VALORANT Odds: Live Betting Odds for the VALORANT Champions Tour

Welcome to the ultimate guide to VALORANT betting odds! As the fast-paced 5v5 shooter continues to take the esports world by storm, more and more people are looking for ways to get in on the excitement through betting.

But with so many different options, it can be tough to know which bets will give you the best odds of success. That’s why we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide on finding the best VALORANT betting odds. Our goal is not only to teach new gamblers about the basics but also help them become more confident as they hone their skills over time. With our advice in hand, bettors will be well-equipped with knowledge that can increase their chances of success when wagering on VALORANT matches.

VALORANT Real-Time Betting Odds

GameDate & Tournament
Teams & Odds
Bet Now
American Odds Format:
29/03/2023 08:00
Challengers League Philippines: Split 2
ZOL Esports
NAOS Esports
29/03/2023 08:00
Challengers League Indonesia: Split 2
Dewa United Esports
Alter Ego
29/03/2023 09:00
FGC Valorant Invitational 2023
FunPlus Phoenix
Number One Player
29/03/2023 10:00
Challengers League Thailand: Split 2
Made in Thailand
Sharper Esport
29/03/2023 10:00
FGC Valorant Invitational 2023
EDward Gaming
29/03/2023 10:00
Challengers League Japan: Split 2
Sengoku Gaming
SYSTEM e-Sports
29/03/2023 11:00
Challengers League Malaysia/Singapore: Split 2
Bleed eSports
X10 Esports
29/03/2023 11:00
Challengers League Philippines: Split 2
Stream Raiders Nacague
Oasis Gaming
29/03/2023 11:00
Challengers League Indonesia: Split 2
Le Crapaud
Hike Digital Esports
29/03/2023 12:00
Challengers League Thailand: Split 2
CRIT Esports
29/03/2023 13:20
Challengers League Malaysia/Singapore: Split 2
Enigma Gaming
Kizuna Esports
29/03/2023 13:30
Challengers League South Asia: Split 1
Medal Esports
29/03/2023 16:00
Champions Tour 2023: EMEA League
Natus Vincere
Giants Gaming
29/03/2023 19:00
Champions Tour 2023: EMEA League
Karmine Corp
BBL Esports
29/03/2023 20:00
Challengers League: North America
The Guard
01/04/2023 09:00
Champions Tour 2023: Pacific League
Rex Regum Qeon
01/04/2023 12:00
Champions Tour 2023: Pacific League
Talon Esports
01/04/2023 18:00
Champions Tour 2023: Americas League
Leviatan Esports
01/04/2023 19:00
Champions Tour 2023: Americas League
100 Thieves
01/04/2023 22:00
Champions Tour 2023: Americas League
KRÜ Esports
FURIA Esports

Which is the Best Esportsbook for VALORANT betting odds

When choosing an esportsbook for the best VALORANT betting odds, you simply can’t go wrong with the likes of GG.BET and Betway.

  1. GG.BET VALORANT is incredibly popular, and the odds are some of the best on the market. Not only do they offer highly competitive esports betting odds, but they have a website that is very easy to use and navigate. It’s an iconic esports betting platform that has partnered with some of the biggest leagues and organisations in the business.
  2. Betway VALORANT is equally great, and it offers great VALORANT odds. Furthermore, they also cover a wide range of esports tournaments, so you’ll always have a good selection of bets to choose from. Furthermore, Betway is an age-old platform that has been trusted by millions of users for almost twenty years!


These are our top two picks, and we guarantee you’ll be in safe hands. Speaking of safety, it’s vital to stress the importance of picking a safe and regulated bookmaker. When betting on esports, you must also protect your data and personal information. Always exercise caution and bet safely.

Betway VALORANT Odds

  • Betway Esports is a trustworthy betting site, offering a large selection of VALORANT bets with very good VALORANT odds.
  • They offer some live esports betting options, but mostly for the bigger esports events.
  • Aside from some of the biggest CSGO and Dota 2 tournaments, you can expect certain VCT betting options during the VALORANT Champions Tour.


  • When it comes to live esports betting, GG.BET Esports is by far the best option to choose from.
  • They offer a large selection of bets, covering both minor and major tournaments.
  • GG.BET constantly runs generous bonuses for their users, so you’re never late to the party and can always jump in and benefit from this.
  • With a large variety of in-play betting and a very good user interface, you’ll have an amazing betting experience.
  • What’s more, GG.BET is known for promoting some of the best bonuses and offers in the business, working almost effortlessly to draw in new users with key incentive campaigns.


