Best Call of Duty Mobile Players


When Call of Duty: Mobile was released in 2019, nobody could have predicted just how much of a massive success it would be. As it was a key part of the Call of Duty franchise, it was expected to perform remarkably well, but by May 2022, the game had seen more than 650 million players pass through its doors. This makes Call of Duty: Mobile one of the most-played games in history, and it has a bright future ahead. Today, we’re taking a look at that player base, identifying the best Call of Duty: Mobile players in the world.

For fans of Call of Duty: Mobile, the general consensus is that it’s one of the best-developed mobile games ever. It offers players an unparalleled gaming experience, which is important considering that mobile gaming – and mobile esports – is undergoing a dramatic transformation. As of 2022, mobile gaming (and esports) is becoming increasingly popular, with some estimations suggesting that as many as 2.2 billion people play games on a mobile device in some way.

As the Call of Duty: Mobile community makes up such a huge portion of that market, it’s only prudent to identify who is the best Call of Duty Mobile player, right? Read on to learn more about the best CODM players in the world as we break them down by their following, earnings, victory count, and their overall abilities in the game.

Who is the Best Player in COD Mobile?

1. Luke Fergie (iFerg)

Image Credit: Sportskeeda

In his own words, iFerg is the ‘most accomplished FPS mobile player on the planet’.

As of 2022, iFerg has sauntered into the number one spot in five different mobile games: COD Mobile, Apex Legends Mobile, Fortnite Mobile, Rules of Survival, and Cyber Hunter. He’s a legend of handheld gaming and arguably the most popular CODM streamer in the world. While iFerg has only won around $30,000 through Call of Duty: Mobile tournaments, he’s easily one of the wealthiest CODM streamers because of his huge following on social platforms.

For instance, iFerg’s YouTube channel boasts a following of 2.56m users, and by 2022, he’d picked up almost half a billion views on the platform. If any creator is eligible for the title of best COD Mobile Player, it’s iFerg. He boasts unparalleled, unbeatable skills in the game, and through YouTube, he regularly posts content aimed at helping new players to ‘get good’. Furthermore, iFerg has flown the banners of two prestigious esports organisations – Cloud9, and most recently, Tribe Gaming.

There can be no doubt that iFerg is one of the best Call of Duty Mobile players in the world.

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2. Boris Lunin (BoLu)

Image Credit: DotEsports

BoLu is one of the best players in the game right now, and he’s a legitimate Call of Duty: Mobile World Champion. In 2021, BoLu was a part of the team that secured the top spot in the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship, securing a $50,000 portion of the grand prize. He’s a gifted competitor and a popular content creator, and he has been flying the Tribe Gaming banner since August 2020.

There’s no question – BoLu absolutely is a frontrunner for the title of the best CODM player in the world. It’s estimated that he has earned more than $335,000 throughout his mobile gaming career, with almost every cent of that coming from CODM winnings. This makes him the winningest player in the CODM scene, and for that reason, many top-tier competitors look up to him for inspiration.

On YouTube, BoLu has been creating Call of Duty Mobile content since 2020. He worked hard to establish himself as one of the best IGLs and ARs in the business, and on the popular streaming platform, he boasts almost 50,000 subscribers. According to his profile, BoLu has secured 87 major COD Mobile championship wins, as well as another 16 tournament wins in other mobile titles.

Is BoLu one of the best Call of Duty Mobile players in the world? Absolutely.

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3. Angel Gonzalez (Marshy)

best call of duty mobile players marshy
Image Credit: Tribe Gaming

Marshy is one of the most capable esports competitors making the list of the best Call of Duty Mobile players. He’s a tried and tested, battle-worn player who has been competing at the highest level of Call of Duty Mobile esports since the game launched in 2019. He has been signed with Tribe Gaming since November 2019 as both a creator and a competitor, and his talent in the game has led to many victories for the organisation.

In December 2021, Marshy was a part of the Tribe Gaming crew that won the $1,000,000 CODM World Championship West Finals. Since then, he has landed countless wins across the vertical, both major and minor. Most recently, in August 2022, he picked up a huge win at the CODM World Championship NA Finals, securing a $30,000 prize. According to Liquipedia, Marshy has secured 34 official wins, making him the most accomplished player in the CODM niche.

It’s estimated that Marshy has made approximately $80,000 through Call of Duty: Mobile tournaments. He’s a smaller creator, with just 4.2k subscribers on YouTube, but his strength lies in his competitive ability, that’s for sure.

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4. Yanrique Wright

Image Credit: PUBG STARS

Boasting more than 1.3 million subscribers by September 2022, there’s no doubting Yanrique’s abilities as a CODM creator. He’s a dramatically popular YouTuber with near-unparalleled skills in the game, and his content is often focused around remarkable, insane moments in-game. He’s yet another creator signed with Tribe Gaming, and for good reason – Yanrique is an undeniable talent when it comes to boast streaming and playing Call of Duty Mobile.

