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Welcome to our NFT betting page, where you can find everything you need to know about betting with NFTs. Within the last couple of years, we’ve seen NFTs integrate with the gaming, music, real estate, and now, betting industries. For some, NFTs are an incredible, emerging technology and concept that could change the future of finance as we know it. Today, we’re here to look at a small portion of that technology, addressing the concept of NFT betting and explaining the future potential of the practice.

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Everything You Need to Know about NFT Gambling in 2024

There aren’t as many integrations with the betting industry as there are with the gaming industry, for example. However, NFT betting is a premise that is backed by some of the top platforms in the space. With many developers and organisations seeking to take advantage of the values of NFTs, we have seen options opening up for direct NFT gambling on a number of top sites.

Read on to learn more about NFT betting sites, what NFTs actually are, and how they could impact the betting industry.

What are NFT Gambling Sites?

The good news is that NFT betting sites don’t differ much from regular betting sites. The process is pretty much the same: sign up and play to win. The difference is that instead of betting with USD, you bet with an NFT. It’s worth noting that you can sometimes bet to win NFTs.

Some players may choose to bet with NFTs instead of fiat currency simply because playing with them can affect which bonuses and rewards you can claim. If NFTs are your thing, playing to win more valuable ones could be the perfect way to keep yourself in the game!

Wagmi Casino NFT Betting

WAGMI Casino NFT Betting

Overview & Special Features

  • You can win, earn or buy your own NFTs at Wagmi Casino
  • Extensive NFT-based Loyalty Scheme with VIP level guaranteed at Level 9
  • Crypto-only-based casino, licensed in Curacao, founded in 2022
  • No wagering on Loyalty Scheme level-up bonuses

Wagmi Casino is one of the top crypto casinos available. There’s a 50% welcome bonus up to $30,000 offer for customers starting at deposits valued at €20 up to €10,000, as well as a cashback bonus which players can pick from when signing up.

Wagmi NFT holders at the site can enjoy a range of bonuses and perks depending on which tokens they hold. Gold or Black NFTs mean you will achieve VIP Status. Customer support is available in English for customers via Live Chat or email.

Mobile customers can access the casino via a mobile site as there are no apps available for the casino as yet. Deposits and withdrawals are all completed via CoinsPaid for a wide range of crypto including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Tron (TRX), Cardano (ADA) and Ripple (XRP). Wagmi Casino provides players, who do not own crypto, the functionality to convert fiat to crypto on-site using Visa or Mastercard.

With over 5,000 slot games to pick from, an abundance of casino and crash games plus an extensive Live Casino, there’s a huge amount to like at Wagmi Casino.

BC.Game NFT Betting

NFT Betting Opportunities at BC.Game site

Overview & Special Features

  • BC.Game has its own exclusive NFTs available to win
  • You can also take part in NFT giveaways
  • Recent investments show their commitment to growing NFT betting
  • Supports NFT for betting, exchanges, reloads and cashouts

BC.Game has got to be the number one crypto and NFT betting site out there, having won a number of awards in 2022 for their amazing selection. They have a dedicated NFT section including exclusive giveaways so if you’re looking to get started, this is probably the site that’ll make sure you get off to the best start!

Visit BC.Game ➥

Rollbit NFT Betting

rollbit NFT beting

Overview & Special Features

  • Exclusive VIP program that allows betting with NFTs
  • Take part in the Rollbot drops and have a chance at winning some of 10,000 unique Rollbots
  • Members get a fantastically discounted offer and access to the RLB lottery that earns tickets for weekly draws

The public sale of Rollbit’s unique NFT program has already begun, so now is the perfect time to get involved. Their NFTs are algorithmically produced, and with over 10,000 available, there’s plenty to go around. You don’t even have to spend any real money to be in with a chance. Over 900 of them are available in loot boxes for brand-new and existing customers.

How does NFT Betting Work?

nft betting

The world of NFTs might seem a little overwhelming for both new and veteran bettors alike. But have no fear. It’s not quite as complex as it might seem. The first thing to do is make sure you choose the right betting site for you that allows betting with NFTs. Next, follow the same steps that you would usually:

  1. Sign up with all of your personal information, including name, email address and age verification.
  2. Make your first deposits and claim any relevant signup bonuses there may be.
  3. Play casino games and be in with a chance to win!

The main difference you’ll need to consider is that understanding how NFTs work is really important if you want to be successful. That means that once you win your first NFT, you’ll know what to do with it next!

The NFTs you win will have a value established by the blockchain they are a part of. This information should be available on the site where you’re betting the NFTs, it might be a little boring to read about it, but it’s really worth it. Remember to keep track of cryptocurrencies as well, they can play a huge role in the value of your NFTs too.

Introducing NFTs to Betting

With the rise of crypto betting, there’s an eagerness to introduce fresh, powerful technologies into the betting industry. At the forefront of this push is NFT technology, which could integrate with betting in a number of ways.

For instance, the chief concept driving NFT integration is the introduction of NFTs as winnings, as opposed to traditional cash prizes. When you place a bet on sports or an esports market, you’ll typically use fiat currency and receive the same back, provided you are successful.

But, if you were to partake in NFT gambling, you could potentially win NFTs instead of hard cash. Similarly, there could be a function that would allow you to stake NFTs on your wagers, instead of traditional currency. It’s a similar concept to CS:GO skin betting, in which bettors use valuable CS:GO skins as stakes for bets, and if they win, they collect more skins. If the notion of ‘decentralised gambling’ was to truly take off, this is one way in which NFT betting could be successful.

Elsewhere, the concept of NFTs could apply to the direct ownership of ‘portions’ of the gambling industry. For example, let’s propose that a top crypto casino opens up a digital environment hosted in the realms of the ‘metaverse’. Now, as part of this venture, the platform has given users the opportunity to purchase slot machines as NFTs. When a user enters the digital casino and gambles on the machines, the owner receives a portion of the profit.

It’s just one of the many ways NFTs could be introduced to the betting industry.

NFT Monkey

How are NFTs different from crypto betting?

On one side, you’ve got NFT gambling, which would most likely include betting with and for NFTs. However, when you make use of the top crypto betting sites out there, you’re typically gambling in a very traditional way, but you’re using cryptocurrency to fund your betting wallet. It’s a simple separation and the two shouldn’t be confused as they’re quite different in nature.

At present, crypto betting is a very real, tangible thing, and you can practice it on various websites right now. Conversely, NFT betting is, for the most part, mostly conceptual, and there aren’t really any platforms that offer it as a practice. Before we finish this guide, we’ll walk you through exactly what an NFT is, highlighting the value of them and explaining where exactly you can obtain them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NFT betting?

NFTs are unique tokens that can be used to bet on various sites. Like normal sites, you can sign up for a new account, make deposits and win prizes, including NFTs.

How do you gamble NFTs?

Luckily, you can bet by taking the same steps as you would at a normal online casino. Instead of winning the usual fiat currency, you can be in with a chance to win more valuable NFTs.

Which gambling sites accept NFTs?

NFTs are becoming a more popular form of betting at online casinos. Some sites, including Wagmi Casino, BC.Game and Rollbit have specialized NFT betting sections already up and running.
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