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How do Starcraft 2 odds vary from sportsbook to sportsbook?

Betting on eSports is very new and Starcraft is an incredibly complex game. Thus, odds will often vary between sportsbooks. On top of that, many sportsbooks have different or better/worse information than others. How the sportsbooks interpret Starcraft match information can greatly impact what the lines look like and when they are posted. Bettors will also commonly see sportsbooks offering apparently better odds as a promotional strategy that the sportsbooks use to draw in new customers to eSports.

Line differences between sportsbooks is something that definitely needs to be paid attention to. Make sure that as a bettor you are taking advantage to sportsbooks offering advantageous lines. Slight line differences played well or played poorly can impact your bankroll significantly in the long term.

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Starcraft 2
02/06/2023 15:00
World Team League
Platinum Heroes
Starcraft 2
04/06/2023 15:00
World Team League
Shopify Rebellion
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Is there a best sportsbook to bet on Starcraft 2?

Although Starcraft has been a popular spectator sports for many years, there isn’t an apparent sportsbook odds leader.

Choosing a sportsbook or sportsbooks that you are comfortable with is always a good place to start when you begin betting on eSports. Being familiar with your sportsbooks will make the process of shopping for and evaluating lines easier.

Placing bets at multiple sportsbooks will help to make sure you are taking advantage of promotions that will give your bets significantly more value. In addition to better odds, sportsbook promotions often include things like bonuses.

Are there many options for Starcraft 2 odds shopping?

Starcraft has a huge spectator fan base but only has a medium amount of sportsbooks offering lines. Though lines aren’t offered at as many sportsbooks as, for example, League of Legends, sportsbook coverage of Starcraft is significant enough to allow valuable play on most important tournaments.

As eSports gain popularity it is safe to assume that many sportsbooks will be adding the popular MMO to their line offerings.

When you start odds shopping, at first it’s best to choose a more established sportsbook. Sportsbooks like Pinnacle and Bet365 are very established sportsbooks whose information can be trusted on big tournaments as well as smaller Starcraft matches.

There is a wealth of information online on Starcraft that will help you understand the game and help you bet better. Websites like contain things like player bios, tournament schedules, and percentages of victories on specific maps. All this information has to be evaluated to be able to bet on Starcraft eSports effectively.

Will Starcraft 2 match odds change over time?

All odds change over time, whether the odds are on traditional sports or eSports. It’s possible for bettors to be prepared for the fluctuations of eSports lines by doing your homework. Understanding Starcraft thoroughly will make line changes easier to adapt to.

Listening to past match commentaries will benefit your betting ability as well show you how volatile and complex Starcraft can be.

Dramatic odds swings can be caused by things like team performance at events leading up to the match being wagered on or changes to team composition. Currently sportsbooks don’t post eSports lines too far in advance so huge swings shouldn’t be that common, but it is always good to be prepared for potential changes.