Best COD Mobile Players In The World


Call of Duty Mobile first launched in 2019 and rapidly rose to become one of the most downloaded mobile games of all time. Today, it has more than half a billion downloads in total, and it has proven itself to be a massive hit with gaming fans around the world. It has regularly been regarded as one of the best-developed mobile games ever, offering an unparalleled experience. We’re here today to discuss the platform and to figure out who the best COD Mobile players in the world are.

When putting this list together, we’ve looked at a range of statistics and metrics. For instance, we’re considering overall social media following, earnings, victory count, and the player’s overall ability in the game. If a player has made this list, they truly are one of the best CODM players on Earth today. They’re popular, talented, and above all else – they’re winners.

Who is the Best Player in COD Mobile?

1. Luke ‘iFerg’ Fergie

Image Credit: Sportskeeda

There can be no doubt about it – iFerg is the biggest creator in the Call of Duty Mobile space. Since he burst onto the scene, iFerg has amassed almost 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube, boasting incredible COD Mobile skills. There’s no bigger creator on the scene right now, and iFerg is probably the greatest CODM creator the world will ever see.

As a result of his undeniable CODM skills, iFerg is able to regularly put out video content that helps other players ‘get good’ at the game. He’s so important to the Call of Duty Mobile ecosystem that the developers honoured him with an in-game iFerg bundle. Once upon a time, iFerg was a legitimate competitor, playing under the Cloud9 banner. For a while, he was near-unbeatable on the field, but eventually, he made the transition to Tribe Gaming as a content creator. This prestigious organisation would go on to win the CODM World Champion 2021 West Finals.

There’s no doubt that iFerg is one of the best COD Mobile players in the world.

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2. Boris ‘BoLu’ Lunin

Image Credit: DotEsports

BoLu is a real, honest CODM World Champion – there aren’t many others that can stake a claim to that title. At the tail end of 2021, BoLu secured the top spot in the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship, picking up a sizeable portion of the $300k grand prize. He’s both a competitor and a content creator, fighting under the Tribe Gaming banner, and despite being relatively new as a player, he’s one of the best CODM players in the world.

He first began creating on the CODM platform in 2020, establishing himself as a dominating IGL and main AR. On YouTube, BoLu has picked up almost 50k subscribers and he regularly puts out content to both inform and entertain his followers. As per his profile, BoLu has achieved sixty-one major COD Mobile Championship wins, and was the top-ranked player from season three to season six in-game.

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3. Elijah ‘HawksNest’ Jackson

Image Credit: HawksNest (YouTube)

In terms of overall numbers, HawksNest is one of the most popular Call of Duty Mobile content creators. He has picked up more than half a million YouTube subscribers since entering the scene, and he’s best known for his versatility in-game. There’s almost no weapon that HawksNest cannot slay with, and his in-game knowledge shines through in his content, which he uploads regularly to the platform.

While he isn’t a competitive player, there can be no doubt that HawksNest is certainly one of the most skilled contenders. If he were to compete professionally, there’s no way he’d fail. In the CODM creator space, he’s something of a leader, putting out fresh, hot content that his fans absolutely love. He’s also a streamer on the YouTube Gaming platform, with thousands of viewers regularly tuning in to watch him play.

When it comes to helping the next generation of gamers, HawksNest certainly is one of the best COD Mobile players in the world.

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4. Nolan ‘Godzly’ Wilder

Image Credit: Godzly (Twitter)

He’s the third-best COD Mobile content creator and player, but even he is dwarfed by the might of both iFerg and HawksNest. With that in mind, it’s important to understand that Godzly is a fine contender in his own right, boasting a massive following on YouTube of 260k subscribers. This figure is a considerable achievement, and Godzly regularly uploads helpful, informative, and remarkable gameplay to his channel.

However, it doesn’t end there, as Godzly is also a legitimate CODM competitor. When the game first launched, he was competing alongside the likes of LittleB with team Omen. While Godzly would gravitate towards becoming a content creator for the infamous Tribe Gaming, LittleB would push on to become one of North America’s finest players.

Regardless of LittleB’s path in his career, there can be no doubting the fact that Godzly himself is one of the best COD Mobile players in the world.

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5. Jokesta

Image Credit: Jokesta (YouTube)

Jokesta is an honest-to-God CODM legend, both in-game and in his creative talents. There are more than half a million YouTube subscribers that can attest to that fact, and thousands of defeated opponents that can further back up the claim. By 2022, Jokesta had acquired more than 550k subscribers, and that figure keeps on rising as a result of Jokesta’s consistent content upload habits.

