Top 10 Valorant tournaments to Watch Out & Bet on This Year

Valorant was officially released in June back in 2020. It took less than a year for this game to completely explode in popularity and take the gaming world by storm. The hype around Valorant sparked interest from all sides, and tournaments of all sizes started popping up.

We’re all familiar with the mega tournament that is Valorant Champions Tour, but there’s a whole list of other Valorant tournaments that are just around the corner and you should check them out.

We’ll list some of the top Valorant Tournaments 2022 and tell you what makes each of those Valorant tournaments unique.

1. Valorant Champions Tour

Valorant Champions Tour

We hope you didn’t expect us to start this list without mentioning the most hyped Valorant tournament of the year.

Valorant Champions Tour is a year-long tournament that features the best of the best in the competitive Valorant scene. It’s separated into three distinct stages, and each stage divided into multiple events that all culminate into a Masters event by the end of every stage.

What makes Valorant Champions Tour the top Valorant tournament 2022 is the fact that it boasts the highest prizes and carries the most prestige. Every Valorant team worth their salt wants to make it here, and all the other Valorant tournaments serve as a stepping stone.

This tournament successfully completed its first season in December of last year, and it’s returning for the second time in 2022. Many aspects of Valorant Champions Tour remained relatively unchanged, but there are a few changes worth mentioning.

Valorant Champions Tour 2022 will feature two stages of Challengers and Masters instead of the usual three, and the tournament will once again conclude with the Valorant Champions in September instead of December. Additionally, there’s more ways for new professional Valorant players to jump in and compete through the introduction of VCT Regional Leagues and VRC Amateur Circuits.

This is by far the most popular Valorant tournament and is covered by almost every possible Valorant betting site.

2. VCT: Game Changers

VCT: Game Changers

This is another tournament that Riot Games introduced, and it goes hand in hand with the current Valorant Champions Tour.

The goal of this tournament was to create new opportunities for women and other marginalized genders in Valorant, and to supplement the ongoing competitive season.

VCT: Game Changers is what you’d expect from a top-tier Valorant tournament. You have some of the best teams competing for very respectable prizes, and it follows a similar structure that VCT has – including taking place in multiple regions.

Just like the main Valorant Champions Tour event, VCT: Game Changers also keeps evolving and attracting more fans and professional Valorant teams to compete in. The 2022 season will span across six world regions, and at the end, each of the regions will crown their own champion.

In case you haven’t already noticed, many top esports organisations have introduced their women’s Valorant squads such as G2 Gozen and XSET Female, and judging by the popularity of the tournament, we expect to see more as the year progresses.

If you’re starving for more VCT content and want to see some quality Valorant action, then make sure to follow VCT: Game Changers. You might just find your new favorite Valorant squad.

3. Red Bull Campus Clutch

Red Bull Campus Clutch

When it comes to top Valorant tournaments 2022, it’s important to mention the upcoming Red Bull Campus Clutch – World Final Stage.

As the tournament name suggests, this is the final event of Red Bull Campus Clutch and 12 teams from different regions of the world will be competing here. The €20.000 prize pool is incentive enough for these Valorant teams to give it their all, but there’s more.

Last year’s winners were Egypt’s Anubis Gaming who received an exclusive invitation to watch the final Valorant Masters event in Berlin, as well as the lion’s share of the prize pool.

This is a short event, but that’s why it’s so exciting. There’s no delays and it’s just quality Valorant action all day long. Make sure to tune in for this event, and who knows, you might even find some really good Valorant odds for these matches.

4. Nerd Street Gamers: Summer Championship

Nerd Street Gamers: Summer Championship

Nerd Street Gamers have been involved in competitive Valorant since the very beginning. To this day, the Nerd Street Gamers Valorant tournaments have been some of the most consistent ones.

Sure, they might not have the resources that Riot has to throw events the size of Valorant Champions Tour, but what they do have in spades is passion for Valorant.

Nerd Street Gamers: Summer/Winter Championship tournaments have been some of the most hyped tournaments these guys have organised. Not only did they boast the biggest prize pools ranging up to $25.000, but they also attracted some of the best Valorant teams. This year’s NSG: Winter Championship featured a combined prize pool of $9.500 and it was played in Philadelphia and Denver.

