Esports Betting in Canada 2022

What you need to know to bet on Esports in Canada

If you’re wondering about the kind of esports betting sites Canadian residents can enjoy, you need to read this simple guide.

Esports has become one of the world’s fastest-growing forms of sports entertainment.

Competitive video games have really exploded in popularity across the globe over the last decade, with vast quantities of cash being generated by the world’s biggest esports tournaments and events. It is little wonder that this growth has also seen an increase in the number of betting sites in Canada and all over the world that offer the chance to bet on esports.

Here, we’ll take a closer look at the phenomenon of esports in Canada, and offer you some tips about how you can find the best online betting sites Canada offers.

An overview of esports betting for Canadian punters

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Anyone looking for the best online betting sites in Canada will find that they need to rely on offshore esportsbook sites. This is due to the way in which the gaming industry is regulated in Canada.

Regulation works on a province by province basis, something which we will go into further detail about below.

One thing that Canadians need to be aware of is the way that esports odds are presented on overseas betting sites. Many Canadians will possibly be more used to the way that USA bookies present their odds. This method is known as moneyline betting, and informs the punter what they will need to wager to win $100. European bookies use decimal odds, and British and Irish bookies use fractional odds. If you are unsure how these work, they are actually very simple to understand, and you can soon get a grip on them by consulting the help section at your favored bookie. Fans of esports betting in Canada can find all they need to know there.

Esports bookies operating in Canada

Due the law surrounding online betting and its regulation in Canada, there are no domestically based Canada betting sites for esports. There is no law against offshore bookies offering esports services to Canadians, though. This means that Canadians who want to bet on esports are entirely reliant on overseas bookies offering them the chance to open accounts. There are no real Canada betting sites when it comes to esports.

Esports you can bet on in Canada

As Canadians are largely compelled to use overseas bookmakers and betting sites to place bets on esports, the range of games and tournaments in which they can bet is pretty wide. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, usually referred to as CSGO betting, remains one of the world’s most popular esports with punters, and you can place bets on tournaments like the DreamHack and ESL series of tournaments.

League of Legends is another popular game for esports betting in Canada, while Defense of the Ancients 2, or Dota 2 for short, is another one which attracts plenty of interest. Events like The International 2019 and the EPICENTER Major are sure to have plenty of punters placing bets on their favorite teams. Virtus Pro, Team Liquid and Vici Gaming are some of the teams who compete on the Dota 2 circuit.

The range of games on which people looking for the best online betting sites in Canada can bet is increasing all the time too. Sports games like FIFA and NBA 2K have their own leagues and tournaments, while Fortnite betting markets are increasing in number all the time too.

Types of bet you can place on esports

The types of bet that can be placed on esports are every bit as varied as those that can be placed on more conventional sports. By far the simplest way of betting on esports is to bet on the outcome of individual matches. This is very simple and easy to understand and involves you choosing the winner of a single match.

You can add value to the odds on offer for match bets by combining several of them in an accumulator. This is where you include a series of bets on one slip, with the winnings from one bet being used as the stake for the next one on the slip. If one bet loses, the whole bet fails, though.

Another type of bet to look out for at esports betting sites in Canada are in-play bets, where you bet on events in the match while it is taking place. Another type is bets on specific game events.

This is a summary of some types of esports bet:

  1. Matched betting
  2. Accumulators
  3. In-play bets
  4. Bets in specific game events

Is it legal to bet on Esports in Canada?

The law surrounding betting in Canada can be quite complex, with the various provinces of this geographically huge nation having their own regulations regarding gambling. In the main, sports betting punters are limited to using official, provincially sanctioned betting channels to bet on sport. These officially sanctioned betting options do not include many, if any, esports options.

Esports fans who are looking for betting sites in Canada, therefore, stand to be disappointed. The good news, though, is that there is no law against Canadian residents using offshore betting sites to place wagers on esports.

esports betting canada

Options for Canadian esports punters

When it comes to finding a betting site for esports, Canadians are therefore compelled to look for good sites from overseas. Bookies like Betway and Bet365 are at the forefront of the growth in esports betting, and cover plenty of different games and tournaments. International sports betting site Pinnacle is another good option for Canadians, and sites like Thunderpick and Luckbox also have plenty of markets on offer. Cyberbet and 10Bet are also well worth a look if you fancy placing some esports betting in Canada.

It can therefore be seen that the best online betting sites Canada has to offer to esports punters are all based outside Canada. It will be interesting to see whether or not the law surrounding esports gambling changes as the sport continues to grow in popularity.

Payment methods you can use for esports betting

As Canadians need to use offshore betting sites to place esports bets, it is vitally important that all punters choose a safe and secure payment method when opening an account. The safest payment method is to use a prepaid Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card. These are accepted at almost all bookmakers, and offer a reliable and secure way of funding your esports betting account.

Ewallets are another secure and versatile payment method that can be used at Canada betting sites. Examples of ewallets include Skrill, Neteller, and Paypal. They can be funded directly from your bank account and are widely accepted by the overseas bookies that offer esports betting services to Canadians.
The esports betting sites Canada residents can use offer a good range of payment methods. Always remember to check the security of a payment method and how it handles international transactions before you sign up for an account.

Tips for successful esports betting

Whatever kind of sport you plan to bet on, there are three things to remember if you want to be successful. Follow these three tips and you should enjoy some reasonable success.

Know as much as you can about your favoured sports, games, players and tournaments

Every successful punter follows the news about the sport on which they bet, devouring every nugget of information. The more you know, the better your chances of placing winning bets

Never get greedy

If you’re using betting sites in Canada to place esports bets greed is your biggest enemy. Placing big bets can be a quick route to disaster, especially if you keep backing long odds losers. You can soon become trapped in a cycle of chasing losses, placing ever-bigger bets in vain attempt to compensate for your losses. This can end in financial disaster and dark times. Never get greedy when betting.

Place lots of small bets rather than one big bet

Placing one large bet is a sure way to increase your stress levels and reduce the enjoyment that sensible betting can bring. It is a much more enjoyable experience to place a series of small bets. Not only does this give you more chance of collecting some wins and losing less, it’s also more fun to have bets on several events rather than just one.


When it comes to esports betting in Canada, there are plenty of options for punters to enjoy. While homegrown betting sites in Canada are not there for esports fans, due to the way that the gambling industry is regulated, there are plenty of overseas betting sites that Canadians can use perfectly legally to place bets on their favourite esports events. Big names like Betway and Bet365, who are major players in the UK betting market, sit alongside internationally renowned bookies like Pinnacle, and more recently established esports specialists like Thunderpick and Vulkanbet when it comes to offering Canadians the chance to bet on esports.

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