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Published: Aug 2, 2022 - Last Updated: Mar 1, 2024

Everyone who enjoys some betting and other types of gambling knows how good it feels when your favourite casino has a special promotion that will help you in your quest to walk away with the big bucks during your gambling journey. There are all kinds of ways a casino can have a promotion, and when it comes to casino cashback, that is probably as good as the promotion gets.

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Unlike most promotions that can be used or lost after a single bet, what makes a casino cashback so good is that this type of promotion is tailored for those who are not that lucky and for those who could really use a second chance in certain situations.

What is a cashback system?

Unlike most promotions that will give you a bonus once you register a new account on a casino site, when you make your first deposit, or when you try out a certain game, the cashback system is a type of promotion that comes if you happen to lose.

Why would you want to lose, you may ask. Well, you do not really want to lose, but when you gamble on a site that offers a cashback system, you can know that even if you happen to lose by placing a bad bet or making a bad play, you will be getting some kind of reward.

There are a couple of different ways casino cashback can work, but it is important that they all work on the principle of the user losing before they are activated. Some sites will return all money lost after a single bet to the user, making it so like the bet never happened, to begin with, with no strings attached.

Casino Cashback Offers

However, there is the other type of casino cashback, which is where the casino will give your account the value you lost back, but it will not be in real money. Instead, it will be in “fake money” called Freebet, which is something that you will not be able to cash out. Instead, you can use that money to make new bets on the site, and if you happen to win with Freebet funds, you will gain real money, and if you lose again, there will be no cashback for the second time.

While the first two examples are pretty common, the most common example is that a casino will return a percentage of the money you use to make a bet.  Some casinos are all cashback casinos, ones that have VIP cashback only and ones with loyalty club cashback, and we will discuss all of them.

What is an all cashback casino?

When it comes to an all cashback casino, those are probably the best ones for a casual gambler. A good example of this is the cashback system, which will give a cashback of 20% on all deposits. So, no matter how much you deposit and what games you gamble or bet on, you will be getting 20% of the money back if you happen to lose.

You do not have to be a long-term member, and you do not have to upgrade your newly registered account to receive this promotion, which is excellent.

Cashback Bonus

What is a VIP cashback system?

The VIP cashback promotions are pretty rare, as this is the type of cashback that activates only for those who gamble online with a premium account. Even those who have been gambling online for a while will not receive the cashback bonus unless they upgrade their account.

What is a loyalty club cashback system?

Like with any loyalty program that a casino might have when a cashback bonus is attached to it, that means that only users who have been either gambling for a certain amount of time or those who have deposited a certain amount of money will be eligible for a cashback bonus.

Casino Cashback with Pinnacle
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Are there rules to a casino cashback bonus?

The rules for a casino cashback bonus are usually different from casino to casino, which is why reading the terms and conditions as you are creating an online account is very important. The same can be said if you are already a registered user, but you are accepting some kind of bonus or entering a promotion of some sort.

Besides the previous rules we already mentioned, which are the way a casino can enable the cashback bonus for their users (all users, loyal ones, and VIP ones), they can also have rules on which games are eligible for a cashback bonus as well.

In most cases, games that will require you to cash in for some chips on a table or games that have quick short rounds like poker and blackjack are often not included in the casino cashback bonus, which is why reading the TOS is important.

There are also rules against trying to cheese the system if the cashback is a complete “refund,” where if a bet is fifty-fifty, you cannot place two bets so you can win it a hundred per cent. While cashback bonuses are great, sometimes the fine prints can be very specific, which is why you should read them before you start gambling in certain games.

Different types of cashback bonuses

Now that you got a good understanding of what a cashback bonus is and that the rules and requirements around them are very important, let us discuss the different types of cashback bonuses that you may find in various casino games.

1. Reload bonuses

If you make a deposit, get some bonus money, and then gamble it all away, you will always have an option to reload your account with a fresh deposit. While it differs from operator to operator, the reload cash back bonus usually promises that if you reload at that very moment, you will be getting a certain value as a cashback bonus. This is a very common practice, but it might not be accessible on all gambling sites at all times, as some will have this special promo on a certain day of the week or even the hour.

2. Cashback on total bets

When it comes to cashback on total bets, they are probably the best kind out there because these apply to all bets, no matter if you win or lose. In this scenario, let’s say that you bet $100, and the cashback bonus in the casino on total bets is 20%. Whether you win or lose, you will be getting that 20$ on your account, which is great.

3. Cashback welcome bonus

We have already talked about this type of promotion, and it is very common. The welcome bonus is usually offered to fully new users or those who have never made a deposit of their own before.

4. Ongoing cashback

What makes this type of cashback a bit different from others is that it does not come after a single bet. But instead, it is a cashback bonus that builds up over time and is based on the value a player lost over it. This means that if you were quite unlucky and just kept losing throughout the week, all of those losses will grant you a decent cashback bonus.

However, if you started the week by losing and then ended up winning more than you lost and getting a net positive on your account by the end of the week, you will not be getting a cashback bonus at all. If a site uses this system, our advice is to wait out the cashback bonus if you start with a losing streak.

Does a crypto casino have cashback?

Considering how popular crypto casino games have become, you should not be surprised that you can easily find a crypto casino that will have some cashback.

RakeBack CashBack Casino

It may be quite a surprise, but you can even find a Bitcoin live casino that will have a cashback promotion similar to the ones we mentioned before, so you can truly enjoy crypto gambling today just like you would enjoy gambling with regular money.

Of course, there is one thing to keep in mind when it comes to cashback with crypto, and that is to read which coins are eligible for the cashback, as most casinos will not offer cash back for every coin they offer for deposit.

What sites are worth checking out for casino cashback offers?

Considering that online casino gambling is more popular than ever, there are a lot of great casino cashback offers out there. However, some are better than others, and while we may not be familiar with all of them, there are a few that you might want to check out:

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Is it worth finding the right cashback casino site?

If you already have a favourite casino site where you like to gamble, if it has a cash back bonus, that is fantastic, and you should probably not look any further. However, if you are still unsure which casino is right for you, it is worth checking out more than one or two that have great cashback offers, and the best way to do it is to read how the cashback systems work carefully.

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