The Best COD Tournaments in 2024

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Published: Jun 13, 2024 - Last Updated: Jun 14, 2024

For almost a decade, Call of Duty esports has made up a fair portion of the entire industry. With the inherently competitive nature of Call of Duty and the near-annual releases of new games, it’s the perfect platform for esports. Today, we’re here to look at the best COD tournaments coming up in 2024 and discuss their potential for esports betting.

At present, COD tournaments in 2024 are broken up into three categories: main franchise, mobile, and Warzone 2. There’s something of a separate fanbase for each category, as well as differing rulesets, broadcast setups, and prize pools. It can be complex for a newcomer to understand the landscape, so we’re going to break it down in one easy guide.

call of duty tournaments

The Best CoD Tournaments of 2024

It’s time to learn about Call of Duty tournaments.

#1. The Call of Duty League

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Image credit: CDL

If you’re looking for COD tournaments, 2024 will not disappoint you with the Call of Duty League. It’s the pinnacle of Call of Duty esports, and almost everything is focused around this massive franchised league.

It typically takes place over the course of several months, and it sees the best Call of Duty players in the world face off against one another for a massive prize pool.

Although Call of Duty World Championship events go back several years, the Call of Duty League is quite new. It was founded in 2020, coming on from the Call of Duty World League. In 2024, it’ll experience its third season, and it is without a doubt the most popular COD league around.

There are unparalleled opportunities for Call of Duty League betting when the season is live. When the matches are broadcast over Twitch, fans can get involved in the action in numerous ways, furthering the engagement.

Traditionally, the Call of Duty League will feature a pre-season event, several regular season stages (topped by Major Tournaments), and the Playoffs – the World Championship event. Here’s a schedule for this season below:

These are certainly the most exciting COD tournaments 2024 out there. Notably, for the next season, Call of Duty Modern Warfare III is the featured title.

#2. The Call of Duty Mobile World Championship


Image credit: Activision

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the most-downloaded pieces of mobile software in history. It’s a massively popular game, and in 2020, it spawned a World Championship event, boasting a multi-million dollar prize pool.

For Call of Duty Mobile tournaments 2024, this year will bring another iteration of the World Championship.

On the grandest stage in ‘CODM’, multiple teams and players fight it out for their shot at the trophy. While the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship isn’t as popular as the ‘CDL’, it’s still one of the best esports tournaments out there. Typically, the CODM World Championship will be played across a Group Stage and a Bracket Stage.

It doesn’t last anywhere near as long as the Call of Duty League, traditionally ending after just 7 – 10 days of play. However, as time goes on, the CODM World Championship is becoming increasingly enjoyable.

For COD tournaments in 2024, it’s definitely one that fans should be tuning into.

Other Call of Duty Mobile tournaments 2024 to look forward to include:

#3. The World Series of Warzone


Image credit: Activision

In 2021, Activision announced the World Series of Warzone. This grand and valuable tournament would be the first officially backed event played out on the Warzone 2 platform. It brought unparalleled growth to the Warzone 2 esports scene, establishing itself as a fantastic COD tournament right off the bat.

This tournament will likely be hosted again in 2024, on a revised and refreshed Warzone 2 platform. For Call of Duty betting, this is one of the most lucrative events out there, as the event is split up into several stages, hosted over the course of several months. It’s a global event, transitioning from region to region, pulling in the world’s greatest Warzone 2 players.

In the first season, which ran from June to November in 2021, boasted a massive $1.2 million prize pool. There’s no doubt that this is one of the best COD tournaments in the schedule, and for 2024, it’ll more exhilarating than the first season. As time goes on, Warzone 2 is only growing in terms of popularity and overall draw – it’s easily one of the highest rated battle royale titles in history.

Considering the new title of Warzone 2, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Activision innovate with new events like the World Series of Warzone.

Other CoD Tournaments to Know About

For 2024, the EWC revealed both Call of Duty Modern Warfare III and Warzone as featured titles for the Esports World Cup.

Here are some basic details for the tournament:

There’s the Call of Duty Challengers, which is where up-and-coming stars flex their talent in a competitive environment. However, there is almost no way to bet on Challengers, as it isn’t as well established as the Call of Duty League.


The COD tournaments in 2024 will be nothing short of an adventure. From Call of Duty Mobile to Call of Duty Modern Warfare II, and from Warzone 2 to whatever comes next, there’s plenty to see and do. If you’re eager to get involved with some Call of Duty betting, pick a side, place your wagers, and see what results you can produce.

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