LPL Power Rankings – 2022 Spring Split

After one of the most explosive offseason in League of Legends’ history, the 2022 LPL Power Rankings are here! Considering its competitive environment and the great variety of betting odds in the league, we think it is now time that we look into one of, if not, the best regions in the world!

We will be helping you understand how the scene is shaping up and show you the potential of the most successful region of the new era. The LPL houses some of the greatest players and teams in history, with new rookies challenging the old guard every year to dethrone them! Who will reign supreme and who will be the dark horse? The answers to those questions will come throughout the season. But for now, here’s how the teams in the LPL look going into the 2022 Spring Split!

Image Credits | @lplenglish

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LPL 2022 Spring Split Power Rankings

In order to help you better understand the potential of each team, we will be also putting the full roster of the players. Bear in mind that the LPL is very known to have frequent swapping of players throughout the season, hoping to work around a weakness or counter certain teams. To make it simple for you, the expected starting player for each role will be highlighted in bold.

17. Anyone’s Legend (Previously Rogue Warriors)

Top: Zdz
Jungle: Xiaohao
Mid: Maple / Harder
ADC: Betty / Zwuji
Sup: QiuQiu / Kaixuan

Rogue Warriors have rebranded to Anyone’s Legend for the 2022 LPL Spring Split. After a disappointing 2021, ending at the bottom of the standings, the team is looking to make a stronger finish this year. In order to do so, jungler Huang “Maple” Yi-Tang joined AL, reuniting with his former teammate Lu “Betty” Yu-Hung back from the Flash Wolves days.

Despite his arrival, however, I really doubt that this team will have the breakthrough they were looking for. Betty hasn’t performed well last year and Maple can be more of a miss than a hit, especially considering all the other junglers. Unfortunately for AL, I don’t really see them coming out of the bottom three.

16. LGD

Top: Garvey / Fearness
Jungle: Shad0w / Kui
Mid: Jay / YeG
ADC: Jinjiao / Eric
Sup: Jinjiao / Chance

LGD have been on a downward trend in 2021, finishing in the bottom half of the standings in both splits. LGD’s shining point in recent years was Worlds 2020, but it feels like the magic is gone. Apart from the jungle role, where Zhiqiang “Shad0w” Zhao is still considered a very strong jungler, all the other roles don’t really have much firepower. Just like AL, I don’t expect them to come out of the bottom three. With that being said, I trust Shad0w to be the difference-maker, carrying LGD to some wins.

15. ThunderTalk Gaming

Top: New / Chelizi
Jungle: Frigid / Chieftain
Mid: Captain / Ucal
ADC: Puff
Sup: Southwind / Patch / Yaoyao

For me, TT Gaming would’ve been the last-placed team if it weren’t for Chieftain & Ucal joining the organization. I think that their level of play is good enough to bump the team up a place or two. Having said that, TT hasn’t started both Korean players so far in the LPL Spring Split.

We don’t really know when they will play, but if TT wants to get out of last place, they should let them play. As of right now, the only decent part of the team is the bot lane, but I don’t think IG’s former bot lane Puff and Southwind have the X factor to carry TT to the mid-pack.

14. Team WE

Top: BiuBiu
Jungle: Beishang / View
Mid: Shanks / Xiye
ADC: Stay / Xing
Sup: Kedaya

Team WE are probably one of the biggest losers in this 2021 offseason. The organization saw the departure of some of its strongest core members, with Elk, Missing and Breathe leaving for other teams. As a consequence, I don’t think their substitutes are good enough to replicate last year’s results.

The biggest liability of the team is likely going to be BiuBiu: he’s the type of player that can cost you games. View can be a rookie that can have the potential, but he hasn’t shown much.  The only one who has the potential to elevate the team is Shanks, as he will be the hard carry for this team. Unfortunately for him, I don’t think Team WE can do much better than a 13-14th place finish.

13. Invictus Gaming

Top: Neny
Jungle: Xun
Mid: Yuekai / Xzz
ADC: Ahn / xiaoyueji
Sup: Lucas

Invictus Gaming faced the loss of both TheShy and Rookie for this 2022. The last two members from the historic 2018 World Champions roster have also left the organizations for new destinations. Now IG is trying to give value to its youngsters and hope they can become new superstars. The roster had a successful run in the Demacia Cup, but the LPL 2022 Spring Split will be a completely different competition.

The best two players from this IG lineup for me are jungler Xun and support Lucas. The first one is a very proactive player, always looking for opportunities, while the other is much better than its counterparts in this part of the standings. I think they will make the difference and help IG make a decent finish.

