LeoVegas CSGO Betting: Can You Bet on CSGO at LeoVegas?

So you want to enjoy some CSGO betting at LeoVegas? Is this the right site for you? Well, in this article, that is what we intend to find out. The Swedish company offers extensive sports and casino gaming for its customers, as well as an esports betting service, of which CSGO betting forms a key part of its offering.

Claim your exclusive Sportsbook Welcome Bonus when you sign up

But before you rush to sign up to bet, there’s something you need to consider first, and that is the LeoVegas Welcome Offer.

Don’t forget to claim your LeoVegas welcome offer first

We know it’s tempting to sign up and start to bet on CSGO at LeoVegas right away, but it’s well worth taking a bit of time to acquaint yourself with the current LeoVegas Welcome Bonus.

The first thing you need to know is whether or not there is a special LeoVegas bonus code required to access the bonus. At present, there is not, so you can simply make your deposit to claim your 100% Matched Deposit bonus.

One thing to note with LeoVegas is that the site does serve up a variety of offers for its Casino, Live Casino and Sports Betting services and if you want to use the bonus you receive for LeoVegas CSGO betting, then you’ll need to use the Sports Betting offer when you sign up.

You can find more information about how to sign up and the specific Welcome Bonus offer that is available at LeoVegas in our detailed LeoVegas esports review, which also contains a lot more information about all the different facets of the site, as well as a look at its esports coverage in more detail.

Then when you are signed up, you are now ready to go CSGO betting at LeoVegas!

How much CSGO betting can I find at LeoVegas?

The short answer to this question is that you’ll find all the major tournaments and some of the less prestigious CSGO events at LeoVegas, but this isn’t a site that offers to bet on a myriad of tournaments every day.

So what is available, and where can you find it on the site? Let’s take a look to find out.

Where can I find LeoVegas CSGO betting?

The first thing you will notice about LeoVegas is that it doesn’t have an obvious set of links to take you to the different esports betting options on the site.

So when you log in to the site, you need to click on the Sports option if you do not have that already loaded up.

csgo betting at leovegas

From here, click on the black Browse Sports betting tab. This opens a pop-up which displays the more popular sports bets. From here, you need to click on the ‘More’ option to bring up another list, which you can scroll down to find the option for Esports.

Click on this, and this brings you up an A-Z of the different esports betting available on the site that day. CSGO is one of the most popular esports betting options, so click on the arrow and select which tournament you want to bet on from the drop-down list that appears.

You can select more than one if you want to see all the CSGO betting available on the site.

CSGO markets you will likely find at LeoVegas

Now that you have loaded up the different betting options for CSGO, it’s time to consider the markets available.

The choice isn’t huge. You can bet on the most popular markets at LeoVegas, such as Match Betting, Map Handicap Bets, and different Map betting and Match betting options (Most Kills, Total Kills, Who Will Win Each Map, Correct Map Score and Total Maps Over/Under).

That may sound like a small selection, but if you want to bet on CSGO on the most popular markets, you will find all you need at LeoVegas.

CSGO tournaments coverage at LeoVegas

You won’t find as extensive a range of CSGO tournaments to bet on at LeoVegas as you would a specialist esports betting site.

However, you will find all the Valve Majors and the higher-level tournaments (S-Tier) available to bet on throughout the year, with a smattering of events from lower down the CSGO pyramid.

Generally, if you tend to enjoy your CSGO betting on the top tournaments, then LeoVegas will likely have you covered.

Are the betting odds for CSGO good value at LeoVegas?

So now we know where to look and what types of betting and markets you will expect to see when you bet on CSGO at LeoVegas, let’s take a look at the value of the odds you can find on the site, specifically how good value CSGO betting odds are for the average customer.

Well, this is where we have some very good news. LeoVegas odds tend to be amongst some of the better ones you can find on the market and compared to other sites of a similar type, LeoVegas odds are pretty good value in the main.

leovegas csgo

Of course, it does vary from market to market, so you can never be sure you are always getting the best value, but that is the same for any betting site.

However, as a rule of thumb, when you place a bet with LeoVegas on CSGO, or indeed any other esport, then you are likely to be getting at least average, if not better than the market average odds, which makes the site a pretty attractive option for CSGO bettors.

Is LeoVegas a wise choice for CSGO betting fans?

For the majority of customers that just want a flutter on the main CSGO fixtures, tournaments and markets, then you will find that LeoVegas is a perfectly fine site.

However, we’re not going to pretend that LeoVegas is one of the most in-depth CSGO betting sites you can find – it isn’t; its primary focus is more casino gaming and sports betting, and while it does more than pay lip service to esports betting in general, it is certainly a site that doesn’t offer as many options for CSGO punters as some others.

The flip side is that what markets and tournaments LeoVegas offers CSGO betting on tend to be of good value for money and cover the main and most popular betting markets. So if you prefer to enjoy your CSGO betting based more on the most popular tournaments and markets, then you won’t be disappointed with what LeoVegas offers.

Customers that want a bit more depth to their CSGO betting may be better advised to look elsewhere, but for most punters, CSGO betting at LeoVegas will meet their needs just fine.

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