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Using CSGO betting sites with PayPal

Can you bet on CSGO matches using PayPal? Absolutely – the sites suggested in the table above both offer wide coverage of CSGO matches and accept PayPal, meaning that’s relatively easy to do your CSGO betting with PayPal.

View current CSGO odds here to get a better sense of what sportsbooks cover the CSGO matches that you’re interested in betting on.

Esports betting sites that accept PayPal

Bonus Offer
Editor Rating
LoLCS:GODOTA 2Overwatch
LoLCS:GODOTA 2OverwatchStarcraft 2Call of DutyFifaPUBGRocket LeagueHearthstoneKOG
LoLCS:GODOTA 2Starcraft 2Call of DutyPUBGRocket LeagueHearthstoneVaingloryKOG
LoLCS:GODOTA 2OverwatchStarcraft 2
LoLCS:GODOTA 2OverwatchStarcraft 2Call of DutyFifaRocket League
LoLCS:GODOTA 2Starcraft 2Hearthstone
LoLCS:GODOTA 2OverwatchStarcraft 2Call of DutyFifaPUBGFortniteRocket LeagueHearthstone
LoLCS:GODOTA 2OverwatchStarcraft 2Call of DutyFifaPUBGFortniteHearthstoneVaingloryKOG
LoLCS:GODOTA 2OverwatchStarcraft 2Call of DutyRocket LeagueKOG

CSGO gambling sites and PayPal

We do not endorse gambling at CSGO skin gambling sites – there’s just too much uncertainty following Valve’s crackdown and it’s not clear that the games at CSGO gambling sites are fair.

We suggest that you consider some safe alternatives to CSGO skin betting as opposed to using PayPal to fund your account at unregulated, unlicensed CSGO betting and gambling sites. While some of these CSGO gambling sites may accept PayPal, it’s difficult to have full confidence that your funds and your account will actually be safe when you’re gambling at CSGO PayPal betting sites that are based in skins as opposed to legal online sportsbooks.

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How to deposit at esports betting sites using PayPal

PayPal accepts a variety of methods for deposits. Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express are credit card options. UK options include Switch, Solo and Delta debit cards.

Other jurisdictions offer local debit card options. Electronic funds transfer, often described as an eCheck, is available in most countries. In the U.S., credit and debit card transactions may not be used for gaming purposes.

There is one unique feature PayPal offers that most eWallets do not, especially those that accept U.S. residents. PayPal users may send money from one to another. The fee is 2.9 percent per transaction. The sender can place the fee on the receiver or pay it before the transfer.

How to withdraw from PayPal

PayPal offers several ways to withdraw.

Funds may be sent to another PayPal user. An electronic funds transfer may also be used. This option is free in all countries where it is available. A check may be requested. There is also a PayPal debit card that may be used at ATM machines and points of sale.

Advantages to using PayPal over other eWallets

There are several advantages to using PayPal over other eWallets.

It is the world’s oldest eWallet. This gives it experience newer ewallets do not have. Its security is unrivaled. PayPal has been known to catch fraud quickly and block suspicious accounts. While this can be annoying, it also prevents users from losing money to fraudsters.

PayPal offers more deposit options than most other ewallets. Its variety of credit and debit card options can be advantageous to players. Its uses that go well beyond gaming is also a plus.

Getting funds out of PayPal is fast and easy. The electronic funds transfer option is free and processed in just a couple of days. The debit card option has low fees and is instant.

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Paypal and gambling – background

PayPal is an eWallet that processes payments for hundreds of thousands of merchants around the world. It is best known for its partnership with eBay as its preferred payment processor. PayPal is also used by a variety of transactions from small online marketers and businesses.

PayPal is accepted by many companies in the online gaming industry. It started out processing payments for online casinos and poker rooms in the early 2000’s. It got out of the business but returned to it in 2008.

That is when it started processing payments for a variety of UK sportsbooks that include Betfair and William Hill. PayPal since branched out to process payments for many licensed online gaming sites in Europe.

In 2015, PayPal started processing payments for regulated U.S. poker and casino sites. These markets are Nevada and New Jersey. PayPal is not yet available for gaming transactions in Delaware.

Esports betting was the next business PayPal entered. This is where bettors make wagers on prestigious video gaming events throughout the world. Not all esports sites accept PayPal. It is only available at ones that are properly licensed in the jurisdiction where the depositor is located. This typically means a handful of countries in Western Europe.