New Dota 2 Battle Pass

Published: Dec 3, 2021

The days get shorter and the winds get stronger, so it’s time to get back to the lanes for another seasonal update. This one features a new seasonal treasure, as well as new Guild Quests and rewards.

New Seasonal Quests and Rewards

With winter officially here, Valve has started rolling out new content for Dota 2 players, including a new Battle Pass and a slew of seasonal quests and rewards. These are just some of the changes that will be happening in the coming weeks, along with some updates for the Dota 2 esports scene.


Another new piece of content added is a heavy metal music pack composed by Humanity’s Last Breath. The pack is currently available for $4.99 and brings a certain brutal edge to the battlegrounds.

This update also brings a new set of quests that will help you get more shards for new relics and seasonal treasures. It will offer up to 115,200 shards through the season. Joining this update are the changes to the guild rewards for gold, silver, and platinum tier guilds.

Why Fans Should Be Excited

The Winter 2021 seasonal Treasure is an exclusive event that launches alongside the latest update. The event is exclusive to Dota 2 Plus members, and it features new sets for Heroes such as Treant Protector, Arc Warden, Undying, Lina, Spirit Breaker, Chaos Knight, and Riki. As well as a chance to unlock a new Bionic Birdie courier.

Most players who don’t subscribe to Dota Plus will be interested in the new information that Valve has shared about the Battle Pass. The Battle Pass is also getting a few holiday-themed rewards, though it’s not exactly clear how they will be distributed.

More details about the Battle Pass will be coming soon, just before it goes live globally. In a blog post, the team noted that they’re working on the next Battle Pass, which will be released in the next few weeks. It features a special challenge that will be shared soon.

The Dota 2 Pro Circuit season also begins next week. It features regional leagues and the Winter Major tournament, concluding with the International 2022. These events are sure to be as competitive as ever as they open up opportunities for esports betting.

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