The Best LoL Players in the World [2024 Edition]

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Published: Apr 2, 2024 - Last Updated: Apr 10, 2024

For the last few years, League of Legends has been the most popular esport in the world, with many players making their name out there as the best LoL players. In this live and updated list, we’re ranking the best League of Legends players in the world.

It’s really hard to stay relevant for many years, as team performance can largely vary from one year to another. However, some of them manage to stay at the top, with new contenders rising and making for some interesting League of Legends betting.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best League of Legends players out there, taken from each region. They’re not necessarily ranked in terms of individual performance, but they are more related to the value they bring to the team. For this reason, a maximum of 1 or 2 players per team will be mentioned.

Here’s our list of the best LoL players in the world:

10YagaoZeng QiMid Lane
9ScoutLee Ye-chanMid Lane
8BinChen Ze-BinTop Lane
7ChovyJeong Ji-hoonMid Lane
6FakerLee Sang-hyeokMid Lane
5KeriaRyu Min-seokSupport
4KanaviSeo Jin-hyeokJungle
3ZeusChoi Woo-jeTop Lane
2KnightBai Jia-Hao Top
1RulerPark Jae-hyukADC

Let’s take a closer look at the talent below.

10. Yagao

best lol players
Image Credits: Riot Games

A member of the Chinese mid-lane Pingxiang duo, it’s often remarked that Yagao and Knight are fated to face one another. Being both from the same rural inland province of Jiangxi, the same city even in Pingxiang, Knight and Yagao often visited the same internet cafe and practiced matchups against each other to see who was the “King of Pingxiang.”

Now many years later, the face-off for the moniker of best in Pingxiang has escalated, as these two mid-laners seem to come together for not only the LPL finals but the MSI ones too.

After leaving his long-time home of JD Gaming two years ago, he was then on the unfortunate end of multiple beatings by his former org as he watched them win two LPL titles and an MSI that year. Now back on JDG, swapping with Knight who went the other way, Yagao now resumes his JD Gaming journey and hopes to write the final chapter with an international trophy.

9. Scout

best lol players
Image Credits: Tear of the Goddess

Once the protégé of Faker and seemingly unable to claw his way from under the moniker, Scout has been struggling to manifest results since finally surmounting the greatest peak available within the League of Legends pro circuit by winning Worlds in 2021.

While he’s still considered amongst the best in the world, a move from EDG to LNG has led to some questionable results, and their 2023 season eventually saw a quarter-final elimination at Worlds to the eventual winners T1.

Scout’s landing remains solid and his experience speaks for itself, but can this tenured Mid Laner leverage his skills to take LNG back to Worlds for Summer 2024 and is there a hope in hell for him to win it all? He’ll need to improve on LNG’s spring regular season showing to stand a chance.

8. Bin

Bin best lol players
Image Credits: Bilibili Gaming

Formerly of RNG, Bin has been an outstanding player amongst even Chinese top laners these past few years.

Locking horns with 369 on a regular basis takes a special kind of player to stay on a level. Despite not being able to repeat his victory at MSI 2022, he still bested the LCK’s finest when he took down Zeus and T1 in the run-up to the MSI 2023 final.

Bin has shown adaptability and proficiency in multiple different styles in his career, and he could be a mainstay at the top of professional play for a long time yet, in a role that has one of the weakest talent pools worldwide.

Bin is making a case for himself to be considered one of the best.

Now that he’s teamed up with mid laner Knight to form the strongest solo lane team in the world, BLG’s logical next step will be the team’s first World Championship win, a victory that would see Bin become only the second player to have won Worlds on two different teams.

7. Chovy

best lol players
Image Credits: LoL Esports YouTube

Despite not doing great in terms of international results, Chovy will always be in consideration as one of the best League of Legends players of the new generation.

No one is dominant as he is in lane, and he’s always the main carry for his team. It’s a lot of burden that he finds himself in, but it makes him stand out even more.

Now that Gen.G is free from the LCK curse — winning the last three titles consecutively — all that remains is an international title. Back-to-back Worlds semi-finals in 2021 and 2022 proceeded a regression in 2023 where Chovy’s side failed to move past the quarter-finals.

Once again starting the season with dominance in their home region, Gen.G will hope that 2024 is finally the year that they convert that domination into international silverware.

6. Faker

Faker best lol players
Image Credits: Riot Games

You cannot disregard Faker when making a list of the best League of Legends players. It doesn’t matter what year it is, Faker is still here giving his best.

He hasn’t lost his drive and that was highlighted best with T1’s World Championship win last season – Faker’s fourth title overall after winning his last a ridiculous seven years earlier.

He might not be the best mechanical player out there, but you can bet that he’s the leader everyone wants. He’s guiding his team full of young players and rookies with his shot calls just like it should be.

If T1 is still fighting in the LCK, it’s thanks to Faker and his passion for League of Legends. When it comes to League of Legends betting, there’s hardly anything more certain than Faker being amongst titles.

5. Keria

Keria Lol Player
Image Credits: Riot Games

After playing on DRX, T1 hired one of the best supports in the LCK. Now, not only is he one of the best supports, but he might be one of the best LoL players in the world.

Despite having up-and-down performances prior to their Worlds 2023 win, T1 hardly struggled with its bot lane. That was because Keria’s presence made their bot lane very strong.

Keria has revolutionised bottom lane play and has shaped global metas since coming into his prime last season. His marksman support picks have been copied the world over, though only the Korean has found such success with them, causing opponents to scramble for a solution when playing against the World Champion’s Ashe, Caitlyn or Kalista.

4. Kanavi

best lol players
Image Credits: Riot Games

Known for his strange propensity to build strange items, like Doran’s blade on some jungle champions and even famously Redemption on Olaf, Kanavi was the fastest jungler to reach one thousand kills in the LPL.

