Rocket League Betting Sites 2021

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Rocket League is a part of the new wave of esports. Developed and released by Psyonix in 2015, this title took the gaming scene by storm with a unique blend of football and rocket-powered vehicles. Fast-forward four years, and Rocket League grew into a juggernaut with 57 million registered players from all over the world. Combine that with the fact that the studio behind it was acquired by a gaming powerhouse that is Epic Games, and it’s clear that there’s a very bright future for this title.

The same could be said about the Rocket League esports scene.

Psyonix has always strived to create a strong competitive circuit around its flagship game. These efforts bore fruit, and now, the official Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) spans over dozens of countries in 4 different regions—and it was only a matter of time before Rocket League appeared on the radar of various gambling platform. Of course, it can be difficult to find the right bookmaker for you. Which is exactly why we prepared an in-depth guide to the best Rocket League betting sites, esports tournaments, and gambling strategies!

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How Rocket League is played

It might be tempting to bet on Rocket League matches as soon as possible, but if you truly want to succeed, you need to know what you’re getting into. The game’s developers—Psyonix—coined the Rocket League formula as “soccer, but with rocket-powered cars”, and while this tagline does give a good idea of what the game is about, it doesn’t even begin to reflect the depth of its gameplay.

For starters, most esports matches are played in a 3v3 format. Each player controls a rocket-powered vehicle of their choice that they use to hit the ball. The ball is much larger than it is in a regular soccer game—hell, it’s even larger than the cars!—so it’s fairly easy to connect with it. The difficult part is controlling it well enough to score a goal.


Remember, all players have similar tools at their disposal, so Rocket League matches quickly turn into a flurry of passes, trick shots, and aerial maneuvers. Throw in a couple of speed boosts that allow players to sweep through the field and ram into opposing vehicles, and you get a perfect mixture of skill expression and visual spectacle.

Rocket League games usually last around 5 minutes, which might seem short if you’re looking at it from the standpoint of traditional sports. However, each minute is packed with action. And it’s this dynamic energy that made Rocket League a smash hit among casual fans and hardcore gamers alike.

Rocket League Tournaments and Prize Pools

The Rocket League esports scene is a blend of official events and third-party tournaments. Both of these categories are frequently seen on Rocket League betting sites, albeit for wildly different reasons. The former brings high production standards and sets the perfect stage for high-level gameplay. The latter switches things up with innovative tournaments formats and acts as proving grounds for the rising stars and talented up-and-comers.

Official events revolve around the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS). Just as the name indicates, this is a global Rocket League competition created by Psyonix and reputable tournament organizers like ELEAGUE, Rocket Street, and Gfinity Esports Australia. The RLCS is split into four leagues (Europe, Oceania, North America, South America) that feature some of the strongest teams in their regions fighting each other through the arduous regular season and challenging playoffs bracket.


Once the dust settles, the top-4 teams from Europe and North America as well as the top-2 teams from Oceania and South America advance to the RLCS Finals. This is the ultimate end-of-the-year tournament where pros get a chance to show off their skill and compete for fame, glory, and bragging rights that come with being the #1 Rocket League team in the world. Naturally, this makes for a great environment to bet on Rocket League matches, so definitely keep an eye out for the RLCS Finals markets.

Third-party tournaments are a bit harder to categorize. Many of them are local competitions with minor prize pools and relatively unknown participants, so they present little interest to gamblers and Rocket League betting sites. However, every rule has exceptions. Some tournament organizers go above and beyond to create grand spectacles for the audience, so you can run into third-party events with higher stakes and better production value than the RLCS. Usually, these come from reputable organizations like ESL, DreamHack, and ESP Gaming, but make sure to check in on Liquipedia to avoid missing out on any gambling opportunities.

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Best Rocket League Betting sites

Alright, now that you know a thing or two about the gameplay and tournament circuit, it’s time to get into gambling. The first thing you need to learn is that there aren’t as many betting options for Rocket League as there are for CS:GO betting and Dota 2 betting. Rocket League is still a newcomer in the realm of competitive gaming. And many bookmakers are hesitant to add it to their esports coverage.

Fortunately, there is a handful of Rocket League betting sites that are willing to take the chance. The best example is Betway esports. Not only is it an established operator with a long-standing history in esports betting, but it’s also the perfect starting point for rookie bettors thanks to its €30 risk-free bet welcome bonus.

10Bet esports is another option to consider. Sure, it might not be in business as long as Betway, but its wide event coverage and 50% deposit bonus up to €100 are great for adding some long-term value to your wagers. Last but not least, we have Thunderpick. This platform stands out from other providers by implementing a pool betting system that allows gamblers to bet against each other instead of betting against the bookmaker. And while Thunderpick’s 5% deposit bonus up to €500 doesn’t provide as much value as those of other platforms, it can pay off if you want to do some high-stakes gambling.

An alternative to traditional money betting is Rocket League fantasy. The rules of fantasy esports are straightforward, and with a little bit of research and the right platform, anyone can have a lot of fun in a competitive environment. Rocket League fantasy allows you to compete against your friends, by creating your own League and having them join in. Winners are decided at the end of the season, based on the total number of points earned. The alternative is to compete against strangers in large scale fantasy tournaments, such as those organized by DraftKings. DraftKings’ Rocket League fantasy options are a great way for US and Canadian residents who cannot access traditional esports betting sites but still would like to partake in the action, as DraftKings is licensed to operate in most US states.

Of course, selecting a good betting site is only half the battle. We’ve already alluded to this above, but this Epic Games title is a very recent addition to the world of esports gambling. With that, most Rocket League markets will come down to match-winner and tournament winner wagers, so you need to know how to navigate these if you want to be a consistent winner. Speaking of which…

Get an edge wagering on Rocket League

At first glance, it might seem like there’s nothing complicated about wagering on Rocket League matches. Match winner and tournament winner are some of the most straightforward markets available, so there’s only so much you can analyze about them, right? Well, not exactly.

Sure, the idea of predicting a winner in an isolated game or a separate event is easy to grasp, but there’s a lot of depth to executing it on a consistent basis. With that, we decided to prepare 3 tips that will help you find success at Rocket League betting sites!

1. Do your homework. Rocket League is a complex game. Whether it’s team identities, player strengths, or meta strategies, there are a lot of variables that can influence the outcome of professional matches. And if you want to make accurate predictions, you need to understand how these work. YouTube channels like SunlessKhan or MuffinSquishy are exceptional at breaking down the flow of Rocket League matches. You can also turn to resources like Reddit or sites like to get a better idea of how the competitive scene works.

2. Manage your bankroll. It’s all-too-common to see gamblers top up their betting account only to blow it all away on a couple of speculative wagers. At times like these, you need to remember the golden rules of bankroll management. First, don’t bet money you can’t afford to lose. Second, don’t take chances on high-risk, medium-reward wagers. Third, don’t risk more than 5% of your total bankroll on a single bet. Even the most talented gamblers can falter if they don’t understand how to handle money, so follow these rules to avoid going down this path.

3. Refine your strategy. There’s nothing like a little self-reflection to refine your gambling strategy! Whenever you resolve a Rocket League bet, take a step back and reevaluate your decision-making. Did you do your research or did you act on instinct? Did you make a logical call or did you simply bet on your favorite team? These are tough questions to ask, but if you take the time to answer them, you will definitely see improvements in your gambling game.

There’s more to gambling than choosing the right Rocket League betting sites. You need to be able to follow the gameplay, navigate the pro scene and develop a good gambling strategy. And it’s only when you tick all these boxes that you will find a way to bet on Rocket League matches that work for you.