Hearthstone Top Decks: 10 Best Ladder Decks

Published: Jan 11, 2022 - Last Updated: Jan 12, 2022

With the last expansion released and Hearthstone World Championship 2021 being over in December, the meta has spiced up quite a lot. Not only that the new expansion brought a lot of interesting cards to the table, but there was a major patch that nerfed cards that were terrorizing the meta for a long time (we are looking at you Efficient Octo-bot and Runed Mithril Rod).

1. Face Hunter

Well, one thing that is probably never going to change in Hearthstone esports, is that if you want to climb fast, the best option is always going to be Hunter due to its aggressive hero power that can ping the enemy face for two damage. If you played this deck before FIAV came out, you will notice that the deck barely changed.

The only new cards in the deck are 2xIrondeep Trogg and 1xBloodseeker. Irondeep Troggs allow this deck to start things off with a very oppressive board, so you want to mulligan for them as often as possible. If you manage to get one down on your first turn and make it survive until your 2nd turn where you can buff it with Adorable Infestation or Doggie Biscuit, you will easily dominate the game.

As for the Bloodseeker, the main reason why this weapon is so good is that it allows you to build up pocket damage slowly over the first few turns while clearing out the board with your face. It is perfect to remove 1/2s, 3/2s on the first turns, and if you get an honorable kill, you can easily kill a minion each turn. Since it starts off with 2 durability, you can easily just equip it if you have nothing else to play and go face.


Deck Code: AAECAR8G3r4D4c4Dj+MD2+0D5e8D9o8EDNzMA6LOA4LQA7nSA4vVA4biA9zqA/DsA/f4A8OABLugBOGkBAA=

2. Poison Aggro Rogue

If you are looking for a deck that is both meta while it also has that rogue fantasy of slowly and sneakily killing off your opponent, then this is definitely the deck for you. It is a rather interesting deck, as it only uses a single minion, which is the Guild Trader. This card is phenomenal in this deck, as you can easily trade it off early game to draw something more useful, and you will always get it from Swindle.

The main idea behind this variation of the deck is to trade cards back into the deck and find the ones that can slowly set you up for a lethal or just keep you alive against aggro and other Hearthstone top decks. Using poison cards on Swinetusk Shank and clearing the board or hitting face for some chip damage is your early game goal. It is ideal to do Cloak of Shadows on turns 5 and 6 so you can follow up with Shadowcrafter Scabbs.

Doing so will ideally net you 3 turns where you will avoid pretty much any damage taken from most decks, and on turn 8, with improved preparation as your hero power, you can easily use Guild Trader and some spells to pull off a lethal.


Deck Code: AAECAaIHAsX5A/uKBA6qywP31APi3QPn3QOp6wOq6wOs6wOt6wOO9AOh9AO9gASSnwSUnwT3nwQA

3. Thief Rogue

Instead of prolonging the game for as long as possible, this Rogue deck uses a completely different strategy. Because of Maestra Of The Masquarade, the Wildpaw Gnolls will always cost 0 mana, after which you can also play Double Agents for a battlecry. The deck is incredibly aggressive and focuses on using discovers and stolen cards to find solutions to the board.

If you find yourself in a pickle, you once again have Shadowcrafter Scabbs to return all of the minions to the enemy’s hand. After this, most Hearthstone top decks can rarely repopulate the board in a single turn, and in most cases, on turn 8, you can close out a game by using massive discounts along with Mr. Smite and Edwin, Defias Kingpin to seal the game.


Deck Code: AAECAaIHBtnRA6H5A7+ABO2ABPuKBPefBAyqywOk0QPn3QPz3QOq6wOh9AO9gAT2nwTuoAS6pAS7pAT7pQQA

4. Beast Druid

With the nerf to Anacondra Druid, the old aggro-like Druid deck has returned as the best deck for the class. This deck is all about swarming the board with the help of Oracle of Elune and Frostwolf Kennels. Using Wildheart Guff will create some incredibly strong turns where you can create a massive board in a single turn due to all the mana ramping this hero card provides, allowing you to Arbor Up and win with ease.



5. Libram Paladin

If you happen to have a lot of dust or a lot of cards unlocked, you will be able to play this deck, otherwise, do not bother looking for card replacements because all of the legendaries this deck uses are mandatory. With the whopping cost of 14600 dust to craft, this is one of the most expensive Hearthstone top decks in the meta, and it could certainly be referenced as wallet Paladin.

With the new hero card Lightforged Cariel, Paladin can now summon huge minions from the hand with the new hero power while taking 50% less damage from all sources unless the weapon is removed. Since barely anyone runs any weapon removal, you can safely slam the hero card on turn 7 and simply snowball into victory with various buffs, 0 cost Devout Pupils, and a huge reload with Lady Liadrin.



6. Quest Warrior

Quite a lot of Hearthstone top decks have gained some sort of survivability against minions, but this aggro deck is somehow as strong as it was a couple of months ago. The recent nerf on the Bloodsail Deckhand is completely irrelevant, and you can still win by playing pirates from the hand each turn in order to finish the quest.

In order to survive, you get 2xCargo Guard, 2xSword Eater, and 2xMan the Cannons. Using MTC in combination with Lord Barov allows a crazy full board clear from hand(if the targets do not have a divine shield), which allows you to play safely at certain times.

