FGTeev Net Worth 2024: Understanding How FGTeev Makes Money and What Is Their Net Worth?

Published: Sep 23, 2022 - Last Updated: Jan 3, 2024

FGTeev is one of the biggest things to hit YouTube, and it’s only natural that lots of people are asking about the FGTeev net worth. After all, this famous family has grown to become a massive hit on the internet thanks to its videos relating to gaming, music and random funny things. All of which have opened up FGTeev to creating its own graphic novels and games, as well as enjoying the benefits of lots of big sponsorship deals

So we are here to show you how much FGTeev makes and let you know about all of its different revenue streams. Take a look below and discover what the FGTeev net worth is right now!

Net Worth$30 million
Real NamesVincent Carter, Samantha Ryan, Alexis Ryan, Michael Ryan, Chase Ryan and Shawn Ryan
Dates of BirthFamily members born between June 14, 1979, and November 17, 2015
Twitch FollowersN/A
YouTube Subscribers21.1 million

FGTeeV Net Worth

Who is FGTeeV?

FGTeev is actually a real-life family that is based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The name FGTeev actually stands for Family Gaming Teams’ Extraordinarily Entertaining Videos. As such, by watching FGTeev, you’ll watch the antics of Vincent ‘Duddy’ Carter, Samantha ‘Moomy’ Ryan, Alexis ‘Lex/Skylander Girl’ Ryan, Michael ‘Skylander Boy’ Ryan, Chase ‘Lightcore Chase’ Ryan, and Shawn ‘Funnel Vision’ Ryan.

While there are a lot of gaming commentaries on FGTeev, there is plenty more here, like music videos and just the family goofing around. All of which makes for some great family-focused viewing.

How does FGTeeV make money?

We can see that the FGTeeV net worth is a staggering amount of money. The family has shown an amazing ability to monetise its content since the brand started up less than a decade ago. So while something like S1mple’s net worth comes about mostly through pro gaming, we can see that FGTeeV has to work differently. Let’s take a look at how FGTeeV makes its money:

YouTube royalties

FGTeeV is one of the biggest things ever to hit YouTube. Since the account was started up it has amassed over 21 million subscribers and clocked up an astonishing 22 billion video views. This has kept FGTeeV among the top 100 YouTubers in the US, and it is estimated that this popularity brings in anywhere up to $400,000 each and every month. Not bad for a channel that was started as a kind of in-joke!

Gaming ventures

It’s often easy to forget that FGTeeV started out as a funny gaming commentary channel. However, it makes perfect sense to find that FGTeeV would eventually release its own mobile game courtesy of the Blobby Fish games developer. While we’re not saying that FGTeeV Ape Chase is the worst game of all time, let’s just say that it will not appear in any of your favourite esports tournaments anytime soon. Still, it offers another way to make that FGTeeV net worth even more spectacular.

Graphic novels

You can’t talk about the likes of FGTeeV without mentioning the brand’s hugely popular series of graphic novels. These feature various family members in various fictional settings, and such is their popularity that they have even hit the list of New York Times Best Sellers. Not something that you’ll see when talking about Lazarbeam’s net worth!

FGTeeV Gaming Ventures

Sponsorship deals

Given FGTeeV’s reputation for wholesome, family-driven content, it is little surprise that it would become hugely popular for a wide range of brands pursuing sponsorship deals. Some of these include the biggest names in the US business world, such as Coca-Cola, Target and American Eagle. Beyond this, we have seen other brands such as The North Face, M&Ms, Champion, Toy Fair New York, Puma, Bonkers Toys and PacSun teaming up with FGTeeV. Plus, even Activision have got involved and has pushed up the FGTeeV net worth even further. All of this shows that it’s not just Azzyland’s net worth that has been propped up by some big sponsorship deals.

 Watch this space for more about the FGTeeV net worth

It may seem strange to include FGTeev in a list of the highest-paid gamers, but we think that this family is worthy of its inclusion. After all, the YouTube channel was originally inspired by gaming and the family has simply gone with the idea and made it its own.

Above all, it’s a tribute to the family’s endless creativity and hard work that they have managed to make such an impressive amount of money. We think that FGTeev is only just getting started and that it is set to become an even bigger force in the future. So keep it here to see what the FGTeev net worth will be next!

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What is FGTeev’s net worth?

With 24 billion views on YouTube as of 2023, FGTeev has an estimated net worth of $38 million.

How old is Funnel Vision Lex?

Funnel Vision’s Alexis Ryan, also called Lexi, was born on July 24, 2006. She is 16 as of May 2023.

What is FGTeev Duddy's real name?

FGTeev Duddy’s real name is Vincent Carter.
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