Plus and Minus Signs in Betting: What Do They Mean?

Posted on March 1, 2023 - Last Updated on March 12, 2023

Betting can be very complicated, full of different terminologies and methods. To keep money from vanishing, a bettor must research and understand how all these unique terminologies work. Here, plus and minus in betting are explained as these are significant symbols in the betting game. This is because they signify odds, whether good or bad, and this article will show you what Plus and Minus mean in betting and how you can take advantage of them to help you make a return on your bets.

What Does Plus and Minus Mean in Betting?

In standard betting, there is the favorite to win and the Underdog. Bookmakers place odds on these teams, and the one with the higher odds is more likely to lose the match. The problem here is reading the odds itself. American odds are different because they use the plus and minus symbols in betting to differentiate the favorite and the Underdog, and the symbols are always in front of a set of numbers. These symbols have special meanings and are something every bettor should understand before making an informed bet.

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What Does “+” Mean in Betting?

The plus symbol is for the Underdog; +120 might mean that betting on the Underdog will give you more potential returns on your stake since they are less likely to win. The number also tells you how much you’ll win if you bet $100. If it is +120, you will get 120 dollars if your bet is successful. That is asides from other bonuses that may be available.

plus and minus in betting

GG.Bet Esports displays odds in a variety of formats including American odds.

What Does “-” Mean in Betting?

The minus symbol is the exact opposite of this. Bookies have to make a profit, so they try to make sure they get at least something out of every bet. If the odds are -110, it simply means that you have to place a bet of $110 to win $100. Any team assigned with this kind of odds ends up being the favorite.

Since you, as a bettor, are sometimes not risking much, or your risk is less, the odds will reflect that. This is also done by the House to promote betting on the underdogs, playing with chance, and getting vertigo when you win. If you bet on an underdog, you stand a chance of winning a high amount of money, and it is the same in every type of betting, including esports betting.

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Understanding the + and – symbols in betting is the first step to learning how you can navigate betting in any form or market. The critical element is knowing how risk factors in your odds and how you can make more money from risking your stake. Feel free to surf through other esports betting guides for more information regarding esports betting.

Frequently asked questions

Where is Plus and Minus betting used?

This Plus and minus in betting are prevalent in every type of betting, including Esports betting, Sports betting, Horse race betting, and even virtual betting sometimes. Plus and Minus are used worldwide and on most betting sites like Thunderpick, GG.Bet, and MyStake.

Is knowing the meaning of Plus and minus betting important?

Knowing the meaning of Plus and Minus betting can help you make more calculated bets instead of wasting your money. It can also bring a lot of income if you do good research on the team you plan to bet on.
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