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Live FIFA betting odds

FIFA may not be quite the esports giant when compared to the likes of Dota 2, CS:GO or League of Legends, but it does have a pretty established and extensive community of fans and players and its esports tournaments are amongst the most popular to play in, watch and also bet on.

Unsurprisingly, this has led to a number of sites including FIFA in their esports betting offering and you can see an extensive list of some of the best FIFA betting sites in our dedicated page.

On this page though, we are looking expressly at FIFA betting odds, where you can find them, what markets you are likely to find when you get there, and also what are the main factors that can influence how the odds can change when betting on FIFA.

FIFA Betting Odds

FIFA 20 Betting Sites

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Where can I find the best FIFA betting odds?

If you have any experience of any form of betting at all, then you will know that FIFA 20 Odds are going to change from one betting site to the other. There is no doubt that bookmakers have, in recent years, been a little more expansive and creative with the different FIFA odds they offer and also on the markets on which they will take bets.

The best FIFA betting tends to be found on the major events, these include such tournaments that are part of the EA Sports Global Series, a number of different tournaments that takes place across the season, culminating in the FIFA eWorld Cup at the end of the year, where 16 competitors in each of the PS4 and Xbox divisions will battle it out to become the official world champion.

Some of those major events include the FUT Champions Cups, FIFA eChampions League, the FIFA Majors (eNations Cup and eClub World Cup) as well as the Global Series Playoffs, the final barrier to a place in the eWorld Cup Finals.

What markets and FIFA odds you can find on these events, as well as an increasing number of smaller events held throughout the year, depends very much on the esports betting site that you use for your betting.

Remember, when you sign up to a betting site offering excellent FIFA betting odds, you should check out the latest promotional offer they have for new customers and double-check what the wagering and bonus requirements for your offer in advance.

Different betting sites offer different things when it comes to FIFA betting. For example, is a site that specializes in esports betting and includes an extensive range of FIFA bets. This includes top tournaments and a range of smaller events taking place throughout the year. It also has a good value introductory offer called the 25 Euro Free shot, which is essentially a risk-free bet of up to €25, which if you win you can collect on, but if you lose, you will receive a free bet to the same value.

In contrast to what offers, bet365 esport is a site that has that was initially developed for sports betting but which, like many sports betting specialists, has also moved into esports over the last few years. The number of markets available on bet365 Sport is not as extensive as esports betting specialist sites, but you can find some good value FIFA 20 odds here, especially on the EA Sports Majors and FIFA eWorld Cup events. A potential €100 sign up offer is also very appealing too.

Straddling these two providers are a company like They too offer an excellent value bonus, which could be worth up to €100 to a new customer. Like, are more specialist esports providers that also offer sports betting and other attractions. They have a great range of markets and often their FIFA odds are amongst some of the best in the industry.

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FIFA Betting Markets Available

If you are looking at FIFA 20 odds, then you are going to know what markets you are most likely to find available to you from providers like those listed above.

In this section, we are going to list some of the more commonly available markets you can bet on for a typical online FIFA esports match. These include:

  • Match Result – Home Win / Draw / Away Win
  • Total Goals – Over/Under options
  • Handicap Markets
  • Draw No Bet
  • Total Goals Scored by Each Player or in the Goal
  • Correct Score
  • 1st Half Betting Markets (this includes variations of bets listed here)
  • Double Chance
  • Both Teams to Score

One thing to note with FIFA betting odds is that you are likely to find the best value odds and a greater range of markets available in the biggest tournaments. Smaller events tend to have fewer markets available to bet on and the range of FIFA odds you can get on those markets tends to be smaller.

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How do FIFA Odds Change?

Like any betting market, the odds on any FIFA market can change very quickly indeed. FIFA 20 Odds are never fixed in stone and there can be any number of reasons why the odds on a particular selection change radically.

One of the key things to note is that for some top FIFA events, you may be able to place bets a little in advance of the tournament starting. However, as the kick-off time for the match you have bet on approaches, you may find the odds fluctuate.

This is due to any number of factors and can include:

  • Specific rules of the tournament that can negatively or positively impact a player’s chances of success.
  • Whether a FIFA update has made changes to the team rosters available
  • The performances of a player in the lead-up and during an event. Like real-life football stars, FIFA 20 players are subject to swings in form and that can impact on the FIFA 20 odds you see available to them.
  • The elimination of high/low-quality opponents. FIFA tournaments do depend a lot on the luck of the draw and if your player is drawn in a part of the draw that sees a lot of shocks, with lower-ranked players beating higher-ranked players, then this can affect their odds considerably.
  • How the FIFA community perceives a player’s chances. If the FIFA esports community back a particular player in good numbers, then this will affect that players odds by shortening them. Conversely, if the FIFA community don’t fancy the chances of a particular player, then their FIFA 20 odds will lengthen.

There are many reasons why FIFA odds can change but generally, if you shop around at the best quality esports betting sites, you will tend to find that they offer the best FIFA 20 odds you can find.