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Published: Jun 17, 2024 - Last Updated: Jul 7, 2024

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the most-played games in history, and by numbers, it’s the most successful Call of Duty game ever. It has seen approximately 750 million players pass through the platform since being released in 2019, and in a relatively short period, it has dominated the mobile gaming charts all over the world. It’s a fantastic title that has allowed the best Call of Duty Mobile players in the world to find their feet, make names for themselves, and earn millions of dollars.

In many ways, Call of Duty Mobile is a love song to the rest of the franchise. It features weapons, maps, and characters that are imported from some of the best COD titles ever made, and since 2019, it has been getting better with time, basically standing firm as one of the best-developed mobile games in history. Over time, mobile gaming – and mobile esports – is becoming much more popular, and games like Call of Duty Mobile are spearheading that charge.

So, let’s take a look at the scene and determine who the best CODM players in the world are right now. There’s a diverse and dynamic list, and thanks to the content creation side of things and the competitive gaming scene growing over time, it’s a list that is ever-changing. If you’ve been curious about who the best Call of Duty Mobile players are, look no further than this guide.

Who Is The Best Call of Duty Mobile Player?

It takes a lot to become the best at something – and those on the list of the best COD Mobile players are no exception to that rule. For this particular list, we’re looking at total esports earnings ever earned by COD Mobile players – more wins means more prize pools.

Here’s a look at the list of the best Call of Duty Mobile players at the time of writing:

RankCoD Mobile PlayerEsports Earnings
#1Angel "Marshy" Gonzalez$185,000
#2Mo "Island" Yan$181,085
#3Boris "BoLu" Lunin$171,666
#4Su "Anzai" Ruihao$153,725
#5Lin "King" Chengyi$144,670
#6Brian "Tectonic" Michel$141,666
#7Wang "Pegg" Jiahui$138,694
#8Maiwand "Vague" Zai$135,000
#9Xu "Fengnian" Ruijie$134,693

Let’s take a closer look at the competitors below!

10. Jezz

Jezz - Best Call of Duty Mobile Player
Image Credits: Tribe Gaming

As part of the infamous Tribe Gaming roster for several years, Jezz, whose name remains unknown is a veteran competitor from North America who has cemented himself into the top COD Mobile players thanks to the essential role he played on the historic roster.

Beyond his time on Tribe Gaming, he also spent some time on Seminal and currently plays for The Rejects after Tribe Gaming disbanded in 2023 alongside other top Call of Duty Mobile players.

9. Xu “Fengnian” Ruijie

Best Call of Duty Mobile Players
Image Credits: COD Mobile YouTube

Changing his name from “Fengnian” to “NIAN”, Xu Ruijie is a Chinese player who is part of the reigning championship roster – Wolves.

Competing in the past two years and staying loyal to Wolves, his achievements include winning local Chinese events and international events, especially in 2023.

After winning the CODM Fall Invitational 2023 and the CODM World Championship 2023, he’s one of the top COD Mobile players in the world.

8. Maiwand “Vague” Zai

Best Call of Duty Mobile Players
Image Credits: Vague YouTube

Playing for Seminal and hailing from Canada, Maiwand “Vague” Zai is a vicious competitor with a rich history in Call of Duty: Mobile.

Over the past few years, the veteran has played for over 10 different squads, finding various success on each team.

His most notable achievements include winning both the CODM World Championship 2022 and the NA Finals 2022 to name a few Call of Duty tournaments.

At only 20 years of age, he’s already a top COD Mobile competitor with a bright future ahead of him.

7. Wang “Pegg” Jiahui

Image Credits: CoD Mobile

Another Wolves player finds himself on this list, with Wang “Pegg” Jiahui happily earning his spot on the list of top Call of Duty Mobile players.

With an identical record to his teammates, there isn’t much to add to his history, apart from the occasional MVP awards he has received to help bump up his total esports earnings.

