Kronoverse Founder Adam Kling on Blockchain Gaming

Published: Mar 9, 2020 - Last Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Adam Kling’s company Kronoverse is building a platform for blockchain-based game development that adds functionality for game publishers including asset tokenization and esports betting. Kling argues that by using blockchain, and specifically the Bitcoin SV (BSV) network, esports can find the proven integrity and transparency of data the industry needs.

Esports industry skeptics are concerned that a lack of integrity is rife in professional gaming. Some games suffer from cheating and match-fixing and there are times that players are blatant about their nefarious methods on social media.

At CoinGeek London Kling explained how game publishers are currently using client side and server side cheating detection methods without much success. These traditional methods include using software to look for suspicious programs and using anti-cheat companies to assess servers for statistics that point to suspicious players.

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Kling and Kronoverse aim to answer the integrity problem in esports and provide a new solution to game publishers. Using the BSV blockchain, Kronoverse adds to Know Your Customer (KYC) screening for every player making them fully accountable for their actions. With a full audit trail, players cannot get away with cheating and blockchain provides complete visibility of all activity through permissioned transparency. Kling told Becky Liggero Fontana, of Calvin Ayre:

“What Kronoverse is doing differently is that every move or a decision in a game that is made on the Kronoverse platform is actually a Bitcoin transaction.”

The resulting audit trail is there for the community, the publishers and for regulators.


In answer to a need for data, Kronoverse has a match viewer, Kling explains:

“This match viewer is actually reading data from the blockchain and rendering it through a game engine, like a light version of it, and displaying it on a website. You can see the metadata, the combat log, how much it was played for. You can jump to different matches, you can search for your favorite player ID and it will pull all those up, you can look at past matches.”

Kling believes the immutability of the BSV blockchain will benefit esports betting and the gambling industry too. He adds:

“Bitcoin SV actually gives us potential that’s incredible for the sports market.”

The CEO believes common culture has created communal knowledge and integrity for traditional sports and that blockchain, by giving visibility to game rules and mechanics, “creates the transparency we need for esports.”

He believes Kronoverse can also enable “in-play,” betting, though it might take some time to progress with regulators.

CryptoFights, the first game from Kronoverse and one that is being built on the platform, has just completed its second beta test. Both Kronoverse and CryptoFights are expected to launch in 2020.

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