12. – JDG

Top: 369
Jungle: Kanavi / Xiao17
Mid: Yagao
ADC: Hope / Lpc
Sup: Missing

JDG is one of the big unknowns for me this split. I feel like the swap between 369 and Zoom was fine, even though we saw that 369 struggled in Top Esports from time to time. The organization increased its quality in the support position with Missing but did lose some in the ADC role: we have to see in which position the difference will offset the most.

On paper, this is still a pretty strong roster, especially with a very solid top-jungle duo. With that being said, JDG has always looked weird to me, as they probably haven’t been fitting together much. The team is a big question mark and I can’t really see them reach playoffs this year.

11. – OMG

Top: Mikuya / Shanji
Jungle: Aki
Mid: Creme
ADC: Able
Sup: Cold

Now that we have gone through the bottom-tier teams, this is where it will get a lot harder to place the teams. I don’t think OMG should finish in 11th place, but I don’t really see them moving up any further in the standings. A lot will come down to how much Shanji has improved over time, but OMG maintained the same level while everyone else above them has upgraded their rosters.

Image Credits | LPL

If someone can be the X factor to push OMG into playoff contention, that guy will surely be Creme. He had an amazing rookie year in 2021, and I really wish he can break his ceiling again this year. I will be very happy to be proved wrong if that means a new superstar will rise.

10. Ultra Prime

Top: Zs / Aliez
Jungle: H4cker
Mid: Cryin
ADC: Elk / Kelin
Sup: ShiauC

The best upgrade for this team is definitely Elk. He has had insane moments in the LPL and I think he’s just slightly below the really top ADCs in the league. I’m slightly curious about how Cryin will perform this year. At Worlds 2021, he was completely overshadowed by Scout and most people felt like he was the weakest link if he wasn’t on his super comfort picks. He is still better than his predecessor, but I don’t think he will be the core member for success. Nonetheless, if both mid and ADC are on their peak form, UP might have the potential to make it to the playoffs.

9. Victory 5

Top: Rich / Invincible
Jungle: Karsa / XLB
Mid: Rookie / Dream
ADC: Photic
Sup: ppgod

I must be honest, I think this roster is one of the most volatile in the whole league. This team can make top 6 but also fall straight into the bottom of the pack. A lot will come down to the mid-jungle synergy between Karsa and Rookie. Knowing the two players, I trust them to quickly find a solution throughout the split.

Hiring Rich from the LCK raises some questions for me since I didn’t consider him as a top-tier player last year in Korea. I guess he just needs to be consistent enough with his performance and that will do it. The bot lane is also a question mark, but I’m confident ppgod will function well with Photic to create a solid duo.

8. Rare Atom

Top: Cube
Jungle: Junjia / Leyan / Fy
Mid: Strive
ADC: iBoy
Sup: Zorah / yuyanjia

While technically Leyan is the starting jungler for the team, I really think that Junjia should be given a chance to play. Some of you might know that he’s been at the top of the SoloQ ladder in Korea but also when he was subbing for EDG at Worlds in the European Server. Now that he’s not the substitute for JieJie, he must play in order to show whether his records actually match in the competitive environment.

On the other hand, however, I think that Rare Atom did lose a very important member: mid laner FoFo. His experience and reliability are what allowed RA to reach success in the LPL 2021 Summer Split. His loss will likely be a bigger factor for the beginning of the year, especially considering that Strive is a youngster.

7. Weibo Gaming (Previously Suning)

Top: TheShy / Wayward
Jungle: SofM
Mid: Angel
ADC: Huanfeng
Sup: SwordArt / ON

Weibo Gaming is the newest entry for the 2022 LPL season. Rebranding from Suning, the organization retained three of the five members from last year’s roster. To round up the roster, WBG went all in to get the returning SwordArt and the legendary top laner TheShy. The first actually left Suning at the end of 2020 to fly to TSM, but we all know how that went.

I think that SwordArt’s return will give the team the shot-calling the support player has been known for. In that regard, I think his value in the team might be even bigger than TheShy’s, considering that Suning had Bin in the top lane. It will also depend on how TheShy adapts to the new roster, but considering his long experience in the LPL, he won’t have the issues like Nuguri in FPX in last year. If TheShy doesn’t drop his level of play, WBG might become a contender for the title.

6. Funplus Phoenix

Top: Xiaolaohu
Jungle: Clid / Beichuan
Mid: Gori
ADC: Lwx / Jiang
Sup: Hang / Lele

FPX surprised most fans at the Demacia Cup when they fought their way to the finals of the tournament. Despite the strong result, I think that FPX still has some work to become the very best, especially in the solo lanes. Xiaolaohu and Gori don’t have the most impressive laning phases and when facing the top teams they will likely struggle.

Beichuan has been the starting jungler so far, but I expect Clid to jump in the following weeks. We’ll have to see how much of an impact he can make compared to his counterpart.

