Daniel Wise

Daniel Wise works hard to see the esports scene grow in popularity with all sorts of people who loved gaming all their lives. Daniel is based in New York and has experience in content creation, social media, and SEO.

Esports Betting in the USA

By Daniel Wise . April 8, 2023
The popularity of esports in the USA has grown. Statista projects that esports viewership in the USA will reach approximately 46 million by 2023. As viewership numbers grow, so does...

Esports betting in New Jersey

By Daniel Wise . August 26, 2020
Americans who enjoy sports betting are likely to be aware of their country’s complex betting laws. In terms of esports, New Jersey is now one of a dozen states where...
csgo skin trading guide

CS:GO Skin Trading

By Daniel Wise . August 10, 2020
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) skins are in-game costumes that alter the appearance of a player’s avatar. Skins are obtainable in CS:GO through random drops or “uncrating” them through promotional containers....