The Best Mobile Legends Betting Sites


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, has garnered a massive global following. With over 500 million downloads on Google Play Store alone and about 80 million active monthly players, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), or simply ML, is putting in numbers stronger than Dota 2 and CS:GO combined. With its increasing popularity, many have started to gamble on MLBB matches, tournaments and events involving the game. There are several Mobile Legends betting sites you can choose from. Let’s talk about the best of them.

The Best Mobile Legends Betting Sites

Why Bet on Mobile Legends?

According to Escharts, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (released in 2016 by Montoon) was the most watched mobile esports game of 2022, with a total of 331.47 million hours watched.  A typical Mobile Legends match lasts 10 to 15 minutes. Anything higher than 20 minutes is already considered too long. This short time frame makes betting on Mobile Legends convenient for bettors who want to enjoy esports mobile games while getting faster results for their predictions. For comparison, a League of Legends match usually goes on for 30 to 45 minutes—the same with Dota 2.

On top of that, Mobile Legends is international, with a circuit made up of professional leagues established in different regions, including North America, South America, the Middle East, and Africa. Just because the game’s center of mass is located in East Asia doesn’t mean it’s confined there. In fact, out of the 16 teams that competed for the 2023 M4 World Championship—ML’s flagship annual event—4 came from the West (5 if you count Turkey).

It’s a gamer’s Android or iOS fixture at this point. And for the opportunists, ML provides a whole new bite-sized betting ecosystem where action is packed and predictions quickly turn to a settled bet slip.

Betting on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends Betting on GG.Bet

GG.Bet is one of the biggest, most popular esports betting sites on the planet, and it’s been giving bettors a way to place wagers on Mobile Legends tournaments and matches for a while.

Compared to others who do offer MLBB markets, GG.Bet’s Mobile Legends betting odds are often preferable enough that you won’t go looking for an alternative. At the time of writing, we look at the upcoming matches and find as high as a full 1-point advantage on the spread, which translates to 0.35 points less for favorites but 1.35 more for underdogs. Note that this type of edge isn’t always present.

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If you like betting on Cinderella teams, that’s all the more reason to sign up as many have done, particularly Filipinos, Indonesians, and other ML-crazed East Asian nationalities. When it comes to signing up for a Mobile Legends betting site, Philippines, Indonesia, and their neighboring countries appreciate GG.Bet’s far-reaching availability.

All of this, paired with their consistent promo giveaways and superior instant payout feature, contribute to GG.Bet’s strong grasp of the MLBB betting market. If you haven’t signed up yet, feel free to read our GG.Bet review for a quick rundown.

Mobile Legends Betting on Rivalry

As you’ll see, the common link between the sites on our list is that all cater heavily to the East, where much of the fanbase and hype are anchored. Nobody bets on a game they don’t know exists, and no sportsbook offers a game where they can’t legally offer it.

This is why Rivalry is among the best Mobile Legends betting sites you could sign up for: it’s a dedicated esports bookie that accepts customers from all over the world, especially from where ML is already a massive title and where it’s currently growing.

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If you could find your country as eligible during the account creation process, you might find its fair Mobile Legends betting odds, great sports and casino markets, and news content within your interest. The betting guide articles the site has helps amateurs get off on the right foot and keep them from throwing hard-earned money right out of the gate.

We highly recommend giving them a try by first taking advantage of Rivalry’s promo code for betting on Mobile Legends, such as the industry-standard welcome deposit bonus for newcomers.

Mobile Legends Betting on Pinnacle

While it’s not a Mobile Legends betting site Philippines and its most fanatic ML players and aspiring bettors can register on it, Pinnacle’s services are open to most countries from Latin America to East Asia.

To compensate for not offering esports betting in Philippines, Pinnacle gives their customers a wide coverage of Mobile Legends tournaments, including both Tier-1 events, such as the M World Championship and the MLBB Professional League, and Tier-2 events, like the MLBB Development League.

mobile legends betting sites pinnacle

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Looking at their Mobile Legends betting odds for upcoming matchups, we found some volatility in the spread that could pique the interest of bettors who want to set up multiple betting accounts so they can settle their bet slip where potential winnings are the most handsome.

To really immerse yourself in the site’s esports markets and features, make sure to head over to the Pinnacle Esports Hub, which you’ll see on the navigation bar with the headphones icon. There you can visit their blog content focused on esports. Reading them can help you make more informed betting decisions.

Mobile Legends Betting on Loot.Bet

Loot.Bet offers Mobile Legends betting odds for the match-winner market, total map over/under market and map handicap, which means it may not be the best option if you’re looking for a dynamic betting experience. But if you have a minimalistic betting style and want to take your betting career seriously all the same, these odds can reduce your risk by giving you extra points in certain matchups.

The bookie lists less than 15 restricted countries on their T&C. It’s a Mobile legends betting site the Philippines, Indonesia, and Myanmar (the three biggest ML consumers) have access to. As an ML fan, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to sign up for it even if you’re not based in these three countries.

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Because Loot.Bet is an esports specialist, you’ll be able to see titles you won’t find in traditional sportsbooks with esports markets, such as Arena of Valor. You can also try Wild Rift betting if the miniature version of League is more your cup of tea.

It’s worth mentioning that you won’t find ML live streams on any of the bookies we’ve mentioned, not because they don’t have streaming as a feature, but because ML supports streams locally in the game. This alleviates the need for Twitch, which is the main platform most betting sites integrate into their sportsbook.

How to Bet on Mobile Legends

Betting on Mobile Legends is more straightforward compared to PC MOBA titles like League of Legends and Dota 2.

The betting markets are minimal and often boil down to winner, map winner, map handicap, and over-under, making it very easy for beginners who’ve never signed up for any gambling platform before.

ML crowd

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That said, we recommend assessing the Mobile Legends betting landscape before committing your money to fund an account.

  1. First, learn about the best Mobile Legends teams to understand the current power rankings (which teams dominate and are on the rise in a particular region). Use the latest MPL and M World Championship results as references. Doing this gives you the awareness you need to form good decisions.
  2. Second, figure out the best Mobile Legends players that consistently make the most impact, whether they already have over a million subscribers on YouTube or not. It’s true that bookies offer basic ML markets and that you won’t find odds for individual players. Still, roster shuffles do affect the betting landscape and cause minor to major shifts in the ML hierarchy.

Finals thoughts on MLBB betting

Mobile Legends betting can be an exciting and rewarding experience for players who enjoy the game. As with any form of betting it is crucial to approach Mobile Legends betting with responsibility. It is essential to research how the game works, who are the best players and teams before placing any MLBB bets.

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