The now four-time LPL champion and one-time MSI champion has been considered among the greatest of LPL junglers for a long while. He has an outstanding willingness to adapt, as exemplified by his first timing of Nautilus into the MSI Grand Final, and securing a victory in his first game against BLG.

Kanavi has always seemed bigger than his achievements, and even now off the back of his victory at MSI it feels like this player is due something bigger. Standing out as an import player in a region with a reputation for strength in the Jungle role is no mean feat, and Kanavi is looking like not only the best jungler in the LPL, but in the world.

3. Zeus

best lol players
Image Credits: Riot Games

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a truly great LCK top laner that can rival the Chinese equivalents, Zeus leverages his mechanics to produce leads against his opponents in a way that not many other Korean tops do.

He stands out for his affinity to picks such as his iconic Yone or preference for Jayce and Gangplank, but also his adaptability in his willingness to put forward an outstanding Sion or Renekton.

His immense potential was finally realised through T1’s historic 2023 Worlds run where their superstars finally clicked. Led by Zeus’ MVP-winning form, the side won their fourth World Championship title, with the Korean laner cementing his spot as the best top laner in the world in the process.

2. Knight

top league of legends players
Image Credits: Colin Young-Wolff via Riot Games

Knight, esports star, didn’t start his journey in glitzy arenas, but in a humble Pingxiang PC café. His friendly foe? His buddy, Yagao. Their challenge? Who’d be crowned ‘king of Pingxiang’? Yagao often won, but Knight saw each loss as a stepping stone to improve his game.

In the unforgettable 2020 Spring and Summer LPL finals, they ended up on opposite sides, each snagging a victory in a heart-stopping 3-2 showdown. Their hometown rivalry had turned into a full-blown spectacle that had fans worldwide grabbing their popcorn.

Knight finally elevated to global stardom with JD Gaming’s near-Golden Road 2023 season which saw them win two LPL titles as well as the Mid-Season Invitational, though the World Championship was sadly out of their reach.

Now comfortably recognised as one of the best LoL players, he’s once again on one of the best League of Legends teams at BLG and has as good a chance of any of claiming esports’ grandest trophy.

1. Ruler

Best LoL Players in the World - Our Top 10
Image Credits: Riot Games

A mainstay in modern League of Legends, Ruler has shown us all recently that he has many more years left in his reign of the bot lane.

After bursting onto the scene in 2016, Park ‘Ruler’ Jae-hyuk hit the ground running. It was only a year before he took victory at 2017 Worlds after taking the final of 2016 to a fifth game, with a dominant sweep in the final vs an SKT that was looking to cement a long-existent dynasty with what would’ve been their third Worlds win in a row.

What followed was a few quiet years of playing second fiddle to either DAMWON or T1, making a few placings here and there, but it wasn’t until the 2022 iteration of Gen.G that Ruler broke through to a victory again, claiming first place in the LCK Summer Playoffs.

Then along came 2023. There were certainly suspicions that Ruler’s talents outpaced his team, and after JDG’s disappointing exit at the semi-finals of Worlds 2022 it seemed that they and Gen.G had opposing issues. JDG’s top side remained strong but their bot lane left a lot to be desired, whereas in GenG it was perceived that Chovy cracked under the pressure and without him their topside seemed incredibly stifled.

Thus a move from Ruler, from arguably the best LCK team on paper at the time, to the best LPL team while seemingly insane given the historical perception of the respective regions’ strengths; made sense when it came to solving the teams’ problems.

The rest, as they say, is history. Ruler and JDG proved a match made in heaven – winning his first two splits in the LPL and securing a seemingly easy victory at MSI, the second player to ever win LCK, LPL, Worlds and MSI.

While JD Gaming’s Golden Road attempt fumbled in the semi-finals of Worlds — and its rumoured $14m roster was unable to stay together in full — Ruler and JDG still boast an elite roster and are well in with a shot at a Worlds title this time around.

Honorable Mentions


After gaining a reputation as potentially part of the best bot lane pair in the last few years, Gumayusi finally saw his huge potential pay off when the star-studded T1 lineup finally clinched a World Championship trophy.

The brother of StarCraft player INnoVation, Gumayusi seemed destined for greatness ever since he made his T1 debut in 2020, and that was finally fulfilled when he joined the echelons of the best LoL players by lifting the Summoner’s Cup in Seoul’s Gocheok Sky Dome.


It’s not every day that a rookie has to fill the shoes of the region’s best ADC player, but Peyz well and truly stepped up to the plate. With Ruler gone from Gen.G in 2023, there were doubts in the minds of fans that Gen.G could hold up their place as one of the big three for the region, which was entirely fair given that nobody could’ve predicted the prolific manner with which this young man would burst into the LCK.

What Peyz has shown thus far has been nothing short of incredible in terms of his mechanical prowess, and given the experience of his topside he has all the tools he needs to leverage more victories as his career continues, winning your first split on such an impactful role is unheard of. We shall be watching his career with great interest.


Meet Bai “369” Jia-Hao, the resident powerhouse top laner for JD Gaming. This guy has been tearing it up on the esports battlefield. Back in May 2023, 369 and his crew knocked out Bilibili Gaming with a killer 3:1 score to snatch the MSI 2023 title.

Just before that, they had an epic run in the LPL 2023 Spring season—sweeping up the regular season and the playoffs. No big deal, right? Well, they also did the same the following split and were only two best-of-five wins away from becoming the first team to complete the Golden Road by winning all possible League of Legends tournaments within a single season.

Long story short, 369 is a key player who’s been smashing it game after game. His mad skills are a major reason JD Gaming keeps racking up the wins.

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