Moneyline Betting | What is a moneyline bet and how does it works?

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Published: Nov 25, 2019 - Last Updated: Feb 29, 2024

Moneyline betting is the simplest form of betting available on the market. If you have ever placed a bet on the winner of a match, it was probably a money line bet.

Money lines or straight up betting are simply choosing a match outcome between two options.
What usually confuses most rookie bettors is those darn pluses and minuses between their favorite teams and what is their meaning.

Learn how to place your first Moneyline Bet

In order to better understand how moneyline in betting looks like, let’s take a look at some basic examples from our odds esports tracker page.

Moneyline Bets
How to place moneyline bets

Let’s take the match between Hard Legion and GamerLegion as an example. And let’s assume we want to place bets in increments of $100. The 140 for Hard Legion means that for every $100 we bet on Hard Legion we would get $140 + the $100 we bet in return if they are the winner (for a total of $240). The -200 for Gamer Legion means that for every $200 we bet we would get a $100 in return on top of our bet (For a total of 300$).

It is easy to identify that the teams which are marked with a minus are the favorites in the match resulting in you needing to bet more money to get smaller returns. The underdogs, in this case Hard Legion, would net you greater returns for a smaller bet amount since they are not favorites for winning.

CSGO Moneyline Betting

But what happens if both matches have positive values on return. Let’s take a look at the 2nd match in our image between Red Canids and paIN Gaming. Both teams offer 320/170 respectively in returns. As we learned that would mean if we bet $100 on Canids we would get $320 on top of our initial bet (Total $420). For paIN we would get $170 on top of our bet on $100 (Total $270).

So one might think, if you bet $100 on each of the two outcomes you win nevertheless. What a rookie would usually miss out is the possibility of a draw. A Draw would mean both bets are lost and you are left with nothing.

Rookie or new comers to betting should always pay close attention at the possibility of a draw if a bet market looks too good to be true.

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What are Money Line Parlay

We have the basics of Moneyline betting explained and it’s time to look at the 2nd most common way of betting the moneyline. Moneyline Parley means you are willing to combine multiple match outcomes in a single wager.

For your bet to be a winning one you’d have to correctly guess all match outcomes in your Parlay. Let’s say you are willing to bet on the following four games:

Money Line Parlay
Money line parlay explained

We know each favorite in the matches as they are all marked with the (- minus) on top of their name. If we would put a standard moneyline bet on the favorite of each individual game, we would end up spending 400$ (100$ on each game) for a return of $269.89 on our investment between all four bets.

But, if we parlay all four games in a single wager our return grows to $649.85. The problem is if we guess any of the four games incorrectly we would lose the entire bet.

Parlays are a great way to garner massive bigger returns on investment, but you are risking your chances of losing your bet with each additional match you add to your parlay.

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How to choose the right betting operators for you moneyline bets

Moneyline betting is your initial doorway to esports betting. Before you place your first bet make sure you select the provider that best fits your needs and wants. Not all betting providers offer every esports title and not all of them offers the same returns on your wagers. You should research a bit before selecting yours. Luckily, we constantly review and update the best betting providers on the market to ease your selection.

Moneyline Betting

Finally, if you ever wish to try play the moneyline in betting, keep in mind some of the basics in betting.

  1. Favorites don’t always win.
  2. Parlays should be considered carefully.
  3. Never bet more than your bank can handle.
  4. Remember to take breaks.

Once you are set, take a look at our selection of daily odds and start betting.

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