LPL Power Rankings for the 2023 Spring Split


LPL Spring 2023 started on January 14th. Best Chinese teams are fighting for their share of over $622,000 in prize money and, of course, for the prestige that comes with that LPL trophy. In this piece, we will talk about LPL power rankings from the betting point of view, so make sure to take advantage of this piece.

LPL Spring Split 2023 Outright Odds

JD Gaming2.50
Top Esports4.50
Edward Gaming5.50
Royal Never Give Up6.00
Weibo Gaming7.00
Bilibili Gaming11.00
Ninjas in Pyjamas16.00
LNG Esports21.00
Invictus Gaming31.00
Team WE51.00
Anyone’s Legends67.00
FunPlus Phoenix81.00
Ultra Prime81.00
Rare Atom101.00
LGD Gaming151.00
Oh my God, Thundertalk Gamingn/a

Odds provided by Esports on January 19th, 2023, 16:00 CET

One of the main reasons the LPL is one of the most anticipated LoL tournaments in 2023 is that so many teams are competing. This is by far the largest league, with 17 teams playing against each other.

The fact is, the best LPL teams will have to play at a high level throughout the entire event, and the matches are played almost non-stop every day. Below, you will find outright winner odds representing an honest LPL ranking for many competing teams.

Best LPL Teams Analyzed

When creating LPL power rankings, there are a lot of factors that come into play. First and foremost, it is important to determine which teams have the best individuals. The first team that comes to our mind is JD Gaming. We decided to dedicate an entire section to this team down below. All in all, in our books, they are the biggest favorites to win Spring Split in LPL.

LPL Betting Guide 2023

To rank the best LPL teams, we can’t miss out on Top Esports. When having one of the best top laners in your squad, you really can’t go under the radar. The only thing that held Top Esports was their synergy and team play. However, after a rough 2021, this team upped their game massively in 2022, and we are eager to see what will they bring to the table this time around.

The third and final team we believe will have success in the 2023 edition of LPL is Weibo Gaming. To be honest, this roster is stacked with experienced and individual skills. However, this team comes with one problem, that being aggressiveness. The only reason why we are not ranking them higher is that they tend to drop their guard and make mistakes. Teams like Top Esports and JD Gaming will definitely abuse that and make them pay.

JD Gaming’s Chance to Dominate

As mentioned above, LPL power rankings are all based around JD Gaming, and there is a good reason for that. If you are interested in LPL betting, and you only want to go for safe picks, our honest recommendation is to tail JD Gaming, as we are positive that they are going to win a lot of matches.

Here is a quick brief on what JD Gaming brings to the Spring Split of LPL that will help you understand why this roster claims the #1 LPL ranking.

369 is one of the most talented top laners in the world of League of Legends esports. Moreover, by acquiring Ruler from Gen.G, they secured themselves by far the best ADC in the league. We can’t say with certainty that Knight is the best mid-laner in LPL, but he for sure is at the very top. We also have to mention Kanavi here, who has been a loyal player to JD Gaming and one of the best junglers in the Chinese league.

With all of that being said, LPL is a stacked league with many possible underdogs hence why JD Gaming will have to be on top of their game every single week. If they can survive under pressure, it is going to be interesting to see how they will match against the best League of Legends teams at MSI and LoL Worlds.

Can Underdogs Come Out on Top in LPL 2023 Spring Split

There are three potential underdogs that come with profitable odds. EDward Gaming, Weibo Gaming, and Royal Never Give Up are all teams with proven records. The fact is, everyone is going to have a hard time against top contenders like JD Gaming and Top Esports. However, this is a massive league with 17 squads competing so the opportunity is there.

  1. EDward Gaming made a lot of roster changes recently, and this could be a problem for them. One of the biggest mistakes they made was losing Viper, who is one of the best ADC on the market. Honestly, we do not think that Leave can fill for Viper.
  2. Weibo Gaming is the go-to pick for anyone who is interested in betting on underdogs. By shuffling almost the entire roster, Weibo brought in well-known names from the Asian region. With TheShy coming back to life, owners brought in the likes of Xiaohu and Light to strengthen their mid and bottom presence.
  3. Is there much to say about Royal Never Give Up? This organization has been at the very top for quite some time now. Remember that RNG is starting the Spring split with one very big problem. Xiaohu was their star player that departed towards the end of 2022. In our opinion, this team could struggle early on until the team builds synergy with the new mid-laner, Angel. However, this roster will not miss out on the playoff spot, where they will go head-to-head against top contenders.

LPL Ranking For Worst Teams

Now that we have discussed the two best teams competing in LPL Spring 2023 alongside potential underdogs, it is time we touch base on the worst teams as well. In general, we believe that LGD is fielding the worst roster of them all. A mixture of inexperienced rookies will not fair well against well-established LPL teams, right?

On paper, Rare Atom fields a solid roster, but generally, we are not that optimistic about what these players showed in the past. One of the biggest problems Rare Atom will have to deal with is the consistency of their jungler, Leyan. At times, he can solo win, but in certain scenarios, he makes awful mistakes that tend to cost Rare Atom a lot.

If you are willing to take our advice regarding the worst LPL teams, make sure to avoid betting on either of these teams, as they do not have what it takes to win games consistently.

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