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Call Of Duty
15/06/2023 19:00
Call of Duty League Championship 2023
Minnesota RØKKR
New York Subliners
Call Of Duty
15/06/2023 20:30
Call of Duty League Championship 2023
Seattle Surge
Atlanta FaZe
Call Of Duty
15/06/2023 22:00
Call of Duty League Championship 2023
Boston Breach
OpTic Texas
Call Of Duty
15/06/2023 23:30
Call of Duty League Championship 2023
Los Angeles Thieves
Toronto Ultra
Call Of Duty
05/08/2023 19:00
CDL Championship 2023
Atlanta FaZe
OpTic Texas

How to Make Money with Call of Duty Odds

Call of Duty is one of the best first-person shooter esports titles in the business. It’s a franchise that existed for more than two decades, and today, it’s easily one of the most popular multiplayer platforms out there. As an esports game, Call of Duty draws in millions of viewers, many of whom enjoy betting on esports as they watch the gameplay unfold. There’s an ever-changing landscape in the COD world and, with each new release, the Call of Duty odds just get hotter.

As Call of Duty aims to be one of the most accessible games out there, it comes as no surprise to learn that betting on Call of Duty is also quite easy. There’s almost no study required to identify the best Call of Duty betting odds, and with the right tips and advice, you can be turning a profit on your wagers in no time. Every year, one of the biggest and most valuable esports tournaments, the Call of Duty League, welcomes countless esports bettors.

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Do Call of Duty Betting Odds Vary from One Esportsbook to Another?

When you’re on the hunt for the best Call of Duty odds, one thing you’ll be curious about is the inherently competitive nature of the betting industry. Most importantly, you’ll be wondering whether you could be getting a better deal with more competitive odds on the next betting site along. It can be a little overwhelming at first to consider this concept, as, after all, there are hundreds, if not thousands of esports betting platforms in the market today.

However, you’ll be pleased to learn that almost all Call of Duty betting odds remain relatively the same from platform to platform. While many esportsbooks offer their own picks, promotions, and deals, the actual odds themselves remain consistent across the board. If they do vary from site to site, it’ll be by a few decimal points – if that. After all, in the wide world of betting, many platforms utilise the same odds feeds, preventing too much of a competitive edge from forming on one particular platform.

Furthermore, if you’re jumping into the world of Call of Duty betting, you’ll quickly come to learn that the markets aren’t all that diverse. At the highest end of the spectrum, top-tier esportsbooks might offer unique, special, or exotic markets, but typically, all you’ll see are outright winners, correct scores, and over/under map count markets. That’s essentially the full extent of Call of Duty betting odds, and it adds massively to the ‘accessibility factor’ of betting on Call of Duty.

What is the Best Esportsbook for Call of Duty Odds?

If you’re totally new to esports betting, Call of Duty is a fantastic place to start. If we go to a more granular level, then you should start placing your first-ever wagers on the Call of Duty League. This is one of the biggest and most accessible esports tournaments in the world, and it offers near-unparalleled levels of opportunity and action. However, it’s all well and good going in with the intention of placing a few wagers, but which esportsbook is the best for your Call of Duty betting odds?

Firstly, we’ll highlight GG.BET – an esports betting site with a wide variety of Call of Duty League betting odds. At GG.BET, bettors will have the ability to unlock a top-tier service that comes equipped with a stable platform, exclusive bonuses, and the safe knowledge that hundreds of thousands of esports fans are already using the platform. This is a competitive platform that transcends simple esports betting, offering users an end-to-end experience on the site.

Next up, there’s Midnite, another top-tier option for Call of Duty betting. It has to be said that Midnite has been at the heart of esports betting since it first went live, and it offers features that are unique and innovative that simply succeed in pulling in heaps of new bettors. For instance, there’s Midnite CashMode in development, which will let users bet against their own skills in the game. If you’re betting on Call of Duty at Midnite, you honestly cannot go wrong.

Finally, we’ll offer Thunderpick as a third top esports betting site for Call of Duty odds. Thunderpick is a brilliant platform with some attractive bonuses, making it an easy pick (no pun intended) for those both new and experienced at Call of Duty betting. It was launched way back in 2017, so it has some legs in the industry, and today, it offers a wide range of esports markets for all the top games – and some niche titles, to boot.


What Are The Best Call of Duty Tournaments to Bet On?

For those not aware, Call of Duty can be considered a ‘seasonal title’. For years, Call of Duty has boasted a relatively unique ecosystem that is built around one central esports tournament, now named the Call of Duty League. This is arguably the only tournament worth your money when it comes to Call of Duty odds. It’s the highest level of Call of Duty competition, and it features the talents of the best Call of Duty teams in the world.

However, the more esports-focused betting sites might offer markets for Call of Duty Challengers or tournaments like the World Series of Warzone. These are lower-tier competitions but they’re still remarkably popular in their own right. On the one hand, you’ve got Challengers, which is essentially the path to pro – it’s where aspiring players are identified as prospects for the Call of Duty League. On the other hand, there’s the WSoW, the pinnacle of Call of Duty’s battle royale-based tournaments.

While there may be smaller, ad-hoc tournaments posted throughout the competitive year, they’re likely not going to receive coverage from betting sites. They could even boast massive prize pools and be backed by the best Call of Duty streamers in the world – they’re just not going to wind up generating any Call of Duty odds. It’s arguably the same situation with any esports title, with the exception of the top-most games out there, like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

So, that’s the long and short of it – the best COD tournaments to bet on are the Call of Duty League, and to a lesser extent, COD Challengers and the World Series of Warzone.

Call of Duty League Odds

This is where 95% of the Call of Duty odds can be found, and it’s the home of COD betting. In 2020, the inaugural season of the Call of Duty League kicked off, following a format change that renamed the competition from the Call of Duty World League… Huge change, we know.

This first season was a considerable success, and since then, the franchised league has gone on to become one of the most valuable tournaments in the industry. There’s big money for all involved, from the competitors to the consumers, and from the organisers to those taking part in Call of Duty League betting.


Top Tips for Betting on Call of Duty

If you’re keen on getting started with Call of Duty League odds, here are some of the best Call of Duty betting tips that we can offer:

  • Don’t discount the underdog. There’s something big to be said about the underdog in Call of Duty esports. For instance, in 2022, one of the worst-performing teams in the history of the CDL stormed to victory at a Major, beating the best team the industry has seen in years. It was a monumental example of why the underdog cannot be counted out. It’s why the best esportsbooks love an underdog team.
  • Do your research. While it takes no time at all to understand the rules of Call of Duty esports, it’s still advised to devote a little time to learn more about the game. There’s no reason why you couldn’t make use of one of the many guides posted online to learn more before you start laying down those wagers.
  • Watch the game. There really is no better way to learn more about Call of Duty than to watch it live. In fact, the only thing better than that is to play it – but you can’t realistically play a good game while tracking your bets. Instead, tune in to one of the hundreds of professional players that stream Call of Duty on a regular basis. It’ll help you immeasurably in understanding the rules of the game and in recognising what makes a good player good.