How to 1v1 in CS:GO

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Published: Mar 10, 2021 - Last Updated: Feb 29, 2024

Games of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive often come down to milliseconds. Top CS:GO players have tuned their senses so finely that aim duels are decided in just a handful of server ticks. There are dozens of ways to train your aim, but dueling with a real human opponent is one of the most efficient ways to get better at Counter-Strike.

1v1s are an essential part of a player’s training regiment. Duels in the clutch are some of the most critical moments in Counter-Strike, but their rarity makes it a difficult situation to practice. Luckily, community creators have developed many CS:GO 1v1 custom maps accessible through the Steam Workshop.

However, hosting and playing a CSGO 1v1 is more complex than just downloading a map and inviting an opponent. You’ll need to enable the developer console and set up a custom game mode. Read below to learn how to 1v1 in CS:GO.

How to host a 1v1 lobby in CS:GO

The first thing you’ll need to do is find a suitable 1v1 CS:GO map. There’s no official CSGO maps list used for CS:GO 1v1 betting matches, but there are a handful of things to look for on the Steam Workshop.

  1. Size – Look for a map with just enough room for two people. You don’t want to wander around looking for each other.
  2. Symmetrical maps – Both players should have the same options for hiding and movement. Guns are often spawned on the ground in 1v1s, so check that too.
  3. Taste – Some 1v1 maps prioritize peeks, while others are more suited to close-range spraying. Try a few out and keep your favorites downloaded.


Now that you’ve loaded up your map in a private session, you’ll need to use console commands to set up a 1v1. The game will treat the map as a regular CS:GO game, even if there are no bombs or bomb sites. The exact specifications of a CS:GO 1v1 betting match aren’t set in stone, but here’s a simple way to quickly set up a CS:GO 1v1.

  1. Enable the Developer Console in the options menu. The default hotkey will be ~, located right above TAB and below ESC.
  2. Create a private CS:GO 1v1 lobby, invite your opponent and select your chosen map.
  3. Copy and paste the following Source engine commands into the console and hit Enter:

This setup will create a first-to-ten lobby with only one player for each team. The number after mp_maxrounds can be changed to whatever number you like.

How to win 1v1s in CS:GO

1v1 CS:GO matches may seem similar to a solo clutch in a real game, but there are a handful of key differences that you can exploit to win 1v1 matches. Many of these tips also apply to real games, but they’re instrumental in a private duel. Here are three tricks to help you learn how to 1v1 in CS:GO like the pros.

  1. Play slow – There’s no bomb ticking down in a 1v1. Simply hiding for a few seconds can impact your opponent’s decision-making. Forcing them to search for you can create a crucial moment to line up a headshot.
  2. Always reposition – If you miss your shot, it’s imperative to appear somewhere else for your next attempt. Even if it’s just to the other side of cover, your opponent will have to adjust their aim for your new spot.
  3. Keep weapons in mind – The M4s are laser accurate for the first few shots, but the AK-47 can kill with a single headshot. Many players prefer one, but try to switch between them to even out your practice.

Top CSGO 1v1 Tactics

Top CSGO 1v1 Tactics

We’ve already given you some idea of how to dominate your opponents in a CSGO 1v1, but now, we’ll dive a little deeper. It’s all well and good equipping yourself with the right weapon, but you’ll need to know how to act on the battlefield.

While this can be as simple as playing slowly and repositioning after every shot, there’s a little more finesse that can be applied to your 1v1 CSGO bout.

1. Centering

In almost every FPS title out there, centering is one of the key mechanics that a player must learn to win a 1v1 fight. When you’re centering, you’re making sure that your crosshairs are always placed in the location where you most expect an enemy to appear. This ensures you’re pushing out rapid responses to a sudden attack.

2. Shouldering

This is another movement mechanic, and it involves peeking around corners and obstacles and immediately ducking back behind them. It can be an effective counter to an enemy with an advanced centering skill. It can also reveal the location of an unaware enemy and give you a split second advantage before moving in for the kill.

3. Sound

Whether you’re faking a sound to trick an enemy, tossing decoy equipment, or listening out for the movements of the enemy themselves, sound is important. In a 1v1, an accidental noise is either a death sentence or a tool that you can use to surprise an enemy.

Ultimately, like any game, CSGO offers a learning curve to any player. If you’re diving into 1v1s for the first time, go with the tips we’ve offered, and test the waters. With some time, practice, and a little hard work, you’ll be dominating your opponents in no time at all.

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