With that being said, FPX’s stars are absolutely the bot lane of Lwx and Hang. I felt sorry for Lwx after losing so many teammates during the offseason, but Hang is definitely worthy of comparison with Crisp. Their impressive synergy in the Demacia Cup has convinced me to bump up FPX one place, as they are going to be the carries for the team.

5. Top Esports

Top: Zoom / Qingtian / Wayward
Jungle: Tian / Xiaopeng
Mid: Knight
ADC: Jackeylove
Sup: Zhuo

Top Esports made an explosive start to their 2022 season, beating FPX in the finals of the Demacia Cup. Tian, after leaving FPX, clutched out in the series to reverse sweep his former organization. While that was great by him, I’m still questioning his constant health issue: Xiaopeng has been playing a lot more, but he might not have the same “explosiveness” Tian has.

Nonetheless, the rest of the team is still pretty insane. Jackeylove and Knight are still top-tier players in their role, while Zoom can be considered a slight upgrade to 369. The only question mark is Zhuo, as I haven’t been fully convinced by him, but I think the roster overall is still strong enough for a top 5 finish.

4. BiliBili Gaming

Top: Breathe
Jungle: WeiWei
Mid: FoFo
ADC: Uzi / Doggo
Support: Crisp

BLG are the winners of the LPL offseason, period. From being a bottom-tier team to becoming a contender for the title. The Super team they put together is not something you see often in League of Legends. (although it was done by Team Vitality this year)

It doesn’t matter what position or role you’re looking at, BLG have top-tier talents: Breathe, WeiWei, FoFo and Crisp have all performed greatly last season. Plus, if you add Uzi in, the expectations for this roster skyrocket. I think BLG was also smart in their strategy, picking up Doggo in case Uzi doesn’t deliver. Unfortunately for him, he might spend too much time on the bench and that might hurt him in the long run.

Image Credits | @BiliBili Gaming

The talent is there, but will they connect immediately? The doubts are always there and we’ll have to see how much BLG will need to unleash their full potential. I think they will towards the end of the split, but it might be too late for Spring…

3. LNG Esports

Top: Ale
Jungle: Tarzan
Mid: Doinb
ADC: Light
Sup: Lvmao / Iwandy

I think LNG made one of the best pickups in the offseason. I think that Doinb and Tarzan arguably form the best mid-jungle duo in the whole LPL. Icon had a poor performance at Worlds, and I personally reckon that Doinb is an upgrade from whatever aspect you want to look at.

Ale has been on the rise in the last few months, so it will be a delight to see him step up his game in 2022. The only issue with this team is the bot lane, on paper the weakest link: LNG is the only team without a top-tier ADC, and that’s what gated them from becoming a top 2 team for me. Lvmao will likely be starting support, but I doubt he will have a strong enough impact to completely transform his ADC.

2. Royal Never Give Up

Top: Bin
Jungle: Wei
Mid: Xiaohu
ADC: Gala
Sup: Ming / Bunny

I’m genuinely excited for RNG. Xiaohu was one of my favorite players from 2021: role swapping is not an easy task, but it’s even harder to be recognized constantly as a top-tier player in the new role. Now that he returns to the mid lane and with Bin in the top lane, I have no doubt RNG will be one of the most feared teams in the LPL.

Last year RNG struggled when Cryin wasn’t on his comfort picks but with Xiaohu I really doubt they will have drafting issues. RNG has a trident of super carries in top, mid and ADC. If you add a jungler like Wei and a support like Ming, you can’t really expect less than a top 2 by this roster.

Last year Xiaohu received a lot of attention in the top lane, so I’m curious to see if RNG will do the same with Bin. Based on how Bin usually plays, RNG should be incentivized to play around him. Nonetheless, RNG can legit play around anywhere they want, and they’ll likely succeed.

1. Edward Gaming

Top: Flandre / Xiaoxiang
Jungle: JieJie
Mid: Scout
ADC: Viper
Sup: Meiko

EDG are, for me, the best team coming into the 2022 Spring Split. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the winners of LoL Worlds 2021 are also the best team in the LPL. Despite not being regarded as the best team from China last year, EDG have proved over and over again that they are the team to beat.

JieJie stepped up so much throughout the year and his synergy with Scout was what allowed EDG to prevail against a lot of international teams. Considering that they also have arguably the most mechanically gifted ADC in the world Viper, EDG has all the tools to continue their domination domestically.

I think that EDG and RNG are equally leveled, but what actually made me put EDG first is the fact that the organization sticked to the winning roster and did not make a single change. That should give EDG a slight edge in the early stages of the season and that’s why they are first in the 2022 Spring Split LPL Power Rankings.

If you want to enjoy all the action from these teams, then make sure to watch LPL Live on their official channel on Twitch or Youtube! And if you want to see more League of Legends, then check out our list of all the LoL tournaments!