Plinko By Roobet Game Lowdown: Is There a Strategy to Follow?

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If you are looking for one of the more unusual additions to Roobet Casino’s game offering in recent times then Plinko by Roobet is certainly an attraction worth considering.

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In this article, we will give you the lowdown on Roobet Plinko, including whether there is a strategy you can employ in the game to give you a better chance of winning.

What is the Roobet Plinko Game?

Based on the massively popular Japanese game of Pachinko, Plinko by Roobet offers several customizable features that allow you to set the game up as you would like to play.

Given Pachinko’s massive popularity in Japan, where it is played by millions every week, some believe a strategy can be employed to help you win. Furthermore, many assume that such strategies can be applied to games online such as the Plinko game at Roobet.

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Let us explain how the Roobet Plinko online game works.

How to Play Plinko by Roobet?

There are various parameters you can set when you play Plinko by Roobet on the site.

  • These parameter alter the setup of the pyramid and scoring sectors below, but the actual process of playing the game remains the same.
  • Select your bet amount per game using the Bet Amount box.
  • Then select how many bets you make in a game.
  • If you set a bet amount at say $1.00 and play 10 bets, then that will cost you $10 in stakes.

Selecting Game Mode

plinko by roobet

You can then select one of the four game modes – Lightning, High, Medium, and Low.

High, Medium, and Low refer to the variance for that game:

  • With Low Variance offering you the best chance of making smaller losses and smaller profits
  • While Higher Variance games mean greater potential wins, but also more chance of it costing you more.

On the High, Medium, and Low games, you can also select between 8 and 16 lines (multipliers) and again, the more lines you select the greater the potential volatility of the game is.

Fast Mode

Fast mode is also available which does away with watching the counters drop on screen. This speeds up games which is useful if you are playing 500 or 100 games or similar, but it is much more fun to watch the counters drop each time.

Starting the Game

Once you have the parameters of your game set, simply click the start button and the number of counters you selected to play will drop into the machine in the middle of the top row.

As they fall they will land in one of the multiplier slots at the bottom of the Pyramid. You want to land as many counters as you can in the outer sectors of the board, as they offer a profit. The sectors in the middle of the board offer a return, but it will be less than your bet (between 0.1 and 0.3 x your stake).

roobet plinko strategy

At the end of the game, your returns from the game will be added up and added to your balance, minus the money you staked to start the game of course.

And if your balance goes up, you’re winning! And it is now a sensible time to consider a cheerful Roobet Plinko withdrawal to keep that profit!

Alternatively, if the balance starts to fall, you’re losing! So do you keep playing hoping your luck will change, or call it quits? The choice is yours!

Is There a Roobet Plinko Strategy?

When you play the Roobet Plinko Online, it is tempting to think that given how popular (and similar) Pachinko is in Japan, there must be a Roobet Plinko strategy you can use to help try and maximize your chances of a profit.

Unfortunately, this hope is dashed by the fact that there is no methodology, trick or foolproof way to play that will give you consistent wins at Plinko, including all the different options available when playing Plinko by Roobet.

At its heart, Plinko is a game that is almost entirely made up of chance. In the mechanized game, the balls or counters drop down the pyramid of pins and into slots, and how the counters or balls land is random (and over time, will usually result in the famous ‘bell curve’ of results).

A Bell Curve outcome means that the majority of counters will land in the middle spaces, the minority in the wider spaces. This means that overall, most of your plays in the game will be losers.

In fact, the math shows that for every 1 game that ends up in a profit, you need 3.97 games (or as near as 4) to generate a profit on average. Of course, that is not how the game works all the time. You can see four profitable turns in a row, but by the same token, you can have a run of many games that do not generate any profit, and which are seeing you lose money.

What is key to generating a profit is not how many of your games end up in a loss, but how many of them hit those higher-value outer sections that can offer much greater returns.

So, no, there is no fool-proof Plinko strategy to follow. So you must simply play the game responsibly and enjoy how unpredictable and exciting it can be – whichever version you elect to play!

Is Roobet Plinko a Crash Game?

Regular customers at the Roobet Crypto Casino will know that the Roobet Crash Game section is one of the most popular for players.

While technically not one of the more obvious crash games, Plinko at Roobet does share many similarities with this particular gaming genre.

There isn’t a skill element involved in playing Roobet’s Plinko. The outcomes are entirely random, and chance plays the key role in deciding what every turn on the game results in. Whether that is a profit, a small loss, or whether you lose your stake altogether (as is possible on the Lightning version of the game).

Technically, a crash game does have an element where a player has to cash in their bet before the game ‘crashes’ and their bet loses, which is an element that Roobet Plinko doesn’t have.

So while this may not technically be a crash game by the strictest definition, the fact that the term crash game has come to encompass a whole range of near-instant win games, different from the traditional casino game offerings, then you can broadly say that Plinko is often placed alongside other crash game options at online casinos.

Can I Play Plinko at Roobet for Fun?

Yes, once you have signed up to Roobet you can play the Plinko game for fun by hitting the Fun Mode toggle in the bottom left corner. Playing the demo version of any casino game should be an integral part of any Roobet strategy. You get to familiarise yourself with the gameplay before risking any of your know own bankroll.

play plinko roobet for fun

If you’re wondering whether you can play Plinko on the sister site currently it doesn’t look like Roobet is offering a Plinko-styled game for customers to participate in playing, but that doesn’t mean that it will not be available in the future. Given the range of tournaments on offer at the popular social casino, who knows what the future will hold for Plinko fans when it comes to free-to-play social gaming!

With sites like Roobet, we have come to expect the unexpected from this popular casino and its exciting games, of which Plinko by Roobet is a fantastic example!

To play Roobet Plinko sign up to the site and check out what the game has to offer.

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