He isn’t an esports competitor, but as his YouTube content shows, he’s one of the most cracked players in the game. With several high-value sponsorships behind him and dramatically popular on YouTube, Yanrique is easily one of the most accomplished Call of Duty: Mobile players on the market right now. He has grown remarkably fast in recent months, and with Call of Duty: Mobile as his current platform of choice, there’s no limit to the creative potential that Yanrique seems to produce.

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5. Elijah Jackson (HawksNest)

Image Credit: HawksNest (YouTube)

As of 2022, HawksNest is one of the most popular CODM content creators, boasting 553,000 subscribers on YouTube. He’s a verstile and talented player with more in-game knowledge than almost any other player in the business, and his streams are watched by thousands of people every time he goes live. As a versatile and dynamic player, HawksNest proves he has top-tier abilities with almost every weapon in the game, proving he’s a lethal player in almost every respect.

Technically, HawksNest isn’t a competitive player, but he is signed with Tribe Gaming as a content creator. If he were to take up an esports career in the Call of Duty: Mobile niche, there’s no doubt that he’d perform well, but he’s certainly happy sitting back and remaining a massively popular content creator.

When it comes to helping the next generation of gamers, HawksNest certainly is one of the best COD Mobile players in the world.

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6. Jokesta

Image Credit: Jokesta (YouTube)

Jokesta is easily regarded as one of the best CODM players, and he’s also one of the most popular creators in the space. By 2022, Jokesta had accumulated more than 591,000 subscribers on YouTube, growing faster than almost any other CODM creator on the platform. He uploads top-tier content almost daily, which his fans massively appreciate.

It doesn’t end with Call of Duty: Mobile for Jokesta, though. He has several other channels that are also very popular – Jokesta Stream, Jokesta Vlogs, Jokesta – Battle Royale, and many more. If we add all these channels together, Jokesta’s follower count exceeds 725,000 users.

When Call of Duty: Mobile launched in 2019, Jokesta was quick to be recognised as a competitor in the space. He was invited quite early on to an exclusive Creator Challenge event, which saw him play alongside top names such as Noah, Goldenboy, and HawksNest. He has played CODM alongside some of the most recognisable names in Call of Duty esports today. Not only that, but he has beaten them, taking down the likes of Maven, Enable, and Methodz to claim some huge and prolific wins.

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7. Bobby Plays

bobbyplays best codm playrs
Image Credit: NYSL

Bobby Plays has been creating content since 2015, and by 2022, he’d established himself as one of the best CODM players in the world. He’s one of the most prolific creators to make this list, having played alongside the likes of BobbyPoff and Santana, joining forces with some of the best Call of Duty players in the business.

In February of 2022, Bobby Plays’ abilities earned him a signing with the New York Subliners, a popular esports organisation. By 2022, he’d secured more than 825,000 subscribers on YouTube, where the majority of his content is published. He’d picked up a whopping 170,000,000 views in total, making him one of the most-watched Call of Duty Mobile players in the world. It’s estimated that Bobby Plays has only won approximately $28,500 through CODM tournaments, but he makes a lot more money through his streams and content.

He’s one of the most likeable faces in the business, and he’s a cracked player to boot. At the COD Mobile World Championship 2021 tournament, Bobby’s profile earned him a position as a host for the event.

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8. Roland Byambasuren (LittleB)

Image Credit: LittleB (Twitter)

LittleB is one of Call of Duty Mobile’s most experienced and accomplished competitors. He has represented both Tribe Gaming and the New York Subliners as both a creator and a competitor, and to date, he has accumulated more than $66,000 in Call of Duty: Mobile winnings. As a player, LittleB has competed alongside the greatest gamers in the vertical, such as BoLu and Godzly.

He’s a veteran force in Call of Duty: Mobile, having been competing on the platform since the moment the game dropped. Not only that, but LittleB has competed at an international, world championship level. There’s no doubting his in-game skill, and 71,000 subscribers on YouTube can attest to LittleB’s talent. He regularly publishes top-tier content on YouTube to an attentive audience, and although he’s growing a little slower than some creators on this list, there’s certainly a bright future in store for LittleB.

If you’re wondering who is the best Call of Duty Mobile player, don’t stray too far from LittleB.

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9. ParkerTheSlayer

parkertheslayer best codm players
Image Credit: YouTube (ParkerTheSlayer)

ParkerTheSlayer is a humorous and popular CODM creator with some of the hottest skills in the business. Like many others on this list, ParkerTheSlayer hasn’t made the transition to competitive gaming, despite having the tangible ability to do so. It seems that the content creation pull is too strong for some of these world-class CODM players.

Regardless, ParkerTheSlayer remains one of the best Call of Duty Mobile players to make this list, without a doubt. He’s a community-focused creator who produces unique, innovative content for his following of more than 549,000 subscribers on YouTube. He’s an inspiring presence in the space, and his most popular content is aimed at helping other players understand the game, earning him extra points for altruism.

