Rainbow Six Siege Betting Sites

Rainbow Six Siege is undoubtedly one of the best titles out there for esports betting. If you’re eager to learn more about Rainbow Six betting, look no further than this article.

Rainbow Six Siege launched in 2015 with Ubisoft having made a drastic change to the formula that had existed since 1998. With Siege, Rainbow Six had become a platform focused almost entirely around online multiplayer.


It was only a matter of time before Rainbow Six Siege attracted a considerable esports following. As a first-person shooter, it was destined to become a home for competitive gamers around the world. However, R6S (as we’ll refer to it) differed from many traditional FPS titles, adopting an intensely tactical approach to gameplay.

While titles like Call of Duty rely mainly on aggressive run-n-gun practices, R6S was a different kettle of fish entirely. It was a game built around tactics, smart plays, and regimented team maneuvers. If you charged blindly into an environment, you would almost certainly lose the round through near-instant devastation.

This unique platform makes for fantastic competition, and with competition comes the opportunity to make real money.

Rainbow Six Esports

rainbow six betting
Image Credit: Siege.gg

There are few FPS titles out there today that are more diverse than R6S. If you’re looking to get involved with a little Rainbow Six betting, you’ll be spoilt for choice by the number of esports tournaments on offer.

Let’s look at R6S’s closest competitor, Call of Duty. This age-old, industry-leading FPS has dominated the space for years, but only really has one competition that fans can bet on. If you’re eager to make the most of your money and diversify your betting, you should take a look at R6S.

At the highest level are tournaments like the Six Invitational or the Six Major, officially hosted events that feature top-flight teams. The former is arguably the biggest tournament on the R6S platform and makes for some intense Rainbow Six betting.

Several lower-level tournaments are held on a regular basis throughout the year. These include the Japan League, the European League, the Russian Major League, and the APAC Leagues. Thankfully, you can bet on almost any league or tournament that takes place within the confines of R6S.

R6S esports all started with the ESL Pro League Season 1, which kicked off way back in May 2016. However, since 2020, this tournament has ceased to exist, but it did build the foundation for the platform as a whole.

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You can make plenty of money from betting on the esports industry these days. With that in mind, you’ll always want to make sure you’re using the best websites, or ‘esportsbooks’ when you’re betting on esports. It’s important to identify the sites with the best odds, but you also need to make sure those sites are legitimate and safe.

Here are the top three Rainbow Six betting sites you can use to make real money:


Unikrn is a popular and welcoming platform that focuses entirely on esports betting. It’s one of the key destinations for players and bettors looking to score some wagers on esports tournaments. When you make an account on Unikrn and examine the Rainbow Six 6 betting options, you’re presented with a diverse list.

Not only does Unikrn provide great odds, but it also offers information on the teams and tournaments in question. In most cases, Unikrn will allow a bettor to place wagers on outright, handicap, and over/under markets. It’s a brilliant one-stop shop for Rainbow Six Siege betting, and it’s as safe and legal as you can get.


Betway’s website boasts a diverse esportsbook, running alongside the traditional markets. There are many games you can bet on with Betway, and Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most prolific titles.

Like Unikrn, Betway Esports covers all tournaments within the R6S space, but it doesn’t offer as many markets as Unikrn. That being said, the Rainbow Six odds on Betway are still substantial, and it’s a long-established, safe, and legitimate site to bet on.

If you’re looking for a simple interface and outright-winner wagers for Rainbow Six Siege, Betway is one of the best esports betting sites.


GG.Bet is another sportsbook with an attractive interface, quite like Unikrn. Although GG.bet covers almost every sport you can imagine, a huge portion of its business comes from esports betting.

There’s a fantastic spread available on GG.Bet, including the unique option to bet on first-map winners. There are fewer options available overall when compared to Unikrn, but this unique market is a compelling one. Furthermore, the odds on GG.bet are some of the best you’ll find for Rainbow Six Siege betting.

Rainbow Six Siege Betting Tips

1. Understand the types of bets available

As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. If you’re trying to take part in some Rainbow Six betting without having any knowledge of exactly what you can do, you might be unlucky. In most cases, you’ll be offered outright winners (series and event), under/over maps, correct score, handicap, or special markets.

If you’re picking special markets, you may need to pay a little more attention to competitors. When an esportsbook lists these special markets, they tend to concern individual player performance, such as first kills, or highest kill/death ratio.

And that brings us to our next point.

2. Learn about the Rainbow Six Siege universe

While there is a considerable application of luck in esports betting, you can’t rely on it entirely. If you’re serious about successfully betting on Rainbow Six, you’ll need to learn a little about the competitors and the game itself.

Of course, the best way to learn is to play the game – this’ll help you understand the format, tactics, and maps. However, if you’re not a big gamer or you don’t actually enjoy playing the game, then you can watch some gameplay on Twitch or YouTube.

Ultimately, knowing about the players and the game itself will help you massively when looking for your Rainbow Six odds.

3. Don't forget about the underdog

In esports, you should never count out the underdog. There are many occasions in which a lesser team will surprise the industry and decimate a much more superior opponent. While it can be difficult to predict this happening, it almost always results in a considerable payout.

As with any sport, there will almost always be a disadvantaged team in a match-up – it’s the nature of the competition. However, once you become experienced enough with Rainbow Six Siege, you’ll be able to identify when an underdog might pull off a big upset.

4. Start small

If you’re betting on Rainbow Six for the first time, we recommend starting with outright winner markets. These are by far the easiest bets to win, and you’re always presented with the option to play it safe.

Once you’ve learned a little more about the game, you can work your way up to something a little more complex.

5. Play with accumulators

If you’re betting on Rainbow Six for the first time, we recommend starting with outright winner markets. These are by far the easiest bets to win, and you’re always presented with the option to play it safe.

Once you’ve learned a little more about the game, you can work your way up to something a little more complex.

There will be multiple matches taking place on any given day when a tournament is active. You should take advantage of this schedule format and stack up some accumulators to give yourself the best odds available.

If you’re able to accurately predict one match, why not three or four matches, back-to-back, on the same slip? It could mean a big payday for even the most amateur Rainbow Six Siege bettor.

What are you waiting for?

There’s a whole world of Rainbow Six betting out there, just waiting for you. If you’re eager to jump into the fray, check out some of the esportsbooks we’ve listed here, and start laying down some wagers.

The Rainbow Six Siege schedule is a busy one, and there are almost always tournaments or competitions taking place.