ESL Announce Imminent Switches to CS2, Includes IEM Sydney

Published: Sep 29, 2023

ESL has announced that “all upcoming ESL Pro Tour and ESL impact events will transition to Counter-Strike 2”.

After Valve released CS2 earlier this week, it was only a matter of time until major tournament organizers decided for their upcoming events to be played on the newest iteration of the game.

esl tournaments transition to cs2
Image: ESL

However, some ongoing CS:GO tournaments will continue to be played on the previous version of the game, in order to preserve the competitive integrity of those tournaments.

The following ESL tournaments will continue to be played on CS:GO:

Changeover to CS2 for Upcoming CS2 Events

ESL has stated that all of their Counter-Strike competitions scheduled after and including IEM Sydney (Oct. 16) will become CS2 tournaments, including the recently announced ESL Pro Tour (EPT) events in 2024.

What’s more is that all upcoming ESL events will be played in the MR12 format, which has to be taken into consideration when engaging in CS2 betting.

This change creates complications within some ongoing tournaments’ tiebreaker rules, such as ESL Challenger League Season 46 North America and Asia, as well as ESL Impact League Season 4.

In order to combat those issues, ESL decided that in the event of a tiebreaker going to round difference, the teams in question would have to play an additional decider match against each other.

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