In 2019, shortly after the launch of Call of Duty Mobile, Jokesta was already being recognised in the competitive space. He was invited to an exclusive Creator Challenge tournament, playing alongside top names such as Noah, HawksNest, and Goldenboy. He has also competed alongside some of the best COD players, beating down the likes of Maven, Enable, and Methodz to claim the number one spot.

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6. John ‘Jayzee’ Clarence Rivera

Image Credit: Manila Bulletin

Jayzee is a legitimate world championship contender in the Call of Duty Mobile space. Not only has Jayzee represented the entire South-East Asian region at the CODM World Championship event, but he’s a player for NRX Jeremiah 29:11, one of the most popular esports teams in the CODM ecosystem. According to Esports Charts, NRX boasts the highest peak viewership out of any COD Mobile team in history.

While Jayzee found his competitive origins with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, he made a transition into COD Mobile at the start of 2020. Within a short period of time, Jayzee had begun to dominate the space, landing huge victories across the Philippines. He’s a skilled player, and when he’s competing, there can be no doubt that the Call of Duty odds are certainly lined up in his favour. He’s likely to dominate once again in whatever 2022 COD tournaments surface.

As of 2022, Jayzee boasted a YouTube following of 77,000 subscribers – a considerable sum.

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7. Abdul ‘RanGer’ Hakiem bin Tajudin

Image Credit: Ranger Gaming (Facebook)

When someone picks up the nickname ‘Malaysian Monster’, you know they’re going to be an impressive player. In RanGer’s case, he’s a legitimate competitor, playing as the IGL for RSG, one of the biggest and most popular esports organisations in the CODM space. Like Jayzee, RanGer found his feet in a traditional Call of Duty multiplayer theatre, before transitioning onto the Mobile platform.

He’s a Call of Duty Mobile beast, having secured several wins since jumping into the CODM landscape in 2020. In 2021, he secured the MYSG Championship, a prestigious tournament that boosted his profile immeasurably. There can be no doubt that the Call of Duty betting sites love him, even if his social media following is lower than most competitors on this list. As of 2022, RanGer boasted just 3.6k subscribers on YouTube.

RanGer, also known as the Malaysian Monster, is an honest-to-God hardcore competitor in Call of Duty Mobile. He’s the team captain for RSG, who, alongside NRX, boasts the highest peak viewership in CODM (according to Esports Charts).

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8. Roland ‘LittleB’ Byambasuren

Image Credit: LittleB (Twitter)

Let’s face it – Tribe Gaming is an extremely important organisation in the Call of Duty Mobile space. This is a fact proven by the number of Tribe Gaming competitors on this list – and here’s another, in the form of the iconic player, LittleB. He’s an OG competitor and has been playing since the moment the game launched.

He’s competed alongside the likes of Godzly and BoLu, some of the greatest Call of Duty Mobile talent in the world. Not only that, but LittleB has also represented his team at an international, world championship level. While he only boasts 70k subscribers on YouTube, there’s a bright future in store for LittleB.

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9. Kennedy ‘iDra’ Mondoy

Image Credit: IDRA Gaming (Facebook)

Like Jayzee, iDra plays for the prestigious NRX Jeremiah 29:11 – one of the most popular esports teams in Call of Duty Mobile. He’s an efficient and skilled player with some big wins under his belt, and he’s been playing CODM since the day it launched.

In 2020, iDra was one of the players who qualified to compete in the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship, before it was cut short. He’s also picked up a series of wins alongside big CODM competitors like Jayzee, Woopiiee, and CRUSH. He’s won thousands of dollars playing CODM, and is undoubtedly one of the best COD Mobile players in the world today.

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10. Knifes IOS

Image Credit: KnifesIOS YouTube

Finally, we arrive at a player who is equal parts impressive, skilled, and unique. Since Season One of COD Mobile, KnifesIOS has been an almost melee-exclusive player, opting to use weapons like knives, swords, axes, and shovels. He’s dramatically unique and has climbed the ranks while relying on the same class of weapons in-game.

This level of skill has enabled KnifesIOS to pick up almost 60,000 YouTube subscribers. He’s a popular and skilled creator, but he isn’t a legitimate competitor in the Call of Duty Mobile space. However, that isn’t much of a drawback for KnifesIOS, as what he lacks in competitive ability he makes up for with his talents for creativity and entertainment.

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