CS2 Team Betting: Top Betting Sites to Bet on Counter-Strike 2 Teams


Over the years, CSGO has had its share of legendary teams. Eras come and go, with teams building legions of adoring fans as they build their legacies. Over time, fans become invested in these teams, and it’s why CSGO team betting is one of the most engaging ways to get involved in the CSGO betting market.


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What is CSGO team betting?

CSGO team betting is exactly as described – betting on the performance in different metrics of a competitive CSGO team. These markets are often quite specific, so the odds are often high making them potentially good value for money.

  • Some markets are simple – for example, bet on one team winning a map.
  • More specific ones could be anything, for example CS2 bomb betting, where players can bet on whether teams will plant or defuse the bomb within certain rounds.

CSGO team betting can require a high level of knowledge of both the game and the teams. How can you bet money when you can’t tell the best CS2 teams from the worst? Some take a simplistic approach, and wager money on their favorite teams rather than ones they actually think will win. If your team aren’t favorites, this can yield big results if they upset the odds and win against a superior team.

csgo team betting at GG.Bet

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Due to the longevity of CSGO betting, markets have had years to develop and figure out which are players’ most popular. It’s why there are so many CSGO team betting markets – it’s simply the most popular. A lot of punters won’t know individual players for teams, outside of true Tier-1 players such as s1mple and dev1ce. With these rosters always changing, it can make player betting risky. And sure, 1v1 CS2 betting exists, but it happens so infrequently that it makes it extremely difficult to play. In CSGO betting, gambling on teams is just the safest bet.

Outright CSGO team betting

We’ve discussed CSGO team betting markets for individual games, but did you know you can bet on outright team winners for competitions, too? Before tournaments begin, CSGO team betting sites offer odds on who will be the overall champion. If you feel an upset on the cards, this can produce great results. Look at the IEM Rio Major 2022 – won by Outsiders, who were quite literally outsiders. Wagering money on them winning before the tournament would’ve gotten huge winnings.

One approach is to place a CSGO bet on teams that you like. Competitive CSGO is filled with different personalities, with toxic players reaching the top of the game. There are just as many endearing personalities in the scene. That’s why it’s great – you decide whether you root for the heroes or the team of pantomime villains, and there’s an even chance for both to succeed. Whatever route you take, it’s worth checking our CS2 betting guide for how to pick between certain teams.

Where do I play CSGO team betting?

So you’re well-researched and on your way to CSGO team betting but don’t know where to do it. The benefit of team betting popularity is that it’s offered pretty much anywhere CSGO betting is offered. It’s a core market for CSGO team betting sites, so with the abundance of games, you’ll always be able to participate. However, it’s important you make the right choice among all of the CS2 sites for betting.

You want a bookmaker that is licensed, regulated, and, thus, legal. There are plenty of CSGO sites out there that use in-game skins for currency. Don’t use these, as not only are they explicitly against Steam’s terms of service, but they’re illegal, too. Instead, use one of these safe and secure sites:

GG.Bet: Esports Specialist Site for Betting on CSGO Teams

GG.Bet is one of our top picks for CSGO team betting. As we said earlier, in CSGO gambling, you can bet on teams you like, right? Well, here, no matter if your favorites are a major winner like FaZe, or an up-and-coming youth roster, no doubt GG.Bet Esports will feature them. The site has an enormous range of markets for team betting and goes the most in-depth into each individual game. You can even bet on Knife and Zeus kills per round, for example.

Go to GG.Bet ➥

Thunderpick: Bet on CSGO Teams in Crypto

Thunderpick Esports is a good option for the tech-minded player, only dealing in cryptocurrency deposits such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether. The site specializes in esports, with traditional sports betting taking a backseat, meaning you get the best-researched odds in the esports space. Although wagering cryptocurrency won’t be for everyone, it’s perfect for the right audience.

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Betway: CSGO Team Betting on a Leading Global Gambling Site

We think Betway Esports is perfect for new players. With a solid selection of markets, it benefits from a great minimum deposit of £5, allowing players to experiment with their CSGO team betting. For many, this will be the most important factor, as entering a market as daunting as CSGO betting, some players won’t want to wager huge sums. GG.Bet and Thunderpick aren’t yet available in the UK, making this the perfect pick for UK players.

Go to Betway ➥

Though it can be a tough enterprise, we’d definitely recommend trying CSGO team betting. If you let it enhance your competitive CSGO viewing experience, it’ll culminate in some of the most exciting experiences you’ll have watching esports.

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