Finally, to close out the game in style, once you play Rokara, you will get a free weapon and a pirate which is often more than enough for Mr. Smite + Bloodsail Raider to deal a big chunk of damage to the enemy face if there are no taunt units in the way.


Deck Code: AAECAQcEk9ADju8DmPYDv4AEDbXeA/7nA5LoA9XxA5X2A5b2A5f2A8/7A5uBBJyBBKaKBK2gBK+gBAA=

7. Quest Warlock

If you happen to be a ladder player from a couple of months ago, you are probably really sick seeing this deck and playing against it, but do not worry, with the Runed Mithril Rod nerfed, this deck is not as strong as it was before. Of course, since it ended up on our Hearthstone top decks list, it is still very powerful if piloted correctly.

There are a couple of different win conditions that this deck can pull off. For starters, the most common way you are going to win, especially vs aggressive decks, is to simply overwhelm them with huge minions that you can play from your hand for low mana costs such as Anetheron, Flesh Giants, Goldshire Gnoll, and Barrens Scavenger. Once you do that, simply slam a Battleground Battlemaster and hit the enemy face for huge damage.

Another win condition is to slowly overwhelm the board and gain a lot of tempo with Dreadlich Tamsin, as her hero power will shuffle portals into your deck that spawns a 3/3 once drawn. This win condition comes into play if the enemy player somehow dealt with your huge minions.

Finally, if everything fails and you run out of cards, you can always rely on the quest chain The Demon Seed to seal the game for you. If you manage to complete the quest and slam down its reward, it is very difficult to lose the game from that point.


Deck Code: AAECAa35AwbY7QPy7QPH+QOE+wOH+wOwkQQMm80D184DwdEDi9UDk+QD6+0D8O0D8e0DxvkDg/sDxIAE56AEAA==

8. Fel Demon Hunter

While the Quest Warlock might be one of those decks that is still around, we are extremely thankful to Blizzard for finally removing the OTK Demon Hunter from the meta thanks to the Mo’arg Artificer nerfs that the community and professional players have been crying for since it was released.

Of course, this only removes one kind of OTK Demon Hunter as an option, since the Fel Demon Hunter also has huge potential to be an OTK deck if you happen to play fast enough while having certain cards in play. We are, of course, talking about the new card Kurtrus, Demon-Render which is a hero card that makes your hero power give you +2 attack and is also refreshed when your minions attack.

If you happen to drop a Felfire Deadeye on your board, your hero power will cost 0 mana, and it can be easily combined by slamming tokens created from the Expendable Performers into the enemy minions, allowing you to refresh your hero power an incredible amount of times if your opponent has minions to take the attacks.

It should be noted that there is another way to close out the game if your first combo happens to fail and that is to play Jace Darkweaver after you played all of your important spells that buff the weapon. With 2x Fury and 2x Chaos Strike played, you will gain a lot of attack, and other fel spells like Felscream Blast, Fel Barrage, Immolation Aura, and Eye Beam are going to clear the board for you while healing you for a lot.

This has to be one of the most interesting Hearthstone top decks to play due to all of its options for controlling the board and winning the game, especially when you play a lot of moves in a single turn to hit the enemy face with a lot of attack from all the hero power refreshes.


Deck Code: AAECAea5AwSK9wON9wOHiwSXoAQN2cYD3dMDx90Dyt0D8+MDkOQDlegDwvEDifcDjPcDg58Etp8E7KAEAA==

9. Freeze Shaman

One thing that can be easily said about this deck is that we really did not want to add it to our list, because we just hate playing against it. However, that is exactly why it should be mentioned as one of the Hearthstone top decks at the moment.

If you happen to be playing a deck that is minion/board control based, you will hate this deck as it will constantly keep everything frozen with Windchill, Wildpaw Cavern, Snowfall Guardian, Brilliant Macaw, and Bearon Gla’shear. Locking down the enemy board is what this deck does better than any other deck, and while doing so, it also develops a huge board itself.

Like some other control-based decks on our Hearthstone top decks list, this one too has a few win conditions that you can take advantage of. The first, and the most obvious one, is the one that uses Snowfall Guardian and Brilliant Macaw to create huge units while freezing everything else on the board. This allows you to follow the next turn with the Battleground Battlemaster and hit face for big damage.

While it rarely comes to this moment, you can also close the game by making probably one of the strongest single-turn plays in Hearthstone at the moment with only two cards. You can do that by playing Bolner Hammerbeak and Bru’kan of the Elements and pick whichever elemental powers fit your current situation the best in order to close out the game.



10. Ping Mage

We are going to end our Hearthstone top decks list with one of the most fun decks in the game, at least in our opinion, which is the Ping Mage. This deck, like the name suggests, is all about using the hero power in order to control the board thanks to cards like Wildfire, Reckless Apprentice, and of course, Mordresh Fire Eye.

While closing out the game with Mordresh Fire Eye is definitely the most satisfying way to do it, playing the new hero card Magister Dawngrasp also gives a powerful hero power that can swiftly snowball out of control and allowing you to finish the game by using your hero power to ping the enemy face once or twice for big numbers.


Deck Code: AAECAf0ECPvdA9jsA53uA+fwA9D5A6CKBKiKBMagBAuk0QP+0QPT7APW7AOn9wOTgQSUgQSogQSfkgShkgTonwQA
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