Call Of Duty Betting Sites

When it comes to first-person shooter (FPS) titles, there are few more exhilarating or popular than Call of Duty (CoD). The first title in the franchise’s history was released way back in 2003, and since then Activision has released a new title almost annually.

Call of Duty has been used as a competitive platform since online multiplayer became mainstream. Today, there are tournaments with multi-million dollar prize pools that feature some of the greatest players in the world. There’s a huge market for Call of Duty betting, especially as esports rises exponentially in popularity.

The most recent version is Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, and it’s the home for competitions such as the Call of Duty League. While previous iterations are still played competitively, Cold War is definitely the place to be where Call of Duty gambling is concerned.

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How Call of Duty is played

The ‘esports recipe’ that drives Call of Duty has remained relatively unchanged for years. There’s a focus on regulation and restriction where Call of Duty esports matches are concerned, and the ruleset will usually limit players to a set group of maps, game modes, and weapons.

Traditionally, the general ruleset will adhere to the official ruleset, and teams will play each other on a 4v4 basis. However, this is a slightly more fluid aspect than the core rules themselves, and you can often place your Call of Duty bets on matches played with a 3v3 or even 6v6 structure.

Although you can often watch professional players competing in ‘scrims’ on older titles, there are really only two titles that are played competitively today:

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
  • Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War

The competitive Call of Duty schedule tends to focus on the most up-to-date release, so any Call of Duty betting will focus on these two titles. If you want to effectively bet on Call of Duty, you’ll need to learn the ins and outs of these titles, and the strengths and weaknesses of each team.

There are only three game modes that feature in the current competitive rotation, making it considerably easier to land accurate Call of Duty predictions.

Search and Destroy

This is arguably the most iconic game mode from the entire Call of Duty competitive landscape and has been an esports staple for several years. In Search and Destroy, one team will attempt to defend two ‘bomb sites’ on a map, while the other team fights to destroy one of them.

Search and Destroy is arguably the most exhilarating and intense game modes, especially when it comes to Call of Duty betting. The advantage can switch from one moment to the next and each player only gets one life per match.

At current, Search and Destroy matches are played in a first-to-six format.


Another classic game mode, Hardpoint was introduced in 2011’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. In Hardpoint, players fight to secure a spot on the map that changes location randomly as time progresses. For every second a team occupies the spot, they will earn a point, for a total of 250 points.

This is another exciting game mode for those looking to dabble in a little Call of Duty gambling, as it often comes right down to the wire and the tables can turn at the last second.


Control is a new game mode introduced in Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, but it has already proven to be remarkably popular among long-time fans of the franchise. In essence, Control is a combination of Hardpoint and Search and Destroy, with one team trying to defend two points on a map while the other team fights to secure both.

If the attackers effectively capture both sites within the allotted time limit, they win the match. However, if the defenders kill their opponents thirty times, or run out the clock, then they claim the victory.

How it Differs From Other FPS Titles

Although Call of Duty is an extremely popular title, there are claims that it’s too easy for players to succeed competitively. It’s more of an ‘arcade’ title than a realistic one, and players often spend a lot of time optimising tactics such as ‘slide shots’, ‘drop shots’, and ‘jump shots’.

These maneuvers, combined with the forgiving aim assist feature, ensures that a player can quite literally fly around the map and avoid incoming fire. Ultimately, competitive Call of Duty relies more on reflexes, accuracy, and skill with a controller than it does solid tactical decisions and organised team play.

When it comes to Call of Duty betting, you’re best off learning which players are the most skilled with a controller as opposed to which have the better tactical mind.

The Competitive Platforms

Officially, the Call of Duty League must be played on PC, using a controller that is pre-approved by the League itself. However, competitive Call of Duty matches can be played on any modern format, especially owing to the cross-platform functionality of today’s Call of Duty environment.

If you’re playing on a PlayStation 5 console, you can be matched with a competitor playing on a PC, and a competitor playing on an Xbox Series X console. However, it’s believed that PC offers the biggest advantages, with high-spec gameplay and unbeatable frame rates.

Call of Duty Betting

Call of Duty betting

As time goes on, Call of Duty betting is becoming increasingly popular among esports fans. The launch of the Call of Duty World League, followed by the Call of Duty League, offered a fantastic opportunity for gamers to explore the wealth of Call of Duty betting sites out there.

Call of Duty grows bigger as an esports title every year, with new and innovative competitions being launched and backed by the developers themselves. While it isn’t as popular as League of Legends or Dota, it can certainly hold its own as an exhilarating platform.

Today, you can place Call of Duty bets on a wide range of platforms, placing wagers with traditional sportsbooks, and newer, industry-specific esportsbooks.

Tournaments and Prize Pools

The biggest competition in the Call of Duty competitive scene is the Call of Duty League (CDL). This tournament was first launched in 2019 with the introduction of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and its popularity propelled it onwards into a second season.

In the 2022 season of the Call of Duty League, twelve teams go head-to-head on Black Ops: Cold War, fighting for the champion’s trophy and a $5 million prize pool. It’s one of the biggest pools in Call of Duty’s competitive history, and the grand champion can walk away with $1.2 million in a single swoop.


How to Gain an Edge with Call of Duty Wagering

There are countless Call of Duty gamers that can be considered professionals, owing to the extremely forgiving learning curve that the game offers. If a player has better-than-average reflexes, great accuracy, and the ability to make snapshot decisions, they’ll make for a fine contender.

It’s often difficult to call an outright winner of any match, as Call of Duty betting is infamous for delivering the unexpected. It’s always worthwhile placing a wager on the underdog from time to time, as a single kill in any given game can be enough to turn the tide.

That being said, you should make some effort to understand both the game and the competitors on-screen. Today, you can track the statistics and records of any given player through websites such as the Call of Duty esports Wiki.

Also, many of these players upload videos of their gameplay to YouTube, or they’ll stream occasionally on Twitch, meaning you can watch how they play in real-time before a tournament.

Call Of Duty – The latest Betting Odds:

Date & Tournament
Teams & Odds
Bet Now
American Odds Format:
Call of Duty
21/01/2022 21:00 UTC
Call of Duty League
Florida Mutineers
Los Angeles Guerrillas
Call of Duty
21/01/2022 22:30 UTC
Call of Duty League
Seattle Surge
London Royal Ravens
Call of Duty
22/01/2022 00:00 UTC
Call of Duty League
New York Subliners
Call of Duty
22/01/2022 01:30 UTC
Call of Duty League
Los Angeles Thieves
Paris Legion
Last Updated: 17/01/2022 - 06:00 UTC