He has secondary channels – ParkerTheSlayer LIVE, and ParkerTheSlayer Clips, which boast more than one million followers between them. This makes ParkerTheSlayer (collectively, at least) one of the most popular Call of Duty: Mobile players.

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kvle best codm player
Image Credit: YouTube (KVLE OFFICIAL)

KVLE is one of the best Call of Duty: Mobile players and one of the most popular creators in the space. He has been an active presence in the CODM scene since the game dropped in 2019, and his content is dramatically popular on YouTube, where he has amassed 421,000 subscribers. He’s a close friend of Yanrique, another top-tier player to make this list, and he has enjoyed a lengthy tenure under the Tribe Gaming banner.

Like many other creators on this list, KVLE streams his content to thousands of viewers. Once upon a time, KVLE made his name streaming and creating PUBG Mobile content, but Call of Duty Mobile has been a welcome home for him for years. He might not be the best COD Mobile player, but he’s certainly a strong contender for the title.


11. Nolan Wilder (Godzly)

Image Credit: Godzly (Twitter)

Godzly retired from active competition back in March 2022, but he’s still one of the most remarkable players in the industry. He has taken a step back from competing to work on his content creation career, and for a while, he’s flown the Tribe Gaming banner. There’s no doubt that Godzly is one of the best CODM players in the world, boasting in-game skill that almost every other player in the game struggles to match.

As of September 2022, Godzly has secured more than 258,000 subscribers on YouTube, a considerable achievement in itself. He’s also a veteran of the game, considering he was one of the first legitimate esports competitors on the platform when it first launched back in 2019.

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12. ABU

abu-cod-mobile players
Image Credit: YouTube (ABU)

Abu is an Indian Call of Duty: Mobile content creator and player, and probably the most popular player to emerge from the region. He’s a legend of mobile gaming, topping the charts on many handheld-based platforms, but most importantly, he’s a cracked Call of Duty: Mobile player. By 2022, ABU had secured more than 252,000 subscribers on YouTube, being best known for his regular content that pushed the boundaries of base games.

It was just one year ago that ABU was celebrating 25,000 subscribers, and in the space of a single year, his following has grown at a remarkable rate. As he posts content that also explains how to get better at the game, he’s an appreciated presence amongst the newer players entering the CODM community. These days, he has split his time between Call of Duty: Mobile and BGMI, and he typically remains an unbeatable competitor on both platforms.

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13. Knifes IOS

Image Credit: KnifesIOS YouTube

There are few players as innovative or adventurous as KnifesIOS, a player that has spent much of his career dominating the battlefield with nothing but melee weapons. He’s a unique player with plenty of skill in-game, and 61,400 subscribers on YouTube have gravitated to his content since he began creating it back in 2017. He’s a popular creator by all accounts, but he isn’t a legitimate esports contender in the CODM space.

However, that fact is far from a drawback for KnifesIOS, as what he lacks in competitive ability he more than makes up for with his creative talents. Since mid-2022, KnifeIOS has made a transition to Apex Legends Mobile, but he’s still one of the best CODM players out there, without a doubt. He made his name in Call of Duty: Mobile, and the vast majority of his following was picked up while playing the game.

Apex Legends might be the next step on KnifesIOS’ journey, but Call of Duty: Mobile will always be where he got started.

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14. Ganyth

ganyth-codm players
Image Credit: Twitter (Ganyth)

Ganyth is one of the best snipers in CODM, and that talent regularly shines through in his YouTube content. He’s an accomplished player, having been involved with the Call of Duty: Mobile scene since the game launched in 2019. He’s a Brazilian player with a considerable following – 231,000 subscribers, by September 2022.

As his videos show, Ganyth is easily one of the most cracked creators around, and his skills with a sniper rifle are unmatched. There’s no doubt that he’s one of the best CODM players, particularly when he’s wielding a sniper rifle in Search and Destroy. He’s well deserving of a spot on the list of the best Call of Duty Mobile players, even if he isn’t a legitimate esports competitor.

He could be, but the content game is just far too strong!

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15. AnonymousYT

anonymousyt best codm players

AnonymousYT has been creating content since 2017, focusing on all aspects of the gaming industry. However, for a couple of years, the majority of his content has been focused on Call of Duty: Mobile. While he’s a legitimate player with some top-tier talents, a lot of his content is news-based or aimed at helping players understand the ins and outs of the CODM platform. He’s one of the most accomplished creators in the space, and some of his videos have secured view counts exceeding thirty million.

By 2022, AnonymousYT had picked up more than 880,000 subscribers on YouTube. He’s one of the most experienced mobile gamers in the business, and his platform is split up between COD Mobile, Battlefield Mobile, Apex Legends Mobile, PUBG Mobile, and Fortnite.

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