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Published: Mar 27, 2024

For Honor is an exciting, intense action title developed and released by Ubisoft in 2016. It enjoyed a rise to fame on account of its innovative and unique multiplayer platform, which drew the attention of millions of gamers. It’s still a top-tier title today, and as a live service game, it soaks up plenty of updates from Ubisoft. In this guide, we’re taking a look at For Honor betting, because where multiplayer games exist, so does an esports scene – and that tends to give rise to esports betting options.

If you’ve been wondering about the existence of For Honor gambling, look no further than this breakdown. If there’s a way to track down For Honor odds, we’ll have it detailed below. Read on to learn everything you need to know about For Honor betting, including the game’s mechanics, the tournament structure, and what exists in the space.

What is For Honor?

for honor betting

For Honor is a melee-based action game that puts players in control of a legendary fighter from the past. They’ll assume the identity of characters like a knight, a samurai, or a Viking, taking to the battlefield and slaying AI-based enemies and human players alike. There’s a diverse range of fighting styles, weapons, and abilities for players to learn and make use of, navigating a fight using a tactical combat system that lands players in a ‘duelling mode’ when they encounter another player.

There’s a single-player campaign to be explored, but most people play For Honor because of the intense multiplayer offering.

For Honor’s Competitive Scene

When it comes to For Honor betting, nothing is more important than outlining the game’s competitive scene. In the years since For Honor was released, Ubisoft has fostered a competitive network in the game by introducing ranked modes and ‘Duel Tournaments’. There are bigger tournaments that are backed by the developer, such as the ‘Into The Fray’ events that allow players to compete for large cash prizes.

Once upon a time, Ubisoft operated a tournament structure known as the Dominion Series. This was the most valuable tournament in For Honor, with the game’s best players qualifying for a chance to make it big in the space and flex their in-game talents. These events weren’t comparable to the biggest esports tournaments in the space, but they served a fine purpose for the For Honor community.

The Potential for For Honor Esports Betting

Admittedly, the For Honor betting scene is effectively non-existent. It might have surfaced back in the day when the competitive scene was at its peak, but a decline in the number of tournaments means that no operators are fielding For Honor odds. It’s not that the game isn’t popular, it’s just that For Honor never managed to establish a broad enough esports ecosystem to be as relevant as it could have been in the space.

For instance, compare it to Counter-Strike – a game effectively built to support an intense esports network. It’s a game at the top of the table, as CS2 betting makes up the largest portion of the esports gambling industry. It boasts tens of millions of fans, one of the biggest active player bases in gaming, and is supported by a diverse network of sponsors, partners, and investors.

With that being said, Ubisoft continues to support For Honor, and if the company were to lean heavily into the esports scene again, something solid could be produced. If the developer and publisher built a world championship tournament of some kind, we might see For Honor betting markets appear with a few basic sets of esports odds.

What Would For Honor Betting Look Like?

for honor gambling

Owing to the lack of exposure to the business and a smaller tournament structure, For Honor gambling would likely be quite tame. It could be a case of a provider hosting simple win/lose markets or tournament outrights. It’s unlikely we’d see exotic markets surface. There might be an opportunity to have some For Honor odds around ‘number of duels won’, ‘first duel winner’, ‘country of tournament winner’, or something like that, but it’s difficult to predict what would emerge.

Again, all this is dependent on Ubisoft building up the esports ecosystem. At present, it’s mostly grassroots, with tournaments leaning on the Battlefy network to unravel. There are plenty of teams and participants, but none of them are prolific, and that’s another blocker to the For Honor betting network from appearing.

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