LPL Power Rankings Summer Split 2023


In this LPL Power Rankings list, we will discuss who is most likely to remain on the top so you can take advantage when betting from the sidelines.

LPL Summer League is about to kick off and we’re in for a thrill ride of epic proportions. This ain’t your average League – the LPL takes it to the next level. Here, the game gets more intense, more wild, more… real. Trust me, it’s edge-of-your-seat stuff.

And guess who’s back? Uzi! Yeah, the legend himself. For all you LoL die-hards, this is like your birthday and Christmas all rolled into one. The whole gaming world’s humming, keys clicking away in excitement.

LPL is one of the most hyped LoL tournaments in 2023 for bettors. Why? Because in this game of Titans, predicting the champion is like catching lightning in a bottle. So buckle up, and let’s get started.

Plus, with one of the former best top Laners TheShy and OMG raising the bar – and getting big-ups from streaming heroes like Caedral and IWD – it’s a fan’s dream come true.

LPL Power Rankings Summer Split 2023

  1. JD Gaming
  2. Bilibili Gaming
  3. EDward Gaming
  4. OMG
  5. LNG Esports
  6. Weibo Gaming
  7. Ninjas in Pyjamas
  8. Ultra Prime

The King and his Constorts

JDG: The Ruler’s Reign Continues

Have you seen what’s going down in the LPL? JDG’s tearing it up, no joke. With Ruler leading the charge, they’re just sweeping up victories left and right—LCK, LPL, LoL Worlds, and now even MSI. Can you believe they crushed Ruler’s old crew at the MSI? That’s just another win under their belt.

JDG’s performance against Bilibili Gaming on June 18th underscored their adaptability, showcasing diverse champion picks like Wukong, Ahri, and Kai’Sa. Similarly, their swift victories over Anyone’s Legend on June 15th, and their tenacity in the games against Royal Never Give Up on June 13th, revealed a team capable of executing diverse strategies with precision and resilience. If you are interested in safe picks for LPL betting, JDG may be a great choice.

Image Credit: Riot Games

Looking at their performance since the beginning of the Summer Split, it’s evident that JDG’s success is not a matter of luck, but a product of a squad filled with the best LoL players, strong leadership, and a deep understanding of the meta. With each game, they’re not just participating in the league; they’re shaping it, pushing boundaries, and setting new standards. JDG’s reign continues, and they show no signs of slowing down.

BLG: The Underdogs Rising

In a surprising turn of events, BLG have solidified themselves as formidable contenders this summer, having showcased exceptional performance at the Mid-Season Invitational. With their eyes set on becoming one of the best LPL teams in history, they have toppled titans GenG and T1 and proven their adaptability with impressive champion picks.

Image Credits: Riot Games

BLG’s diverse strategy has been evident thus far in LPL Summer 2023, where they deftly handled formidable opponents like JD Gaming and ThunderTalk Gaming. With unconventional picks like Blitzcrank, Taliyah, Gragas, Maokai, and Jayce, they have proven their skill and strategic flexibility, maintaining resilience even against surprise picks from their opponents.

BLG’s growth from underdogs to top-tier threats signifies their impressive evolution. As the summer progresses, their adaptability and strategic ingenuity promise to keep us all on our toes. In short, don’t underestimate BLG in the coming matches, and don’t be surprised to see them in the next LPL Power Rankings list.

EDG: The Return of the King, Uzi

Image Credits: Riot Games

EDG is having a challenging run in the LPL Summer 2023, but with LoL superstar Uzi’s return, they’re looking for a turnaround. Their recent performances against teams like LNG Esports, Invictus Gaming, and JD Gaming haven’t been easy, resulting in a decrease in win rate.

Despite this, EDG’s versatile champion picks and ability to counter enemy teams showcase their adaptability. The focus remains on their bot lane, where the integration of Uzi is still under scrutiny following Leave’s controversial tenure. The problems for this team manifested topside, and the change hasn’t done much to solve that. If they can shore up this weakness they have a very good chance of winning the league.

Despite recent setbacks, EDG’s history of resilience indicates a comeback could be on the horizon. As the summer season unfolds, we await to see if EDG can re-establish themselves as one of the best LPL teams.

Trial by Combat

OMG: The Unexpected Challengers

Image Credits: Riot Games

After an impressive Spring performance, OMG now aims to replicate its success in the Summer 2023 season. The key challenge is maintaining momentum, especially as they aim for the top four to secure a Worlds spot.

Recent matches against titans like Invictus Gaming and Royal Never Give Up tested OMG’s grit, showcasing a promising blend of strategic champion picks and disciplined gameplay. This adaptable style reflects OMG’s potential, setting the scene for an intense season.

OMG’s journey to the Worlds isn’t without pressure, yet their previous success and current determination hold promise. As Summer unfolds, we look forward to witnessing whether OMG will reassert their prowess and earn a place on the global stage with another impressive bracket run.

LNG: The High-Fliers in Turbulence

Image Credits: LNG

LNG absolutely crushed it in the regular season but stumbled when it came to playoffs. However, they are currently hanging with the best in the Summer LPL Ranking. Can they shake off those woes this time around? Eyes will be on Scout to deliver and on Tarzan, who has come second three times, but never clinched that coveted first place. And then there’s Gala, can he recapture his RNG heyday? After all, he’s a two-time MSI champ.

Weibo: The Line Between Genius and Burden

Image Credits: Riot Games

Weibo Gaming stands at a fascinating crossroads, as the team balances the brilliance and occasional inconsistency of TheShy. With Xiahou’s potential to propel the team to Worlds contention if he hits his peak form, all eyes are on him this Summer Split.

The team has faced formidable opponents like Rare Atom and LGD Gaming, testing its mettle and adaptability. Their strategy is intriguing, blending a unique selection of champion picks that seem to hinge on Xiahou’s performance.

As Weibo Gaming navigates through the Summer Split, the puzzle that TheShy presents is the central question. Will his genius prevail, or will he become a burden to the team? Can Xiahou unlock his potential and lead Weibo to Worlds? As the summer unfolds, answers to these compelling questions await.

Causing a Stir

NIP: The Legends in New Territory

Shenzhen NIP
Image Credits: Shenzhen NIP

Stepping in for V5, legendary CSGO organization NIP is ready to take on the LPL. With ex-Suning and World’s runner-up mid laner Angel on board, they’re hoping to make their mark. Will this be the difference-maker they need?

Ultra Prime: From High-Stakes to High Hopes

Ultra Prime
Image Credits: Ultra Prime

After a whopping 2 million TSM deal, SwordArt finds himself on one of the LPL’s bottom teams – Ultra Prime. This move from AL to Ultra Prime might raise some eyebrows, but could it actually net him anything? And more importantly, can they shake off the weight and avoid finishing dead last?


And there you have it folks! The LPL ranking is currently undefined and it’s shaping up to be a scorcher, filled with unparalleled talent. Whether it’s the seasoned giants, the daring challengers, or the newcomers hoping to make a splash, every team is bringing their A-game.

The stage is set, the players are ready, and we can’t wait to see how these stories unfold. Remember, in the LPL, ‘crazy is our game’ and if there’s one thing we can predict, it’s that there will be surprises at every turn. Stay tuned for the next LPL Power Rankings and good luck to your bets.

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