N0tail Net Worth: Understanding How N0tail Makes His Money and His Current Net Worth

Published: Sep 25, 2022 - Last Updated: Jan 9, 2024

Johan Sundstein, better known to legions of esports fans as N0tail, is one of the world’s most legendary Dota2 players. After starting his career playing Heroes of Newerth, he graduated from Dota2 and was part of the famed Fnatic team for many years. He was one of the youngest stars of the scene, beginning his professional career at the age of just 15. After joining OG Esports, he won two International titles in 2018 and 2019 and has also triumphed in four Majors.

Interestingly, N0tail has an impressive pedigree in the world of politics. Born in Denmark to parents from the Faroe Islands, N0tail is the grandson of former Faroese prime minister Jógvan Sundstein. It will be interesting to see if he follows his ancestor into some kind of political career in future.

N0tail Net WorthUnknown
Real NameJohan Sundstein
Date of BirthOctober 8 1993
ProfessionOwner of OG Esports
Twitch Followers971
YouTube Subscribers166,000

N0tail Net Worth

Who is N0tail?

N0tail first started playing video games at the age of two, and his professional career began when he was 15. He started playing Heroes of Newerth by accessing pub games on HoN servers and soon caught the eye of the manager of Fnatic, who recruited N0tail and his friends Jascha “NoVa” Markuse and Tal “Fly” Aizik as an unofficial side project.

In 2012, his career took another step forward when he transferred to Fnatic’s Dota2 team. He helped Fnatic.EU to win the Thor Open LAN on December 9 2012, before a period of limited success saw him leave the outfit. He played for Team Secret for a while before joining Cloud9. Later, in 2015, he helped create the team (monkey) Business and enjoyed success with them. This team later became OG Esports. They became the first repeat winners of The International in 2019, after successfully defending their 2018 title.

N0tail’s career was not without controversy, and he was banned from Twitch for a time in 2019 for using inappropriate language. He retired from professional esports in early 2022 and is not focused on his work as a co-owner of OG Esports.

N0tail Make Money

How does N0tail make money & net worth?

N0tail managed to win $7 million in prize money from his career as a Dota 2 star player, becoming one of the highest-paid esports players to date. He manages OG Esports now, and they have become a powerhouse outfit sponsored by Red Bull. His highest prize money win during his playing career was $3,124,036.20, collected when his OG Esports team won The International in 2019. He earned around $14,000 from online gaming in 2021, and around $200,000 from offline/LAN events in the same time period.

Although he has earned substantial amounts of money from his gaming career, N0tail has now retired from competitive gaming. The focus of his working life is now ensuring that OG Esports remains as successful as possible. Team ownership is therefore his main current source of income. You can check out more about what he is up to these days on his YouTube and other social media channels.

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What is N0tail’s net worth?

Johan “N0tail” Sundstein won some of the biggest Dota 2 tournaments and has an estimated net worth of $7.5 million.

How old is N0tail?

N0tail was born on October 29, 1993, making him 30 years old. He’s an inactive member of OG.

What role does N0tail play?

N0tail is a professional Dota 2 player who played as a support (Hard Support) on OG in his career.
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