Mobile Legends Odds Tracker and Guide – Find The Best MLBB Betting Odds


If you want to bet on Mobile Legends, you will need to understand how Mobile Legends odds work. Thankfully our guide is here to explain what odds mean and help you find those bookmakers who give you the best odds for the Mobile Legends game that you want to bet on. Perfect for getting some extra confidence when you bet on this mobile MOBA game.

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Introduction to Mobile Legends Odds

Our comparison table quickly shows you what kinds of Mobile Legends odds that you can get from our approved bookmakers. Remember that each of these betting sites are licensed to give you a safe way to play. Plus you’ll get great coverage of all of the top Mobile Legends tournaments from the ESL Challenge Finals and the IESF Qualifiers through to the MSC and MPL contests and beyond.

Mobile Legends Odds Bet365

Understanding Mobile Legends Odds

Mobile Legends odds simply refer to something happening within a game or tournament for the esport. This could be anything from whether a team like RG will beat AURA, or whether ONIC PR can win the next ESL tournament.

The odds will be displayed in a fractional, decimal or American odds format. You’ll probably find it easiest to understand the decimal format. Let’s have an example:

If you saw a game between FNX and RSG, and FNX had odds of 1.50 to win while RSG had odds of 3.00, it would mean that FNX had were the favourites as their odds number was lower than that of RSG. Just bear in mind that your returns from winning an odds on lower odds won’t be as good as higher odds.

Mobile Legends Betting Odds Tracker

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Significance of Mobile Legends Odds in Betting

Mobile Legends odds form the focus of all of your betting on this esport. This is because they quickly tell you what your chances are of winning your bet, and they also tell you what kind of payout you’d get should you win your bet.

Popular Markets in Mobile Legends

You’ll usually see lots of different betting markets for each Mobile Legends game. Betting markets refers to different ways that you can make a bet, and here are the most common ways to bet on this mobile MOBA game:

  • Match winner: Such as whether BLCK will beat TO
  • Map winner: You can bet on which team wins each of the three maps in the game
  • Handicap odds: This is where the favourites will be put at a points disadvantage while the underdog will be put at a points advantage. A good way of levelling up the playing field.
  • Live odds: You can bet on esports live odds for Mobile Legends which means making your bets after the game has begun.
  • Outright bets: Here you are betting on the winner of an overall tournament, such as whether FIMP win their IESF qualifiers.

Factors Affecting Mobile Legends Odds in Betting

Odds aren’t conjured up out of thin air. They are carefully formulated according to a variety of factors that include the following:

  • Team form: Obviously if DMX have won their last five games, they might win their next one.
  • Player form: While Mobile Legends is a team sport, the best Mobile Legends players can put in a game-winning performance.
  • Game context: Certain tournaments and head-to-head encounters can throw past form out the window, and this is why context will always be factored into the odds.

mobile legends bang bang esports mobile games

Strategies for Analysing Odds

It’s always worth taking the time to carefully research and analyse all of the teams and players in the Mobile Legends game that you want to bet on. Examine how they play on certain maps, and take note of all of the latest news regarding the relevant teams. After all, even the best Mobile Legends teams can have an off day, and you’ll need to be prepared for this eventuality.

The Role of Bookmakers in MLBB Odds

All bookmakers will factor in something called a betting margin into their odds. This basically refers to how the odds are set up in a way to make sure that the bookmaker doesn’t go bust regardless of what happens in the game. Some bookmakers are more willing than others to lower their margins to give you superior odds, so always shop around before you put down your ML bets.

Where to find the best Odds

All of the betting sites featured in our comparison will be working hard to give you the best ML odds. So be sure to consult our comparison before you make your bets.

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Conclusion – All you need to know about Mobile Legends odds

We have shown you that Mobile Legends odds are actually pretty easy to understand and that there are lots of great bookmakers who will be competing to give you the best odds on the market. So sign up to one of our featured ML betting sites for a superior way to bet on this iconic mobile MOBA game.


How are Mobile Legends odds displayed?

Mobile Legends odds can be displayed in three formats: fractional, decimal, or American odds. However, the decimal format is generally easier to understand for most users.

What does it mean when a team has lower odds in Mobile Legends?

If a team has lower odds, it indicates that they are the favorites to win the game or tournament. Lower odds suggest a higher probability of winning but may result in lower potential returns compared to higher odds.
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