of the best League players in history. Specifically, the best AD carry in the world – a sure hit for all LoL betting fans. Precision and great positioning are his main strengths – and they helped him to several epic wins. Something that perhaps made him even more remarkable was the fact that he achieved a lot of his greatest moments while suffering from health issues, including joint pains and hospital stays the very day he had a visit to a hospital.

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8. Smeb

Though he retired in 2020, Smeb will always be one of the top players out there. Since rising to the top in 2015, he actually briefly held the role of top ranked player in the world before losing it quite soundly to Faker. He still had one of the more lucrative LoL careers out there, earning well above $300k in prize money alone in his years as a pro.

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9. Deft

Deft is one of those one-man-army players that teams can only hope to sing onto their rosters. With amazing team fight skills and above average laning abilities, he shines especially in 1v1 and 2v2 scenarios. He also has the distinction of having been a pro player since 2013 – a considerable amount of time. The LCK player is a mechanical mastermind that can back up his skills with game knowledge, even if he has a slight tendency to make the game all about his performance, which for a bot laner isn’t always ideal.

Image Credits | © LoL Flickr

10. Doublelift

LCS player and teammate of Bjergsen, Doublelift was well-known for his high-risk, high-reward strategies, including some legendary outplays that won his team the game. Throughout years of playing, Doublelift mustered his way up to being a leader and of course one of the most famous North American players out there. Having played on several top teams, he found success with all of them – including Team Liquid and TSM. He retired in 2020, after years of success and impressive games.

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11. Bjergsen

This LCS player is one of the best League of Legends players in history – good enough to be occasionally called a North American Faker. That’s quite the compliment, and for the Team SoloMid player, it’s also quite appropriate. A capable laner and teamfighter, he had a kind of consistency that most players could only dream of. Despite this, he never really went far internationally, and avoided high-pressure risks. Now he’s the head coach of TSM, still helping the team to perform their best.

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12. Rekkles

LEC player Reggles is a proper bruiser as far as bot lane players go. He’s had a nearly decade-long pro career, making his debut in 2012 and playing a strong AD carry since then, complete with an unusually diverse champion pool. He’s an aggressive player and it’s thanks to that that he’s managed to become the first European player to cross the 1500 competitive kill mark in 2019 – he’s a true asset for his current team Fnatic.

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13. Mata

So far, this list has been mostly filled with top and mid laners, with a few others thrown in. Support players have a harder time making the top ranks because while their achievements are significant, they’re neither flashy nor immediately obvious. Mata is one of the ones who has successfully distinguished himself from the crowds though, and after playing for more than 10 years for both Korean and Chinese teams, he has moved on to being a coach now, and to date holds the title of being the only support to have ever received MVP at a World Championship.

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14. Karsa

This jungler is one of the most successful players Taiwan has ever produced, and is also one of the best junglers in the world. As far as the best LoL players go, few if any can top his jungle plays – having a more than 65% win rate across a hundred matches backs that up. The LPL player holds several titles, and is in no small part responsible for outperforming expert expectations with his team at the World Championship in 2015, where he properly debuted as a top class jungler.

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15. JackeyLove

This LPL player has been playing since 2016 and is one of the top ADC players out there. Though he had the talent for it, he was actually too young to be allowed to play in the LPL when he signed with Invictus Gaming, a team he played for all the way until 2020, where he switched to Top Esports. Having also streamed, he’s a proper allrounder in the League world.

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This is our list of top League players in the world. Of course there are plenty more skilled players, not to mention LoL’s best streamers as well – after all, League of Legends has no shortage of talent to be talked about.

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