Make sure to keep an eye on the upcoming NSG events. Who knows, you could find a new TenZ here and decide to follow their journey in Valorant.

5. VALORANT Conquerors Championship

VALORANT Conquerors Championship

The fifth spot on our top Valorant tournament 2022 list is a Valorant tournament located in South Asia.

NODWIN Gaming and Riot Games had decided to throw a great tournament for fans and teams from South Asia, and it looked pretty great!

It boasted a large $33.000 prize pool, which is slightly more than what you’d usually expect from a tournament of this size. Eight teams battled it out in a series of best-of-three matches and the winner, Global Esports, was announced on August 29th.

Here’s the best thing, though. The winners got to compete in the Valorant Champions Tour 2021: Asia Last Chance Qualifier, which was a huge opportunity for any team participating. With dedication and some luck, Global Esports made it all the way to the top and found themselves in the Valorant Champions Tour, which was a dream come true for almost any Valorant team.

Be sure to pay attention to this event in 2022 and learn some new tips and tricks from the South Asian professional Valorant teams.

6. Strike Arabia Grand Finals

Strike Arabia Grand Finals

The Valorant spotlight is mostly centered on the North American and the European regions, but now it’s time to take a look at the Middle Eastern Valorant scene.

The Strike Arabia Grand Finals was held in Istanbul and the top eight Middle Eastern teams competed for a massive $50.000 prize. Once again, Anubis Gaming showed to be a cut above the rest and took the trophy, along with a placement in the EMEA Last Chance Qualifier.

Seeing how well the tournament was received, it’s almost guaranteed we’ll be seeing it once again in 2022. This Valorant event is a breath of fresh air that could over time turn into one of the Valorant biggest tournaments in the world.

7. Moscow Cybersport Series

Moscow Cybersport Series

We’re moving on to Russia, and on our number 7 spot of the top Valorant tournaments 2022 we have the Moscow Cybersports Series.

This tournament will not wow you with the biggest prize pools or the best Valorant tournament names. However, it will give you a glimpse into the CIS Valorant and showcase some of the most interesting teams from the region.

The added significance of the Moscow Cybersports Series is that it can serve as a stepping stone for many Valorant teams who aim to make it big in the EMEA region.



Epic.LAN have been around for quite some time, and it’s no wonder to see them involved in Valorant as well.

The EPIC.LAN #34 was the 34th iteration of this tournament, and that time it featured 16 teams from Europe. It was played entirely offline in the Kettering Conference Centre.

But that’s perfectly fine as fans had plenty of ways to keep track of all the matches, either through Epic.LAN social media or other sources. It was a fun tournament, and hopefully there will be more in 2022.

9. Valorant Open Tour: France

Valorant Open Tour: France

The French Valorant scene is booming and Valorant Open Tour: France is the pinnacle of it.

Team Vitality were the winners of the Valorant Open Tour: France Finals, where they outplayed the competition and went home with an extra $9.000 in pocket change. The tournament lasted for a week and was packed with Valorant action.

The new season is on the horizon and we’re expecting the Valorant Open Tour to once again open their gates. It will be a lot of fun and should keep the French Valorant fans entertained for quite some time.

10. LVP – Rising Series

LVP - Rising Series

We’re wrapping up our top 10 Valorant tournaments 2022 list with another Valorant tournament from Europe.

The LVP Rising Series is the most hyped Valorant tournament in Spain, but let that confuse you. All of the European teams are invited to play, so you can expect some of the best Valorant teams to make an appearance here.

Last year, the LVP Rising Series – Finale was a true joy to watch. We saw the World Champions, Acend, quickly dismantle the opposition and collect the $9,093 1st prize.

We expect this year to be even more exciting, with new teams and increased rewards in the LVP – Rising Series, so make sure to keep an eye on it.

These are some of the top Valorant Tournaments 2022, but we expect more to slowly start appearing as the year goes on. Visit our Twitter @esportsbetscom and let us know which Valorant tournaments you’re most excited for. We’re eager to hear your opinion.