Best Weapon Skins in CSGO

Published: Jun 22, 2021 - Last Updated: Mar 4, 2024

When Counter-Strike: Global Offensive launched in 2012, it was an instant hit with fans. It was just one year later that Valve decided to add skins to the game – and what a decision that was. And now, we’re here to discuss the best weapon skins in CSGO.

Valve pushed out the Arms Deal update in August of 2013, and it brought with it the first CSGO skins. Since that day on, the skin trade has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Every day, players and fans partake in skin trading, purchasing, and even CSGO skin betting.

If you’re asking the question, “What are the best weapon skins in CSGO,” you’ll be hard-pressed to find a clear answer. There are more than one thousand skins in CSGO, and it’s almost always a subjective debate.

How to get CSGO Weapon Skins

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There are a few ways to pick up the best weapon skins in CSGO, and some are easier than others. Primarily, you’ll be unlocking skins through crates and drops, earned by playing online or being bought with real money.

Alternatively, you can pick up the best weapon skins in CSGO by trading up. This process involves trading a set amount of skins up to a better skin. Finally, there’s peer-to-peer trading or skin betting (skin gambling).

These final methods are as simple as they sound. Either you’ll trade skins directly with another player, or you’ll use skins as a wager on a bet – something which is admittedly frowned upon in the CSGO scene.

How Many CSGO Skins are there?

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There are over one thousand skins in CSGO, originating from twenty-nine different collections. These collections have been released over the course of ten ‘operations’ in CSGO.

With each operation came new skins, weapons, maps, and coins. The most recent CSGO operation in 2021 was Operation Broken Fang, which ended on May 3rd, 2021.

The Snakebite weapon case was the last case released as part of the Broken Fang update. In this case was a collection of seventeen incredible items – a skin for the best weapons in CSGO.

Every CSGO skin also comes with a unique name and descriptor, furthering the uniqueness from item to item.

Image Credit: CSGO Database

The above image is an example of a skin taken from the Snakebite case. This bright and colourful M4A4 skin is classed as ‘Covert’ rarity, meaning it’s the rarest item in the case.

If you unlock this skin in ‘Factory New’ condition, it can be worth as much as $300 on the open market. But, if you’re lucky enough to score the StatTrak variant, you can pick up as much as $700 for the sale.

Which CSGO Skins are Rarest

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Many of the rarest CSGO skins are no longer able to be unlocked through drops or crates, only through trading. They’re often extremely difficult to come by and are remarkably expensive.

In the image above, you can see one of the rarest skins in CSGO. The M4A4 ‘Howl’ skin, released in June of 2014 for one month. It was pushed out as part of the Huntsman case, but was quickly removed following a copyright claim.

Following that removal, Valve marked the skin as ‘Contraband’, an extremely rare tag applied to literally this gun and no other. The Factory New condition of this skin can sell for as much as $2000.

There’s an AWP skin known as Dragon Lore that is likely even more rare than Howl. This seriously limited item could only be dropped when playing during a Major. It was quickly phased out and subsequently became something of a Hall of Famer.

Which CSGO Skin Is The Most Expensive?

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It’s no big secret that many CSGO skins are dramatically expensive. In some cases, people will part ways with thousands of dollars to purchase the skin/s they desire.

However, in January of 2021, that fact reached limits we never thought possible. In a private purchase that featured a ‘skin broker’, an AK47 skin was sold for $150,000.

The skin in question was named Case Hardened, and it was the StatTrak variant. These skins fetch a higher price as they incorporate technology that tracks the player’s stats right on the side of the weapon. Furthermore, this skin was quite literally a one-of-a-kind variant, meaning the big bucks paid for it was likely a fair investment.

Which are The Best Weapon Skins in CSGO?

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As we’ve already mentioned, picking out the best CSGO weapon skins is a subjective debate. It depends entirely on the style you prefer as a player. While some might love bright colours and flashy pictures, others might prefer something a little more subtle.

Also, it depends entirely on what you’re talking about when you say ‘skins’. In theory, these can apply to knives, AWPs, SMGs, and even gloves. Furthermore, the best skin doesn’t always mean the most expensive or rarest skin.

Image Credit: PC Gamer

For example, the image above shows the Aquamarine Revenge skin released as part of the Bloodhound collection. However, this skin might be too subtle for players with a more visual streak.

Image Credit: PC Gamer

If something more visual is what you’re aiming for, you could try something like the MAC-10 Disco Tech skin. This extremely reflective skin truly stands out, and it’s quite new – it was released with the Prisma 2 Collection.

How to Make Money with CSGO Skins

The first and easiest way to make money with the best weapon skins in CSGO is to sell them. If you don’t want your skins, then there are plenty of marketplaces – starting with Steam – where you can sell them.

Of course, you can also partake in CSGO skin betting or ‘skin gambling’, but it isn’t entirely advised. This involves using skins as wagers instead of money when betting on CSGO esports.

Ultimately, if you have too many skins that you won’t want, try using them on a site like Skinpay. On these websites, you can use skins instead of money to buy things.

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