Understanding VALORANT Betting Odds

To understand VALORANT betting odds, we first must understand VALORANT as a game.

  • As a first-person shooter, it draws inspiration from both CSGO and Overwatch, where it has different maps and rounds within each map.
  • The Overwatch similarities come in the form of Agent abilities, which give the game its unique flavour and somewhat set it apart from CSGO.

VALORANT odds, for this reason, are still relatively simple and easy to understand:

  • You can always bet on the main match and pick the winner – The final outcome of the match means you’ll either win the bet or lose. Pretty straightforward.

If you wish to go a bit deeper and test your VALORANT knowledge and betting strategies, you can bet on each map and predict its outcome.

  • It’s possible to bet on the overall outcome of the match and select the team you think will win, but also bet against the same team on Map 1 because you feel that the other team plays much better on that map.

This is where the subtle differences come into play, and it is also where your VALORANT betting knowledge fully pays off. However, if you have got experience betting on CSGO, you’ll find VALORANT a very comfortable niche to slip into.

Do Valorant Odds Vary Between VALORANT Betting Sites?

VALORANT odds vary between each VALORANT betting site, but not to a large degree. It’s usually minor differences, especially if the matchup has a strong favourite. In that case, the odds are always heavily in favour of that team and stacked against the underdog. Typically, most VALORANT betting sites will preach ‘competitive odds’, but in reality, there’s very little these platforms can do to push truly and dramatically different VALORANT odds.

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However, when there’s a situation where two equally skilled teams are paired against one another, we’ll see slightly higher differences between one betting site and the others. One bookmaker might have a 1.6 odd on the favourite, while the other may go a bit higher and opt for 1.75. Very rarely will we see completely opposite odds between bookmakers, but it is possible.

Valorant odds luckbox

Do Odds for VALORANT Matches Change Over Time?

It is possible for VALORANT odds to change over time, which can result from team changes, schedule, player injuries, and other factors that might influence the match. For this reason, you might notice the odds slightly changing, either increasing or decreasing as time goes on.

If you already picked your team and placed a bet, that bet is locked, and the odds won’t change – your bet will be safe.

If you’re hesitant and you delay locking in that wager, you’ll return to the betting platform later and realise that the VALORANT odds certainly have changed. Of course, they could change for the better, but there’s no guarantee that’ll be the case.

Should I Always Bet on the Best Team in VALORANT?

Betting on the best teams in VALORANT can be a safer pick in most situations, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll always win. There are a lot of factors that come into play.

  • First of all, that team may lose for many reasons. Bad play on their part, or the opponent simply being better – everything is possible in VALORANT.
  • Despite VALORANT now being more than two years old, it’s still considered a fresh game that is locked in a development cycle. There are constant changes taking place both in and out of the game, with players and rosters being chopped and changed on a regular basis. This can make it a little difficult to place the most accurate bets possible, as if you’re not totally connected to the industry, it can become tough to track all these changes.
  • If you’re following VALORANT and you believe you’ve acquired a good amount of knowledge about the game and the professional teams, you don’t even have to rely on taking safe bets by betting on the favorite. Instead, you can judge the map picks and compare team setups to make the best judgement. This way, you’ll be able to pick riskier bets with confidence, and with some luck, you’ll often end up winning the bet.


Should I Always Go Where the Best VALORANT Odds Are?

This one is mostly personal preference. As stated earlier, the odds don’t usually change by a large margin, and generally, they are pretty similar. Instead of chasing the absolute top VALORANT odds, you might opt for a betting site with the best and most user-friendly interface.

However, if you really want to make the maximum profit from your bets, you can go for the highest VALORANT betting odds. Again, in our experience, GG.BET and Betway are top-tier picks for this reason, and you can’t go wrong with either.

Still, you should do your own research and make sure you like the look of the betting site, the registration process and the bonuses they offer, and obviously, the VALORANT betting odds. If you like the whole package, you’re all set and can start your betting journey.


Right here! Each of the esports betting sites featured here has been checked to make sure that they give you nothing but competitive Valorant odds.

You can use Valorant odds to your advantage by seeing whenever odds might be undervalued. This is where the odds don’t reflect the likelihood of something happening.