BlockPegnio Prepares to Test Enjin Blockchain-based RPG “The Six Dragons”

Published: Dec 27, 2019

One of the more closely watched gaming blockchain companies quickly developing a platform for new games, Enjin, looks as though it will see an “alpha” test of ambitious open-world RPG “The Six Dragons” very shortly.

BlockPegnio, the blockchain game development startup, parent company, and creator of The Six Dragons, was founded in 2019. It quickly began building when Enjin launched the Unity SDK (software development kit) for its blockchain, the Enjin Platform.

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The Six Dragons game was showcased at the Gamer’s Developer’s Conference (GDC) in May 2019 by Enjin CTO Witek Radowski. The game also raised the equivalent of $172,000 in the same month during a two-week crowdfunding round. In a November press release BlockPegnio writes:

“Supporters received in-game blockchain assets for their contribution, marking one of the most successful blockchain game asset sales in the post-ICO hype era.”

The company adds, “Blockpegnio is not a traditional game studio, but more of a blockchain-driven gaming innovation project.” And, the Blockpegnio team “see gaming as an adoption proxy for blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

This latter point is one of the reasons why blockchain-based game developments are being closely watched. As well as, of course, the potential benefits for gamers who can benefit from the use and trading of blockchain-based game assets and the creation of new in-game economies.

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Sludgefeed reports that the alpha version of The Six Dragons will be released in waves, becoming available to crowdfunding presale contributors and other early supporters first. The game is an open world RPG with, as per Steam, 64km2 of world with 1 billion dungeons. Sludgefeed says player will be able to battle, farm, harvest, and craft over 300 unique blockchain-based items. These game assets, a type of non-fungible token (NFT), have their own identity and can be traded. BlockPegnio says:

“Most of the items in-game are decentralized, meaning that you truly own your inventory, and you can freely buy, sell or trade them with other players from different game universes.”

The game has 33 unique abilities and three starter classes, Wizards, Warriors, and Clerics. Players will be able to combine the abilities to create their own unique personas in the game. It will be single player to start but players will be able to partner with up to five companions to quest together. BlockPegnio is also planning to add PvP battles, an esports mode, and a 2-4 player mode.

The company is also developing a Crafting Simulator mobile application for The Six Dragons and other developer-oriented solutions that “will enable game creators to design meaningful and dynamic interactions between their game architecture and their blockchain-powered game assets.

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The Six Dragons could be one of the first blockchain-based RPGs to launch with enough substance to rival conventional games. But it’s not the only such project in development.

Planetarium has recently put its RPG, Nine Chronicles, into an alpha testing mode. This blockchain-startup recently became one of the first out of Asia to be picked by the Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab for a program of incubation and mentoring by the French gaming-giant.

Image courtesy of BlockPegnio

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