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Riot Games’ newest flagship title VALORANT is the latest esports darling. The game’s innovative blend of tactical shooting and unique characters draws similarities to CS:GO, Overwatch, and League of Legends.

Fans from each game have welcomed VALORANT with open arms. The game’s viewership on has peaked at over 1.7 million, and weekly player logins still number in the millions. That massive fanbase has now turned its attention towards the rising VALORANT esports scene.

Riot Games have taken the initiative when it comes to esports. They’ve announced the Ignition Series, which will kick off VALORANT’s competitive ecosystem with a series of sponsored tournaments. Soon, there’ll be more opportunities than ever for VALORANT betting.

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How is Valorant played

Before you consider betting on Valorant, It’s good to know the essential game mechanics and play modes. We are about to speculate how we speculate competitive Valorant will look like as well as what game and character mechanics are available in-game.

  • Each match has 25 rounds played on a single map, with the first to win 13 rounds taking the match.
  • Players switch teams at the 12 round mark.
  • The Attacker team is tasked with placing and detonating a spike at one of multiple spike planting locations (max 3). The Defender team is tasked with preventing the former from their goal.
  • Either team can also win if they are the first to kill all the members of the opposing team, and this is a much more common way for teams to win in around.
  • Competition will likely follow a single elimination and best-of series during their bracket stages.

Players can choose from one of four classes of selectable Agents to play: Sentinel, Infiltrator, Controller, and Duelist.

©Riot Games

Each Class and Agent have specific abilities offering them offensive or defensive capabilities or simply the ability to exert control on an area of the map.
This would naturally mean that there is an evolving meta that will keep changing as certain Agents and abilities are deemed too weak or too strong, or simply whenever a new champion or map is released.

How it’s Different from Other FPS

There are many ways Valorant is different than both titles it is usually compared with (Overwatch and CS:GO).

Below are some key similarities and differences with both of these titles:

  • Players do not respawn within a round, but only at the start of a new one.
  • There are three predesigned classes to choose from.
  • Rounds in each match are short, usually two minutes or less.
  • Health can be regenerated with abilities.
  • There are special in-game rewards for certain actions within a match.
  • Players can aim down the sights of scoped weapons, or only use screen center crosshair depending on the weapon type.
  • Players buy new weapons at the start of a new round with money they’ve accrued from prior rounds. Money is rewarded for kills and based on won/lost rounds.
  • Players can be killed with a single shot similar to CS:GO.

The main sentiment by most former and current esports athletes competing in CS:GO or Overwatch, is that Valorant feels much like CS 1.6 with the added flavor of Overwatch added on top. Superior aim and wall-bangs reign supreme in this game.

Tournaments and Prize Pools

Riot Games is heavily involved in League of Legends’ competitive scene, and the same will be true for VALORANT. There are already several third-party tournament hosts, including Nerd Street Gamers, WePlay! and the Electronic Sports League. You might recognize those organizers from other esports on VALORANT betting sites. Many big names are moving into VALORANT and bringing big prize pools with them. The BLAST Twitch Invitational hosted in September had a prize pool just under $60,000 USD.


Riot Games will host the first major VALORANT esports tournament, First Strike. The First Strike tournament circuit will determine regional champs for each continent, who will later compete in an international event that has yet to be announced. Several bettings sites have clamored to add VALORANT betting options to their sportsbooks in anticipation of it’s growing competitive scene.

Gaining an Edge with Valorant wagering

We repeat the same advice across many of our esports betting guides because it always holds true; gain your VALORANT betting edge by acquiring as much knowledge about the game as possible. If you are new to the game, these steps can give you a serious advantage over the average bettor.

  • Download VALORANT for free and get a feel for the game’s systems. Learn how the guns feel, notice walk speeds and check out the different tools unique to each Agent.
  • Professional VALORANT streamers are always available to watch on Twitch for free. Watching a highly-ranked or even professional VALORANT player’s stream is a great way to learn the game.
  • Watching tournaments and listening to casters and play-by-play breakdowns is a great way to understand how and why some players or teams perform better than others.
  • VALORANT’s programming doesn’t allow for any esports stat trackers, but that doesn’t mean your VALORANT bets have to be blind. VALORANT’s Liquipedia is a public record of competitive VALORANT and offers comprehensive matchup histories with relevant stats.
  • Thanks to VALORANT’s similarity to other esports, you might recognize some pro players from the Overwatch League or CS:GO Majors. The latter’s pro scene was borderline split by VALORANT’s release, and many of them have made the switch. If you’re familiar with Counter-Strike, you might be able to apply that knowledge when VALORANT betting.


  • Where can I place real money bets on VALORANT? 

Some esports gambling sites prefer to use in-game items or tokens as currency, and some don’t use any money at all. These sites might pop up when you search for VALORANT betting sites, but don’t get the wrong impression. There are plenty of sites that offer VALORANT betting with cold hard cash, like Betway, Pinnacle and

  • Which esports betting site has the best VALORANT odds?

Many VALORANT betting sites tried to differentiate themselves with generous deposit bonuses or diverse payment options, but every VALORANT bet you make will have one thing in common; the odds decide your winnings, not the teams. Long-term bettors should be primarily invested in looking for the best odds, as betting on significant margins can yield greater returns than any sweetened deposit. As outlined in our comprehensive review, new and experienced bettors should turn to Pinnacle for the best VALORANT betting odds.

  • Is betting on VALORANT legal in the US?

VALORANT betting is subject to many of the same laws that affect traditional sports betting. Assuming you plan on using an online betting website instead of in-person gambling, the only thing to check is where the betting company is licensed. Americans will need to bet with online bookies from outside of the United States. As long as you follow that one restriction, there are no betting laws that specifically affect online VALORANT betting.

  • Which are the top VALORANT Betting sites for 2020?

Prospective bettors have quite a few VALORANT betting sites to choose from, but some stand out above the rest. Our comprehensive reviews have found to be an ideal VALORANT betting site for those who want to stick with esports. If you’re going to add VALORANT to your traditional sports betting lineup, offers the best mix of the two. Lastly, if odds are the paramount factor for picking your VALORANT betting site, Pinnacle’s comprehensive sportsbook and razor-sharp money lines can’t be beaten.

  • How do I watch pro VALORANT games?

Unlike traditional sports leagues like the NFL or NBA, VALORANT doesn’t have a commission deciding exactly how the game is played. Many VALORANT tournament organizers run things slightly differently, but they all offer their tournaments in HD for free. The tournament hosts will stream their events live on Twitch, Facebook, YouTube or other streaming sites. Check the tournament host’s social media accounts to find quick links to professional VALORANT tournament streams.

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