6. Brian “Tectonic” Michel

Best Call of Duty Mobile Players
Image Credits: Tectonic YouTube

As an active competitor for Seminal, Brian “Tectonic” Michel is a long-time competitor, competing since 2019.

Moreover, his long career is punctuated with multiple international victories, winning the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship in 2020 and 2022 under Tribe Gaming.

In addition, since leaving Tribe Gaming, he has maintained North American dominance on Luminosity, now finding himself on Seminal.

Considered one of the best COD Mobile players, we’re curious to see how Seminal does in the future.

5. Lin “King” Chengyi

Best Call of Duty Mobile Players
Image Credits: COD Mobile

Breaking into the scene in 2022, Lin “King” Chengyi’s signing to Wolves helped them continue their dominance in the Chinese scene.

The Taiwanese veteran has won several individual awards, helping him garner a relatively larger prize pool compared to his teammates such as at the CODM World Championship 2023.

4. Su “Anzai” Ruihao

Su Anzai Ruihao - Best COD Mobile Player
Image Credits: Anzai

The dominance of the Wolves roster truly speaks for itself when looking at this list of top Call of Duty mobile players.

Joining the list is another Wolves veteran, Su “Anzai” Ruihao, who has been the backbone of this roster since 2021 despite being inactive for a few months in the 2021 season.

With him at the helm, Wolves continue to be a massive threat with the best top Call of Duty Mobile players on the roster.

3. Boris Lunin (BoLu)

Image Credit: DotEsports

BoLu is easily one of the best Call of Duty Mobile players in the business – and he’s secured the World Championship twice. He’s one of the winningest player in Call of Duty Mobile esports, winning a staggering number of tournaments since bursting onto the competitive scene when COD Mobile was released in 2019.

In 2021, BoLu won the CODM World Championship, and then in 2022, he did it again, winning the global tournament while flying the Tribe Gaming banner.

Have no doubt – BoLu is certainly one of the best Call of Duty Mobile players on Earth who is now retired.

2. Mo “Island” Yan

CODM World Championship Betting Guide: Best Odds, Sites & Insights
Image Credits: Tencent

The inclusion of the entire Wolves roster concludes with Mo “Island” Yan. While he didn’t start on Wolves, first competing with Qing Jiu Club with massive success, his career only led him to join Wolves in 2023 ahead of the CODM World Championship 2023.

Using his experience at Qing Jiu Club, winning the Tencent Global eSports Arena Invitational in 2020, he can carry Wolves to a bright future.

1. Angel “Marshy” Gonzalez

best call of duty mobile players marshy
Image Credit: Tribe Gaming

Like BoLu, Marshy is a world champion-grade competitor, and as a former Tribe Gaming (one of the best Call of Duty teams ) representative, he has more or less followed the same path.

He won the CODM World Championship in 2021, and then he went on to repeat that achievement in 2022, winning that year’s CODM World Championship title. He has secured around forty major wins in his career as a Call of Duty Mobile competitor, and in his spare time, he works hard to build his following on content creation platforms as one of the best Call of Duty streamers.

At the time of writing, he has the most esports earnings, making him the best Call of Duty Mobile player.

Best Call of Duty Mobile Players FAQs

Who is The Best Sniper Player in COD Mobile?

Hawksnest is known to be one of the best sniper players in COD Mobile – it’s one of the reasons he has that name.

How Do You Become The Best Player in COD Mobile?

Firstly, you’ll need innate talent – that’s something that can’t be learned over time. You’ll need to grind the game repeatedly, learn every map, mode, and tactic, and put in practice. Then, build a following on content creation platforms and start competing in low-level tournaments. That’s all it really takes.

Who is The Best CODM Player in The World?

At the top of our list is Marshy, and we’re honestly saying he’s the best CODM player in the world.

Who is the Best CODM Streamer?

We’d have to also award that title to Marshy, as he has the biggest following and the most views – but other creators come in close behind, like AnonymousYT.
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