CSGO Crash Sites: Where to Play CSGO Crash Betting?

If you haven’t heard of CSGO crash betting, much less of CSGO crash sites, you probably stay clear of casinos, where the game “Crash” started. Crash betting is one of the most in-demand gambling markets you’ll find, even on dedicated CSGO case-opening sites and esports bookies. The C4 bomb isn’t the only thing with a deadly timer anymore, apparently.

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What is CSGO Crash Betting?

CSGO crash betting is simply playing the game Crash on a CSGO gambling site, where the profits can be used to unlock cases, purchase or trade in-game items, and place wagers on CSGO matchups.

Although originally found in online casinos several years ago, the game has now become popular to cross boundaries and reach different gambling establishments, including esports, sports bookmakers, and various other entertainment businesses.

csgo crash betting

CSGO Crash Betting on CSGORoll

But how does CSGO crash game work? There’s one major element: increasing multiplier.

Unlike in most betting markets and games where the multiplier is fixed, such as sports accumulators and many slot machines (even welcome bonuses and loyalty rewards use fixed multipliers), Crash is a game with an increasing multiplier.

So, you place a bet, and you see a number on your screen that starts with 1.00 and ends with who-knows-what, which is the point: you either cash out your bet before the crash value and get a multiplied return or you never cash out at all because the multiplier has “crashed” and you’ve gone bust. This is often made painful when something on the screen explodes, typically a rocket flying up on a graph.

Best CSGO Crash Sites

Ready to try the CSGO crash game? Here are some of the best CSGO crash sites to consider.

  1. CSGORoll: CSGORoll became one of the best CSGO betting sites without missing out on great markets. And Crash is a great market. On CSGORoll, you can play Crash with coins or skins while having access to nearly all CSGO services you can name, such as unboxing, case battles, and player-to-player trading to mention a few. You can play other games and claim rewards while you’re at it too.
  2. CSGOLuck: As a relatively new CSGO betting site with a penchant for casinos, CSGOLuck is where you play Crash in a quiet but premium environment. This is because they still have a relatively small fan base compared to their older competitors. Be that as it may, their CSGO crash gambling feature is just as fair and enjoyable. They also have a market for in-game items as well, and they feature case opening, case battles, coin flip, wheel (also known as roll), and a couple more games.
  3. WTFSkins: In a gambling industry riddled with minimal designs, vivid graphics, and slick features, WTFSkins is the forgotten giant that has dirt under its fingernails. The site reached its peak about five years ago. Though they may be outdated, they’ve kept up where they needed to keep up the most, which is why they have a CSGO crash game in the first place. You can even argue they’re one of the best CSGO crash sites since they have cases available when others have decided to switch to offering sportsbooks instead. The cases are the result of their affiliation with CSGOLive, a famous CSGO case opening site.

csgo crash sites

The CSGO Crash game as seen on CSGO Luck

So-Called CSGO Crash Betting Strategies

Many give lectures on how to make money on CSGO crash. Some give promises of improving your chances to outsmart the house. Of course, these are the same people who wish upon shooting stars, but you should know their gimmicks anyway.

  1. Martingale System: No one can possibly lose all the time, right? Every loser increases the odds of the next bet being a winner—even if the CSGO casino you’re playing on is a little unfair. This is the premise of the Martingale system. More practically, it goes like this: you always aim for a 2x multiplier, place a default bet (maybe a dollar or two), and you double it every time you lose. Once you win, you reap the profits and revert to your default bet. Does it work? Well, everyone would be driving Lamborghinis right now if it did—except the CSGO crash sites, who would be closing up their shops in shame. The problem here is you win small on a winning streak and you lose big on a losing streak. It’s like building a Jenga tower and knocking it down halfway.
  2. Lose Streak Prediction: True story: One CSGO crash site just had 6 straight losers, multipliers that exploded before the 2x mark. What came after? A life-changing 1900x multiplier. The rocket just went up and up for nearly a minute. This is why it’s a survival skill in Crash not to bet on a winning streak and to bet and bet big on a losing streak. The idea is to let the bad apples out of the basket first. Again, it’s too good to be true. In the story just mentioned, how do you know the guy who lost on the 3rd loser didn’t go all-in—and shortly bankrupt—on the 4th?
  3. Quick Tiny Profits: What if you just take quick tiny profits every time? Perhaps cash out below 1.20x or even lower? As the saying goes, those who dash cannot crash, which translates to jumping out of the rocket shortly after takeoff. Actually, you can crash. You can even crash without dashing at all since the rocket sometimes explodes before even getting the chance to take off.

how to make money on csgo crash WTF Skins

CSGO Crash Betting on WTFSkins

CSGO Crash Gambling Takeaway

Finally, is CSGO gambling worth it? If you only bet money you can afford to lose, if you’re simply looking to have fun and will be gone before the day ends whether you win or lose and if you’re playing on the best CSGO crash sites, then yes, CSGO betting and CSGO crash gambling, in particular, can be a fun way to let off steam and earn fortuitous profits at the same time.

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