Top LoL Tournaments in 2022

Which will be the best LoL tournaments in 2022? If you’re into LoL esports, you know that the game brings a lot of competitive action across the globe. Countless League of Legends tournaments are held every year and the amount of competition is constantly increasing.

However, League of Legends games are quite time-consuming, and most fans do not have time to watch all the events. For this reason, we compiled a list of the most important LoL tournaments for the upcoming 2022.

Also, if you’re into LoL betting and enjoy making bets on League of Legends matches, this list will further help you understand which tournaments are really worth focusing on. Here’s our Top League of Legends Tournaments 2022 list!

The Top LoL Tournaments and Leagues in 2022 are:

  1. LoL Worlds 2022
  2. The Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) 2022
  3. League of Legends Pro League (LPL) – China
  4. League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) – South Korea
  5. League of Legends European Championship (LEC) – Europe
  6. League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) – North America

2022 LoL World Championship

The League of Legends World Championship is the climax of every League of Legends season, as it gathers the best-performing League of Legends Worlds qualified teams from all the various LoL leagues worldwide.

LoL Worlds 2022 will take place in North America, with venues across the United States, Canada and Mexico. The venues were accidentally leaked online and will include New York, San Francisco, Toronto, and Mexico City.

In 2021, the competition took place in Reykjavík, Iceland, following a last-minute change from the original venue in China (due to Covid-19 restrictions).

Top LoL Tournaments in 2022
Image Credits | Riot Games

Not much is yet known about the league of legends championship event, but the tournament should follow a similar format to previous editions. It has not yet been confirmed if Worlds 2022 will feature a live audience or not, but it will likely depend on how the safety guidelines around the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will evolve.

We’ll most likely see a total number of 24 teams participating. 12 teams will go directly through Group Stage, while the last four will have to qualify through the play-in stage, which will feature most wildcard regions as well as the last seeds from the major ones.

Prize Pool: 
Last year’s event had a total prize pool of $2,225,000 USD. In 2021, the first-place team earned 22% of the total prize pool ($489,500) while the runner-up receives 15%. ($333,750)

The Mid-Season Invitational (MSI)

Mid-Season Invitational 2022
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In League of Legends, international tournaments are always considered more important than the domestic leagues. For this reason, the Mid-Season Invitational is the second most important League of Legends event of the season, as it gathers for the first time during the season teams from various different regions.

MSI marks a great opportunity for teams to truly test their level of play with other regions, and it gives them a better idea of what their potential can be in preparation for Worlds.

In 2022, MSI will be held in Busan, South Korea – at the Busan Exhibition and Convention Centre (BEXCO). This year due to the travel restrictions the LPL representative will be competing remotely and the LCL will not be sending a representative due to the Russian-Ukraine conflict.

The format will feature a total of 11 teams, competing in double Round-Robin Group Stage and later a Rumble and Single-Knockout Stage. The overall prize pool will be at least $250,000 USD, with the winner taking 30% of it and the second-placed team 20%.

League of Legends Pro League and League of Legends Champions Korea

Now that we have covered the international LoL tournaments, it’s time to take a look at the domestic ones. Starting off, we have the Chinese and the South Korean Leagues, the LPL and the LCK respectively.

China and Korea have been dominating the League of Legends esports scene for quite some time. Starting from Season 3, the winners of the LoL World Championship were always either a Korean or a Chinese team. It comes as no surprise then that the highest level of competition comes from these two regions.

In the most recent Worlds 2021 Championship, three of the four Korean teams qualified for the semifinals, with winners Edward Gaming filling the remaining spot. This has been an ongoing trend for the last few years, and it is expected to continue in the near future.

Top LoL Tournaments in 2022
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The LPL and the LCK also have some similarities in their format. While the Chinese League features more teams (17 teams, Korea has 10), both will have a Double Round Robin, with Best of three matches. The main difference arises in the Playoffs: the LPL features a King of the Hill single elimination brackets and later a winners and losers’ bracket, while the LCK has just a single-elimination bracket.

The two Spring Splits will begin in January, but there hasn’t been an official date yet. Based on previous years, we can predict that the LPL and the LCK will start in early-mid January, with the LPL starting first due to the number of teams.

Most Westerns fans, however, don’t actively follow these two regions due to the enormous amount of matches and the time zone differences. Nonetheless, these two leagues are the best domestic LoL tournaments you can find across the world and knowing more about their level directly impacts your LoL Worlds betting.

League of Legends European Championship (LEC) and League of Legends Championship Series (LCS)

Going down the list, we have the western competition in the form of the LEC and the LCS. The Western teams have been trying to catch up to the Eastern teams, and some of the greatest organizations (Fnatic, G2 and Cloud9) achieved some great results over the years. Still, the general level of the competition has been lower compared to the LPL and the LCK and the recent Worlds 2021 showed that there’s still a lot of work to do.

The LEC will continue using the same format since the start of the franchising era, with 10 teams competing in a Double Round Robin consisting of Best of one matches. The LEC Spring Split is set to start on Jan. 14: make sure to tune in to watch the action unfold! At the end of the split, the top 6 teams will then compete in Playoffs to determine the final standings.

Top LoL Tournaments in 2022
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While the LCS follows a similar format with the Spring and Summer Split, the LCS will also have a Lock-in tournament to kick-off the North American League. Not only that, but the performance in Spring will carry over to Summer, so teams will have the combined records in the final standings. The LCS Championship will feature the top 8 teams and they will compete in the Upper and Lower Bracket to determine the champions. The LCS Lock-in will also start on Jan.14 and it will end on Jan. 30. As a consequence, the LCS Spring Season will likely start in the first week of February.

Other LoL Tournaments in 2022

We’ve gone through all the major LoL tournaments for 2022, but there’s a lot more to look forward to! The LoL Wild Rift Championship was held this year in November, and it will surely be back in 2022! Not only that, but there are many more regional leagues like Japan, Oceania, and Latin America as well as all the secondary and third leagues!

The esports scene is creating a continuous cycle of competition and the number of esports tournaments is constantly increasing every year. Fans and esports enthusiasts only have one thing to do: choose their favourite competition.