LoL Betting Guide: Predicting a Winner

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Published: Jul 5, 2017 - Last Updated: Feb 29, 2024

The path to success in the LoL betting world lies through predicting a winner. We’ve already talked about how much of an impact stat analysis can have on your predictions, but numbers only tell a part of the story. There are several other things you have to consider before putting your money on the line, so let’s take a look at them.

Match History

Stats are a fickle thing in League of Legends. While having a high KDA and DPM is important, these numbers can be heavily influenced by champion choices. For example, tank players will often have lower KDAs because they tend to be targeted first in teamfights while control mages will find themselves in a much more favorable position due to their ability to deal damage from afar. In a similar fashion, players will have a much higher CSD10 and CSPM value when they secure good matchups for themselves.

So before deciding whether one player is better than the other, examine their match histories. Maybe a player that you’ve thought to be an underdog is a solid frontliner while the other guy is selfishly picking carries and costing his team the game.

Expert opinions

It’s always great to have your opinions backed up by someone. In the cases where you’re on the fence about some matchup, try to find match previews or predictions to see what people with in-depth knowledge think. We at Gamerbetz are already running betting tips for the NA LCS, EU LCS, and LCK, but feel free to check out other resources too.

Power rankings can act as another useful information source. While these won’t necessarily predict a series outcome for you, they’ll give you an idea of the teams’ strength in the league, which you’ll be able to use when making your bets. Remember, the more data you find, the better decisions you’ll make.

Post-Match Threads

We know what you’re thinking—post-match threads consist of nothing but memes and sly remarks. And while there’s some truth to that, there’s also quite a bit of useful information here. A team played better than expected? Someone will mention that. A player underperformed? People will question his performance. Or maybe a pro stepped up and blew everyone out of the water? Fans will definitely sing praises to him. A good place to read post-match discussions is the League of Legends subreddit. Naturally, public opinion might be wrong, but it’s still worth considering.

VODs and Highlights

In the end, few things can compare to actually watching the games. If you want to keep up with a certain league, looking into viewing most of its matches. When observing games pay attention to how the teams are playing. Are their players laning well? Are they making the right decisions? Do they have a plan or are they simply wandering around the map? Every little bit of information can affect the decision-making when making your next bet, so stay focused.

You can look for VODs on the official LoL Esports Youtube channel. Alternatively, you can watch the games live or look for highlights if you don’t have the time for that.


While this may sound simple on paper, few people have the dedication to go through these steps before making their bets. Analyzing stats, browsing match histories and reading previews might sound tedious. But trust us, if you do these things, your League of Legends betting career will be a smashing success.


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