Rocket League Tournaments in 2024

Published: Jan 12, 2024 - Last Updated: Mar 15, 2024

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Rocket League is a high-octane, high-energy game with a valuable and popular esports scene thanks to Rocket League tournaments. Since 2015, Rocket League has wowed fans with its ingenious, exhilarating gameplay, fusing vehicular acrobatics with soccer. While it started with a very casual theme, an esports landscape was quickly fleshed out. Within just one year of launch, the game had established itself as a firm contender in the esports space, and today,tournaments are highly enjoyable and popular.

The 2024 Rocket League Tournament Season

It’s the best combination between competitive gameplay and traditional sports. Each year, anything up to a few million dollars will change hands at the best Rocket League tournaments held around the world. There’s a rigorous and well-structured esports framework in place around Rocket League, and it’s that framework that we’re exploring today.

Let’s get into the guide and break down the best Rocket League tournaments coming in 2024.

Rockin’ The Rocket League Championship Series

rocket league tournaments
Image Credit: Rocket League

Where Rocket League tournaments are concerned, the most prolific events are organized by Psyonix through the Rocket League Championship Series. This massively popular and hugely valuable tournament series has been a staple within the Rocket League competitive community for years, now hosted in seven different regions.

Here are the different regions which host Rocket League tournaments 2024:

For 2024, Psyonix is simplifying the RLCS into fewer events with a focus on sustainability. With roughly $4.8 million of prize pool on the table, three in-person tournaments are separate by a plethora of online competitions.

Ahead of each RLCS Major, three online Open Qualifiers take place with varying formats to establish the top 8 teams in each region.

The three RLCS tournaments to look forward to for Rocket League betting in 2024 include:

RLCS Major 1 Outright Odds

At the time of writing, GG.Bet is offering tournament outright odds for RLCS Major 1. Here’s a look at how the competition stacks up for this highly anticipated tournament:

TeamsGG.Bet Outright Odds
Karmine Corp+245
Team BDS+500
Team Vitality +500
G2 Stride +600
Gen.G Mobile1 Racing+800
Gentle Mates Alpine+1200
Luminosity Gaming+1200
Team Falcons+1200
FURIA Esports+1500
Complexity Gaming+1800
Rule One +3300

To learn more about the available odds, we recommend checking out our GG.Bet review.

Rocket League World Championship

RLCS Winners
Image Credits: Psyonix

If you’re looking for the very best Rocket League tournament of the year, look no further than the Rocket League World Championship.

Each year the best Rocket League teams in the world earn a spot to compete on the most prestigious stage of the entire season.

After earning points following an epic season of competition, teams have the opportunity to be crowned World Champions while $2,000,000 of prize is also on the line. If you fancy learning more about this historical esports event, we recommend checking out our RLCS World Championship betting guide.

Fantasy Rocket League and Other Events

At the top of the table, the RLCS certainly claims pride of place, but are there any other Rocket League tournaments to consider?

Unfortunately, it almost begins and ends with the Rocket League Championship Series. Besides the RLCS, there are the following events which have taken place in the past, and may spice up the competition this year:

Outside of these events, there really is nothing else that you’ll be able to bet on. Of course, that doesn’t mean that lower-level tournaments don’t exist at all, they’re just not prolific enough to be covered by esports bookmakers. Typically, alongside the RLCS, you’ll be able to find Fantasy Rocket League games, which is another angle you can use to get involved with Rocket League esports.

best rocket league tournaments
Image Credit:

If you’re eager to get involved with a little Rocket League betting, you’ll do well to focus on the RLCS. There will be plenty of opportunities for wagers to be placed across the various event windows. However, if you’re desperate to get involved even more, then perhaps you can tune in to some of the lower-tier tournaments that are streamed on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. While you can’t bet on them, you can still enjoy the game.

Top Tips to Take Away on RL Tournaments

Don’t just jump in and start placing wagers – use some top tips to make the most of your Rocket League bets.

Firstly, Rocket League esports are popular enough that many platforms house discussions regarding RLCS predictions. For instance, you could take a look at the Rocket League subreddit, attempting to identify which team seems to be the odds-on favorite to win.

Secondly, take a little time to understand the game itself. It’s ideal to play the game to understand how it actually works, but simply reading up the rules of play – and of the competition – can give you an advantage. Ultimately, while you may need to adapt your strategy to the given circumstances, you do need a strategy in the first place.

Finally, you should play the field and take advantage of the many esports betting sites out there today. They all tend to offer different bonuses and promotions, and you can take advantage of these at the press of a button.

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